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The César & Technique Trophy 2019

© François Durand - Getty Images pour l'Académie des César 2019
© François Durand - Getty Images pour l'Académie des César 2019


The César & Technique Trophy rewards a company in the film technical sector in France, for its ability to promote a particularly synergistic development event or development strategy with the film industry, or a particular contribution to filmmaking during the past year.

The voting process

The Technical Industries Committee makes a pre-selection of French technical services companies among all those who have worked on at least one of the films eligible for the César for Best Film of the Year and who have responded to the call for applications sent to them.
The winning company is then elected by all the technicians eligible for the five César Techniques of the Year as well as by the directors of production and post-production of films eligible for the César for Best Film.
The vote is made by secure electronic means, under the supervision of the bailiff, opened at the end of December and closed at 7:00 pm on the day of the César&Techniques Evening.

© François Durand - Getty Images pour l'Académie des César 2019

The Winner

POLY SON POST PRODUCTION and its President, Nicolas Naegelen, received the César&Techniques 2019 Trophy, at the end of the vote by the 1,037 technicians eligible for one of the five César Techniques 2019 and the 233 production and post-production directors of films eligible for the César 2019 Best Film.
POLY SON POST PRODUCTION is a company specialized in image and sound editing and sound post-production for cinema, it won the trophy for the second time.



Founded in 1997 ACS France offers a fleet of the most innovative equipment, to stabilize a camera movement, in the air as on the ground. ACS France stands out not only for its accomplished and recognized performances regardless of filming locations but also, through a high level of security offered to the film and television industry.

“”We are able to mobilize human and material resources in a very short timeframe across France, Europe and the rest of the world. With this experience our team is at your service to optimize your time and your budget.

In our environment, staging often seeks precision, questions the possibilities, the feasibility or wishes to make a difference. Listening, the range of services, and the attention paid to your requests can help you fulfill these desires.



In the run for the second year in a row, we are a post-production image laboratory, in the center of Paris.

Specialized on the image processing and support of our customers from turning to deliverables, through calibration our core business.

We rely on a solid technical infrastructure with no up-to-date and a very qualified and versatile team.

We do not want, like our main competitors, to offer all post-production such as sound, distribution, subtitling or editing.

We focus on our specialty to provide premium service, as needed by building strong partnerships with

companies that have the same vision as us in other areas of post-production.



Created in 2000, Poly Son has become over time a post-production filmmaker from rushes management to DCP through all stages of technical and artistic creation:

We go up, we noisy there, we post synchronizes, we calibrate, we mix feature films, documentaries and TV series.

Fifty or so films released in 2018, eligible for the Césars, have gone, in full or in part, to Poly Son.



Located in Greater Paris, in the heart of the audiovisual pole of Val de Marne on more than 6 hectares, Bry studios include 5600 m2 of shooting plateaus, a backlot of 6000 m2 and 24000 m2 of logistics structure dedicated to cinema, TV series, Pub …

Facilities and services: 8 trays of 300 to 1100 m2 equipped / bridges, pits and cyclos; 4000 m2 of construction workshops decor, carpentry, locksmithing, painting, costumes / tapestry; Deco / production offices; HMC lodges, comedians; 2000 m2 of storage / decoration; Machinery tray / structures lights, towers; Restoration; car park.
Providers on site: Transpalux / light service; Both elsewhere / rental furniture & accessories; Flam & Co / Regie Shop; Cinematrans / forwarder.
More than 200 feature-length films shot in the studio since its construction in early 1980, including around 40 after Transpalux took over in 2015.
In 2018, we received the following: « ni une,ni deux » /Anne Giafferi, « Yves » / Benoit Forgeard, « Rebelles » / Allan Mauduit, « Blanche comme neige » / Anne Fontaine, « Dernier Amour » /Benoit jacquot, « Benedetta » / Paul Verhoeven, « Le Prince oublié » / Michel Hazanavicius, « Hors norme » / Olivier Nakache,Eric Toledano, « Le Dindon » / Jalil Lespert, « Sol » / Jézabel Marques.



Founded in 1979 by Catherine Leygonie, a well-known director, Tri Track was one of the first organizations in France to offer producers a global service including all the stages of the post-synchronization of a film, ranging from the projection from determination to registration, via calligraphy. In 2006, Florence Abiven, 15 years of experience in sound post-production, took over the company and began the transition from DD1500 to ProTools and the traditional rhythm band to Mosaic software. Since 2012, always in the interest of improvement and modernity, Audrey Abiven continues this transformation and develops new offers such as the annotation of iPad dialogue reports, detection in ADR, or the total support of additional actors.