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Julia Piaton



Coming soon – C’EST LA VIE by Julien Rambaldi
Coming soon – GARDER TON NOM by Vincent Duquesne
Coming soon – THE SPEECH by Laurent Tirard
2020 – THE THINGS WE SAY, THE THINGS WE DO by Emmanuel Mouret
2020 – SELFIE by Thomas Bidegain, Marc Fitoussi, Tristan Aurouet, Cyril Gelblat et Vianney Lebasque
2019 – SERIAL (BAD) WEDDINGS 2 by Philippe de Chauveron
2018 – FAMILY BUSINESS by Anne Le Ny
2017 – WEDDING UNPLANNED by Reem Kherici
2016 – ARRÊTEZ-MOI LÀ by Gilles Bannier
2016 – HOUSE OF TIME by Jonathan Helpert
2016 – ONE MAN AND HIS COW by Mohamed Hamidi
2016 – ROOMMATES WANTED by François Desagnat
2015 – QUI C’EST LES PLUS FORTS ? by Charlotte de Turckheim
2015 – LE TALENT DE MES AMIS by Alex Lutz
2014 – FRENCH DOLLS by Katia Lewkowicz
2014 – SERIAL (BAD) WEDDINGS by Philippe de Chauveron
2013 – THE SCAPEGOAT by Nicolas Bary
2012 – BIG IS BEAUTIFUL de Charlotte by Turckheim
2008 – SCHOOL’S OUT by Frédéric Berthe
2006 – LES ARISTOS by Charlotte de Turckheim

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