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Daniel Toscan du Plantier Award 2019

© Martin Varret - ENS Louis Lumière pour l'Académie des César 2019

Named after the emblematic producer of French cinema, Daniel Toscan du Plantier, who presided over the Academy from 1993 to 2003, this award honours the producer who has marked the cinematic year.

© Martin Varret - ENS Louis Lumière poiur l'Académie des César 2019

The winner

The Daniel Toscan du Plantier Award 2019 was presented to Alain Attal (Trésor Films).
It’s his second award.
Alain Attal has so far produced 30 films with his company Les Productions du Trésor, now Trésor Films, including Gilles Lellouche’s “Le Grand Bain” and Jeanne Herry’s “Pupille” in 2018.

Index of the producers of the year

© Pierre Musellec - ENS Louis Lumière pour l'Académie des César 2019

Voting process

The competition is open to all producers and line producers of any feature film eligible for the César for Best Film that has been nominated at least once during the award year, either for the film itself or for a person who collaborated on the film.
The electoral college is composed of the fifty members of the Association for the Promotion of Cinema as well as all the artists and technicians who have been nominated for the César since 2008 (the year the award was created).
Voting takes place by secret ballot, by electronic voting under the supervision of a bailiff, closed at 9pm on the day of the Producers Dinner.