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Canal +

Co-Producer and Broadcaster of the Ceremony


Chairman of the Management Board of the Canal+ Group

A historical partner of the César ceremony for more than a quarter of a century, CANAL+ is proud to take part in the great celebration of French cinema. Pride in more than one respect for the CANAL+ Group, which works constantly alongside film professionals to defend the quality of French production.



1, place du Spectacle

92863 Issy-les-Moulineaux Cedex 9

Tel: +33 1 71 35 35 35 35 35


Official partner


Network Director France, member of the Executive Committee of the BNP Paribas Group

BNP Paribas and cinema, a common history that has been written for more than 100 years

For the 15th consecutive year, we are proud to be alongside the Académie des César and to contribute to the influence of French cinema.

By participating in the financing of more than one film out of two products in France, BNP Paribas has become the leading European film partner. That is why we are pleased to be involved at every stage of the 7th art value chain, whether it is supporting creation and innovation, helping young directors or being present at many festivals in France and abroad.


Official Partner


President of Fashion Businesses

Maison CHANEL is pleased and proud to support the Academy of Film Arts and Techniques for the second consecutive year.

This partnership is an opportunity for the House to reaffirm its privileged links with the cinema and to support the emergence of the young talents of today and tomorrow.

“I want to be part of what’s going to happen,” Gabrielle Chanel liked to say. By supporting the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma, Maison CHANEL continues its commitment to creation.


Official Partner


President of the Barrière Group

It’s a 44th anniversary. The Caesar ceremony thus celebrates its topaz wedding anniversary – this so fine stone in love with lights – with the cinema and its audience. The awards will be presented at the Salle Pleyel and celebrated at Fouquet’s on the Champs Elysées. As on the first evening in 1976, all the professions of the Académie des Arts et Techniques du cinéma français are in the credits of this prestigious cast. Barrière, the Group of which I am proud to be Chairman, adds its share of friendship and loyalty, that of a now “historic” partner. Good: cinema always needs stories. So join your applause to the talents of those who tell them, decorate them, make them up, preserve them, film them and give them life. So that this 44th anniversary will be – before so many others to come – the most magical of live performances.


Official Partner


Director of Public Relations

Like cinema, our industry is dedicated to creating dreams. A film, a car: so many “obscure objects of desire” that seek to seduce and capture the eyes of the men and women who will give them life. Renault’s presence at the Seventh Art has been expressed for 120 years on stages and red carpets all over the world. Today, the link between the Renault group and cinema is more alive than ever, embodied by our passionate and natural commitment to the Académie des César.


Technical partner


Managing Director

With its 10 years of expertise in the film protection market against Internet piracy, Blue Efficiency is proud to be a Technical Partner of the César and to watch over the films in the box set.

Mandated by rights holders such as producers, distributors and chains, Blue Efficience eliminates the illegal making available of films worldwide.

Close to its customers, the company accompanies them as a partner in major events in European cinema.


Technical Partner


Managing Director

Hiventy, a long-standing partner of the Académie des César, offers a complete range of high-end solutions: from post-production to image and sound restoration, from subtitling to dubbing and distribution in all formats. Present in France and abroad, Hiventy digitises and designs all the DVDs contained in the box set given to the members of the Academy.

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Technical Partner

Alban Pingeot

Chairman of the Management Board

A French industrial group with an international dimension, MPO designs, produces, dresses and distributes objects with a strong emotional charge, designed by brands and creators, for the Entertainment, Beauty and Delicatessen markets.

Our mission: to be the privileged link between brands, artists, who want to bring their creations to life and consumers in need of a sensitive experience.

To do this, DFO aggregates its know-how on an industrial services platform based on its four core businesses: design, production, co-packing and distribution.

Technical Partner of the César for the 14th consecutive year, MPO is happy and proud to manage the collector’s box set project for members of the Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques: packaging design, DVD manufacturing, co-packing and box routing.



