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The Ceremony

The vote

The voting procedure

The “César” are awarded by a secret ballot in two rounds, online or by correspondence, in which all members of the Academy up to date with their membership fees may participate, for films released in cinemas between 1 January and 31 December of the previous year.

Organized by a specialized company and controlled by a bailiff, the voting procedure respects very demanding criteria:

– Vote only for active members of the Academy (having paid their annual membership fee),

– Comprehensive and fair presentation of eligible people and films,

– Guarantee of the anonymity of the votes and the non-disclosure to any third party of the register of electors,

– Guarantee of the confidentiality of the results.

Nota Bene : The number of registered voters for the 2019 Caesar is 4303

Eligible persons and films

The Academy’s secretariat lists the persons and films eligible for the César in the most exhaustive way possible, based on the information collected by the CNC. It then systematically asks production or distribution companies to validate these data before they are published in the voting documents.

Eligible feature films

These are all feature films (fiction, documentary, animation) released in theatres during the year before any other public presentation, and respecting the minimum exhibition conditions defined by the Academy’s Regulations.

Depending on their production and shooting language characteristics, they will be eligible for the different Caesar categories attributed to films (Best Film, Foreign Film, Documentary Film, Long or Short Animation Film, Short Film, First Film).

Eligible short films

All short films that have obtained an operating visa before June 30 of the year preceding the Ceremony may compete. A pre-selection is then made by the Short Film Committee and the Animation Committee of the Academy in September.

Eligible persons

All persons who have held a position distinguished by one of the different categories of César may compete on at least one of the feature films eligible for the César for Best Film or French-language feature films and French-language minority co-production films eligible for the César for Best Foreign Film.

Nota Bene :For the 2019 Caesar, were identified as eligible by the Academy Secretariat and divided into 21 categories of Caesar:

  • 655 films: 226 films eligible for the César for Best Film, 393 films eligible for the César for Best Foreign Film and 36 Short Films,
  • 2,890 professionals.

At any time up to 30 November of the year preceding the Ceremony, any film rights holder or person likely to be eligible may notify the secretariat of the Academy [email protected] of any information concerning the eligibility of a film or person to one of the Cesars awarded at the Ceremony.

The 1st Round

The first round of Caesar’s determines the nominations, i.e. the persons or films that have obtained the highest number of votes, in accordance with the provisions of the Academy’s Regulations.


In order to help its members make their voting choices, the Academy offers several solutions to help members discover or rediscover pre-eligible and eligible films. These systems are validated each year by the Academy’s Board of Directors.

Presentation of films to members

  • Through the Cinema Year :  From the second quarter, all feature films pre-eligible for the various categories of César are presented to members on the Academy’s website in the Film Year section. Members also receive an email every Wednesday informing them of the theatrical releases of the films listed in the Film Year.
  • Through the Film Guide : The Film Guide presents all the people and films eligible for the different categories. This Guide is given to each member of the Academy.
  • Through the Film Index : The Film Index, a synthesis of the Film Guide, lists all feature films competing for the César for Best Film, as well as all French-language feature films and French-language minority production films competing for the César for Best Foreign Film. It is given to each member of the Academy with all voting materials..

View eligible films

  • For feature films : From November to January, at the request of the beneficiaries, the Academy can send invitations to each member’s home to attend private screenings or free tickets for films still on the bill.o Film owners may also choose to offer their film on DVD in the Caesar DVD Box Set, which is delivered personally to each member of the Academy in mid-December.

These viewing devices are optional and are at the choice of each rightful owner (production or distribution company).

  • For short films : Four screenings of all the selected short films (César for Best Short Film and César for Best Animation Film (Short Film)) are organised in November and December at Le Balzac cinema in Paris.o Five DVDs presenting the Official Short Film Selections eligible for the César for Best Short Film and the César for Best Animated Film (short film) are sent to Academy members in the César DVD Box Set.


After having made the various film viewing devices available to voting members, the Academy sends the voting material for the first round (paper and internet) at the beginning of January.

There are 5 nominations per category, with the exception of the following categories: Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Director, Best Animation Film, Best Foreign Film and Best Film, which have 7 nominations.

The first round closes for the online vote the day before the Nomination Announcement Press Conference, and for the postal vote a few days earlier.

The counting of the first round votes is controlled and closed by the bailiff, in his study, during the night preceding the Press Conference to Announce the Appointments. As soon as the counting is completed, the bailiff publishes the list of appointments, which he immediately places in a sealed envelope, which he will then hand-deliver to the President of the Academy for the beginning of the Press Conference.

The Official List of Nominations for Caesar is then posted on the Academy website as soon as the Press Conference is over.

Nota Bene : Opening of the 1st round of voting for the 2019 Caesar: from Wednesday 2 January to Friday 18 January 2019 for the paper vote / to Tuesday 22 January 2019 at midnight for the online vote.

The 2nd round

The second round determines, in each category, those who, having obtained the highest number of votes, will be awarded the Caesar.

The announcement of the winners takes place during the César Award Ceremony at the end of February, in the presence of all the nominees and many leading figures from French cinema.


Presentation of the nominated films


  • Through the Nomination Announcement Press Conference : The President of the Academy shall make public the results of the first round of voting and announce the Nominations. The Official List of Nominations for Caesar is then published. This event, awaited by the press and the public, marks the starting point of the second round.
  • Through the Nomination Catalogue : The Nominations Catalogue allows members to rediscover each of the nominated films with the screening times for each film as part of the César Cinema Year.
  • Through the Words of Names : Paroles de Nommés sheds light on each nominee through an interview outlining his or her career path. It is a way of getting to know films better through the words of those who have contributed to them (authors, technicians, producers…).

Watch the nominated films

During the two weeks preceding the end of the second round, the Academy organizes the “Année Cinéma César”, a two-week screening in Paris of all films that receive at least one nomination. A unique opportunity for the members of the Academy but also for the general public to see or review all the nominated films.


The voting materials for the second round (paper and internet) are sent in early February to all voting members of the Academy.

The second round closes for online voting at 4pm on the day of the Ceremony, just a few hours before the opening of the prestigious awards ceremony.

The counting of the votes of the second round is controlled and closed by two bailiffs, in their study, from 16:01. They then prepare sealed envelopes containing the names of the 22 winners in the 21 categories. From that moment on, they keep the 21 envelopes permanently and securely.

As the trophies are announced, one of the two bailiffs personally hands over the sealed envelope to the person handing over the Caesar (called the.handing him/her), which will then be opened on stage and read live.

It is therefore absolutely impossible for anyone but the bailiff to know the results in advance.

Nota Bene : Opening of the 2nd round of voting for the 2019 César: from Friday 1 February to Tuesday 19 February 2019 for the paper vote / to Friday 22 February 2019 at 4pm for the online vote.