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César & Techniques 2019



The César & Techniques project honours the entire cinema technical sector, whose professions are distinguished by the Césars - directors of photography, editors, sound engineers, decorators, costume designers, all of whom bring to the film an essential and unique know-how - but also the technical service providers able to understand and support the deployment of their talent.

The mosaic of Technicians

The Guide

A wonderful census and contact tool, it gathers the names of all the technicians eligible for one of the five Technical César, thus allowing to find those who have made the direction of the photography, the sets, the costumes, the sound, or the editing of any French production film released in theaters in the year, but also the name of the technical services companies that have collaborated on at least one of these films.

The Committee

It performs the preselection of French technical services companies that will compete for the César&Techniques Trophy or for the Innovation Award, among all those who worked on at least one of the films eligible for the César for Best Film and who answered the calls. to applications that have been sent to all these companies.

The “Technical Labels”

The Academy sets up for the César 2020 a new device of its members: from December 2 to 6, 2019, the technicians members of the Academy, grouped by branch, will determine a list of 10 films in the 5 technical categories rewarded at the César (Costume Design, Production Design, Editing, Cinematography and Sound). This list of “Technical Labels” will have no obligation but will shed light on the technicians who have marked the cinematographic year.

The César&Techniques Evening

This evening honors all the nominees of the year at one of the five Technical César, the directors of production and post-production members of the Academy and the French Technical Industries. It was during this same evening that the César&Techniques Trophy and the César&Techniques Innovation Award were presented.

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