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Camille Rutherford



Coming soon – SIMONE, LE VOYAGE DU SIÈCLE by Olivier Dahan
Coming soon – AFTER BLUE by Bertrand Mandico
2020 – FELICITÀ by Bruno Merle
2020 – #IAMHERE by Éric Lartigau
2019 – OUR WONDERFUL LIVES by Fabienne Godet
2016 – ROSALIE BLUM by Julien Rappeneau
2014 – BRÈVES DE COMPTOIR by Jean-Michel Ribes
2014 – MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS by Thomas Imbach
2013 – LES COQUILLETTES by Sophie Letourneur
2012 – LOW LIFE by Nicolas Klotz and Elisabeth Perceval
2011 – A BURNING HOT SUMMER by Philippe Garrel
2010 – YOUNG GIRLS IN BLACK by Jean-Paul Civeyrac

Nominations 2021

Best Female Newcomer