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Theater release on August 23, 2017

120 battements par minute

Duration : 140 min


Robin Campillo

Original screenplay

Robin Campillo


Jeanne Lapoirie

Production design

Emmanuelle Duplay

Costume design

Isabelle Pannetier


Robin Campillo

Original score

Arnaud Rebotini


Les Films de Pierre


France 3 Cinéma, Page 114, Memento Films Production, FD Production (Playtime)


Memento Films Distribution

Palmarès 2018

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Best Male Newcomer

Best Original Screenplay

Best Original Score

Best Film Editing

Best Feature Film

Nominations 2018

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Best Cinematography

Best Costume Design

Best Production Design

Best Directing

Ciel rouge

RéalisationOlivier LorelleDuration : 91min

Mort à Sarajevo

RéalisationDanis TanovicDuration : 80min