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César & Techniques Round Tables

© François Durand - Getty Images pour l'Académie des César 2019

This year, the technical sector faced great challenges and worked fervently to continue to magnify the works of our cinema. The technical sector has distinguished itself by the strength of its innovations, despite unprecedented constraints.

For this particular edition, two round tables will be organised, bringing together representatives of companies that are candidates for the César & Techniques Trophy and the César & Techniques Innovation Prize. They will discuss current events in the technical industries and will outline the state of play of the past year. On this occasion, the winners of these two awards will also be unveiled. These awards will distinguish two companies, and above all their teams, which have shone in 2020 through their know-how, their prowess and their developments.

Discover the César & Techniques 2021 Innovation Awards round table

This year's finalists of the César & Techniques Innovation Award have participated in the development of a new product or service that has made a decisive contribution to the creation and evolution of the film industry. What is innovation today when our sector is undergoing major transformations? What does innovation "à la française" represent on an international level? Has the health crisis acted as a brake or, on the contrary, opened up new opportunities for innovation?

In the presence of Séverine Serrano (General Manager Angénieux International Sales - Marketing), Jean-Christophe Pernet (Development Director CTM Solutions), Alexandre Taïeb (Managing Director Dubbing Brothers), Rodolphe Chabrier (CEO and co-founder Mac Guff Ligne)

Discover the César & Techniques 2021 Trophy round table

2020 has been a trying year for French cinema, with a total halt to filming during the first containment and, unprecedentedly, a closure of cinemas that continues as we speak. In this troubled context, the technical service providers have of course suffered, while resisting and managing to adapt. But the fact is that this period has shifted some lines and the market has already started to structure itself a little differently. Some sectors are doing better, but others are causing some concern for the future. Will tomorrow's world be definitively different for technical service providers in the film industry?

In the presence of Christophe Le Mer (Commercial Director and co-manager of À la Plage Studio), Guillaume Castagné (Director of CLSFX Atelier 69), Benoît Provost (Director of Hiventy France), Chouchane Tcherpachian (Co-founder of Montcalm-Abicene), Brian Seznec (Production Manager of Piste Rouge)