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The Revelations

L JACQUET - ENS Louis Lumière pour l'Académie des César 2018

Among the actors and actresses who made the cinema of the year, who are those who will make the cinema of tomorrow?
In order to make it easier for the members of the Academy to vote, the Revelations Committee chooses each year several young actresses and actors, who they consider to be particularly remarkable: the Revelations.

The Revelations Project

The 2022 Revelations

The Project

To highlight the Revelations, and through them all the young actors of French cinema, each year, the Academy organizes the Revelations Project.
The Academy and its partner choose an artist for the production of a film and photographic work bringing together all the Revelations of the year.

The Revelations Committee

The Revelations Committee, in collaboration with the Academy's Board of Directors, proposes, for information purposes, a list of young actors and actresses chosen from among all the performers in French film production released in theatres during the year, in order to draw the Academy's members' attention to these young performers.
This committee is made up of 20 casting directors active in French film production. I has been entirely renewed this year and will be validated each year by the Board of the Academy.