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Social media policy

of the Académie des César

Welcome to the official pages of the Académie des César.

To guarantee an atmosphere of dialogue and conviviality, and the interests, rights and opinions of all users of these spaces, we invite you to follow some necessary rules of good conduct.

Out of consideration for other users, we ask Internet users not to publish personal contact information, avoid using abbreviations, posting off-topic comments, speaking excessively or any other behavior that violates the rules of courtesy.

To avoid interfering with the official pages of the Caesars and to preserve their original character, it is forbidden to post advertisements or links to sites that do not fall within the scope of conversation defined by the administrators.

In order to comply with the laws and regulations in force, our subscribers undertake in particular to ensure that their contributions :

  • Respect the rules of copyright and intellectual property;
  • Respect the rules of public order and good morals: such as the regulation of pornographic, racist, or illegal content that would be likely to harm the integrity or sensitivity of another Internet user or the Academy des César through provocative text messages or images;
  • Respect the rights of individuals and the rules relating to the respect of the private life of individuals and the right to an image: defamatory, insulting, coarse, vulgar, insulting, denigrating, degrading comments are thus prohibited;
  • Respect the regulations in force in terms of computer fraud;
  • Do not harm the image or reputation of a brand or a natural or legal person.

The contributions published on the “wall” or as comments are the sole responsibility of the users who put them online.

Administrators reserve the right to delete any feedback that is not related to the topic at hand.
The administrators reserve the right to delete any publication that does not comply with the rules of good conduct set out in the paragraph above.

If a comment or content escaped our vigilance,
do not hesitate to indicate it to us by clicking on the mention “report abuse”,
or by sending us an email.