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Lucrèce Andreae


Lucrèce Andreae started studying animation by integrating « Les Gobelins » in Paris, France. With other students, she directed the short film Trois petits points, their graduation project which was awarded in 2011, Special Jury Prize at Annecy International Animated Festival. Fascinated by the idea to make films, she continues her studies in La Poudrière where she directed Cocon (1 min), Shoes de lose and Changement de cap (movies winner of the contest: Canal J Les espoirs de l’animation 2012), then Les Mots de la carpe, graduation film, supported by Arte (2012).  Through her films, Lucrèce Andreae describes with tenderness crazy characters, absurd situations and little everyday dramas.

Palmarès 2018

Best Animated Feature Film