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The Academy of Caesar

Glory comes to a film in three ways: through audience enjoyment (admissions, video purchases, television audiences), critical acclaim (media and festivals), and recognition of film industry professionals (National Film Academies).

The French Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques, usually called the Académie des César, is the institution that, in France, organizes this third way of cinematographic distinction, dedicated to films and the people who make them.

It is composed of more than 4600 members, divided into 10 colleges, who each year vote to recognize the most outstanding artists, technicians and films by awarding them a trophy called "César".

Its role

The Regulations of the Academy and the list of its members

It is the document that sets all the conditions for the functioning of the Academy. It is updated annually by the Academy Bureau.

The number of members constituting the Academy shall be updated at the end of each year by the Bureau of the Academy, in accordance with these Regulations, in the light of requests for applications and any resignations or cancellations.


The census of professionals and films eligible for the César

Each year, the Academy counts more than 3000 people and more than 600 eligible films in accordance with the information available at the CNC and after cross-checking with production companies.


The voting process

The Academy organises and proposes various film viewing devices, produces and sends voting materials to members for the first and second rounds, and also manages the voting, counting and results editing procedures with a specialised company under the supervision of a bailiff.


The Ceremony of the Caesar

It is the French film event of the year and the Academy’s most visible project: three hours of live entertainment during which the winners are revealed, in front of more than 1,700 guests, in an emblematic venue in the capital, broadcast live and in clear on Canal +.


Other dedicated events

Through various events organized on the sidelines of the Ceremony, the Académie des César pays tribute to those who make cinema in France.

Its resources

The Academy does not receive any public subsidies.
Its resources come from membership fees, transfers of audiovisual rights to broadcast the Ceremonies, contributions, whether monetized or not, from its official and technical partners, and sales of advertising space in the Academy's publications.

Its governance

The Association for the Promotion of Cinema

The Académie des César is governed by the Association pour la Promotion du Cinéma (APC), an association created especially for this purpose in 1974 by Georges Cravenne. In particular, the APC is responsible for setting the conditions for entry into the Academy and maintaining the membership roster.

The APC Bureau is currently composed of the following persons:

President: Mr. Alain TERZIAN

Vice-Presidents : Mrs Danièle THOMPSON and Mr Philippe LABRO

General Secretaries: Mrs Margaret MENEGOZ and Mr Gilles JACOB

Treasurer/Secretary: Mr. Alain ROCCA

Members of the APC are all French film professionals who have been awarded an Oscar, the former presidents of the APC, the current President of the CNC, the CEO of ECE, as well as several professional personalities, who have been proposed to join the APC because of their action in favour of the film industry in France and the Academy in particular (the number of these personalities being statutorily fixed at thirteen, with reference to the thirteen founding members of the Academy).

As of December 1, 2018, the APC had 49 members.

– See the list of APC Members


The APC is administered by a Board of Directors composed of the founding members, former Presidents, the President of the CNC (qualities), and the Executive Director of ECE (qualities), ex officio members, plus the members of the Association elected by their peers for a five-year term, the number of these elected members being statutorily limited to between two and thirteen.

The members of the Board of Directors elect from among themselves the Bureau of the Association, whose members are elected for a five-year term.

The President, Vice-Presidents, Secretaries General and Treasurer of the APC are also referred to as President, Vice-Presidents, Secretaries General and Treasurer of the Academy.

The General Assembly, the Board of Directors, and the Bureau of the APC are in the same way called the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, and the Bureau of the Academy.


The APC has a subsidiary, called ECE, incorporated as a commercial company, in which it holds 100% of the shares, in charge of the permanent structure of the Academy and the marketing of the rights of the Ceremony.

The President of the APC, Alain Terzian, is the President of the APC.

The permanent staff of ECE constitute the secretariat of the Academy.