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The members of the Academy

Who are the members of the Academy?

They are professionals in the French film industry, spread over nine colleges of “trades”. In addition, there are personalities whose activity supports the influence and dynamism of cinema in France, gathered in a tenth college of “associate members”.

Membership of the Academy is lost only for the following three reasons: by resignation, for judicial conviction for piracy activity or for non-payment of membership fees for three consecutive years.

What is their role?

Each year, the members of the Academy distinguish by their votes, artists, technicians and films released in theatres between January 1 and December 31 of the previous year, by awarding them the “César” of the 21 categories awarded during the Ceremony.

When is the list of members drawn up?

The membership file is updated each year at the Academy’s Board of Directors meeting in November.

How many members does the Academy have?

As of November 6, 2018, the Academy had 4681 members.

Can we know the list of Academy members?

No. In order to avoid any direct contact between the beneficiaries and the members of the Academy, the list of members is statutorily confidential.

The nine trade colleges

The members of the Academy, professionals in the French film industry, are divided into nine trade colleges:

– Actors

– Directors

– Authors

– Technicians

– Producers

– Distributors/Exporters / Film Brokers

– Technical industries

– Artistic agents / Press contacts / Casting directors

– Cinema exhibitors

All these members, up to date with their annual dues, can vote for all 21 categories of Caesar.

The College of Associate Members

This college gathers personalities, professional or non-professional, who have distinguished themselves by their action in favour of Cinema, and who have wished to become members of the Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques.

Like the members of the nine trade colleges, associate members, up to date with their annual dues, can vote for all 21 categories of Caesar.


Distribution of members in the different colleges

As of November 6, 2018, the distribution of the 4681 members of the Academy according to their different colleges is as follows:


Members admitted to the College of Actors: 633 > 14%.

Members admitted to the directors’ college: 777 > 17%.

Members admitted to the authors’ college: 228 > 5%.

Members admitted to the college of technicians: 1417 > 30%.

Members admitted to the College of Producers: 702 > 15%.

Members admitted to the college of distributors, exporters, film brokers: 140 > 3%.

Members admitted to the College of Technical Industries: 58 > 1%.

Members admitted to the college of artistic agents/press officers/casting directors: 232 > 5%.

Members admitted to the college of cinema exhibitors: 291 > 6%.

Members admitted to the college of associate members: 203 > 4%.

Application Process

Pour rejoindre l’un des neuf collèges de métiers

To join one of the nine trade colleges

If you are a professional working in the film industry in France and you wish to become a member of the Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques in one of the nine colleges of trades, and thus participate in the vote for the award of “César”,


You must check that you meet the conditions defined by the “Regulations of the Academy” according to the professional category to which you belong;


Then send to the address below:


Academy of Film Arts and Techniques

Membership Service

11 rue de l’Avre

75015 Paris – France


A letter of application (please include your personal address, e-mail address, telephone number where we can reach you and the college for which you are applying);

Two letters of sponsorship from Academy members regardless of their college of affiliation;

A curriculum vitae retracing your career in film (please indicate the release dates of the films on which you have collaborated. The release date of each film is taken into account and not its year of production);

To join the college of associate members

If you wish to join the Academy as an Associate Member, you must first submit your application to the President or one of the two Secretaries General of the Academy, who are the only ones entitled to submit your application to the Academy Board. Your request may be made by any means at your convenience, and accompanied by any information you deem useful. Written requests can be sent to the Academy secretariat, which will forward them to the recipient of the request.

Responses to applications

All applications for all colleges (trades or associates) are reviewed once a year by the Academy’s Bureau at the beginning of November. Responses are given by letter before 30 November. The decisions of the Bureau are sovereign and not subject to appeal. Any application may be submitted as many times as the applicant wishes.

Can I apply to become a member for the 2020 Caesar?

Yes, you can now send your complete application until October 15, 2019, for the Caesar 2020 session.