Official Supplier


Managing Director

Baron Philippe de Rothschild France Distribution (RFD), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baron Philippe de Rothschild S.A., specialises in the distribution on the French market of a complete portfolio of international brands of wines, champagnes and spirits. Baron Philippe de Rothschild France Distribution offers a wide selection of wines from the greatest French terroirs, including the famous Mouton Cadet. Since its creation in 1930, Mouton Cadet has remained faithful to its origins, while evolving towards what has become the world reference for Bordeaux Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée wines. Mouton Cadet wines are served at exclusive events for which RFD and Baron Philippe de Rothschild S.A. are Official Suppliers such as the International Film Festival…


Official Supplier

Pierre Donnersberg


Excellence is at the heart of SIACI SAINT HONORE’s corporate culture. SIACI SAINT HONORE is a leader in consulting and insurance brokerage for large companies and a leading player in the coverage of risks related to the world of the arts, cinema and more generally cultural events. As a patron, the group makes culture in all its components a privileged territory of expression. It is therefore only natural that this year we have decided to support the 44th Ceremony of the Caesars.


Official Supplier

Stanislas Bonafé


Champagne Comtesse de Cérhès is an exceptional wine born from the combination of exceptional expertise and the search for perfection at all levels of Stanislas Bonafé. By composing this Champagne, it adopts a similar approach to that of a nose or a jeweler. He only selects great wines and looks for the best craftsmen to create the Comtesse style. Stanislas Bonafé is fully committed to the art of French living. He creates a unique Champagne, resulting from the know-how he and his staff have acquired in haute-gastronomy. He was also inspired by the history of tangible and intangible French heritage, architecture, the work of lace and the desire to respect ancestral practices. The partnership between the Countess and the Cesar Academy shows, for its part, the importance given to the arts and the freedom of expression that drives the creation of this wine. In addition, the Comtesse de Cérhès estate in Aÿ is the only Grand Cru village listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015. This classification distinguishes the historic cradle of Champagne.

The influence of the Countess is accompanied by all the refinement and creativity that characterize the art of living in the French way.


Institutional Partner

Jean-Claude Walter


As every year since 2010, it is with pleasure and pride that the students of the International Institute of Image and Sound (3iS) are committed to the Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques as part of an educational partnership.

3IS, Europe’s leading audiovisual campus and first private film school, is recognised by the State and awards its students a diploma certified by the State.

Immersed in a life-size exercise, our future graduates thus have a unique opportunity to exercise their know-how in contact with the best professionals.


Institutional Partner

Odile Tessier

Managing Director

Support creation, protect talent! These missions inspire the partnership that unites Audiens with the Academy of Film Arts and Techniques.

In a changing environment, the group reaffirms its commitments: its professional anchoring; innovation to support the evolution of the business lines; a fully humanist ambition, for active solidarity, a personalized service, a simplified relationship.

Inaugurated at the end of 2019 in Paris at the initiative of Audiens Care, the Pôle Santé Bergère shares this vocation. Dedicated mainly to cultural professionals, and the cinema in particular, it will bring together a complete range of care, prevention and occupational health services.

In this way, the group remains faithful to its identity, at the service of all those who work to promote French culture.


Institutional Partner

Didier Huck


FICAM is delighted to be once again the faithful partner of the Caesar Ceremony.

Like the whole of French cinema, the technical industries are undergoing a major transformation. Our winners of the Trophy and the César et Techniques Innovation Prize testify to our companies’ real ability to adapt and anticipate new developments in the sector, in a turbulent context. In order for these to continue to develop, let us perpetuate and strengthen the region’s attractiveness mechanisms, consider common rules of good practice and the evolution of financial support mechanisms. Our technical industries, recognized well beyond our borders, must be able to remain the precious and indispensable partners of French cinema.

We wish you all a wonderful evening.


Institutional partner

Vincent Lowy


Founded in 1926 by Louis Lumière and Léon Gaumont, ENS Louis-Lumière has been a partner of the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma since 2006. As such, our students produce reports on all the events organized by the Academy, as well as a group photo featuring the names of the 5 César Techniques.

This partnership illustrates the School’s strong commitment to the film industry and more generally to the image and sound professions.

I sincerely thank the Academy for the trust it has placed in us for so many years and I warmly congratulate our former students who, through their talent, their rigour and their presence in the credits of hundreds of films, contribute to the influence of our beautiful School.