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The Nuits en Or 2018



At the moment of handing the César for the Best Short Film over during the 2nd Ceremony, in 1977, Jacques Tati said:
“Without short films you would not have had Chaplin, Keaton, Fellini, or René Clément, nobody, I am telling you, nobody!”

Are we aware that around the world, several Film Academies also recognize a short film each year within their national production?

The Académie des César wanted to promote the existence of these films in France and internationally with the Nuits en Or, a unique screening program of films awarded by the Film Academies around the world: César, Oscar, Bafta, Goya, Magritte …

The best among the best! A universal journey, from the seat of your cinema theatre, around the diversity of the cultures of the world, to discover the great filmmakers of tomorrow.

Come and discover the works of these directors, as talented as promising, from all over the world!

Animation, documentary or fiction, the Nuits en Or short films take you in a few minutes from a funny or crazy universe to a dive into a breathtaking, committed or moving story.


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© Elise Comte - ENS Louis Lumière pour l'Académie des César 2018

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