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Daniel Toscan du Plantier Award 2021

Named after the emblematic producer of French cinema, Daniel Toscan du Plantier, who presided over the Academy from 1993 to 2003, this award recognizes the producer who has marked the cinematic year.

Caroline Bonmarchand, winner of the Daniel Toscan du Plantier 2021 Award

The Daniel Toscan du Plantier Prize was awarded to Caroline Bonmarchard (Avenue B Productions).
She created the company Avenue B Productions in 2002 and has accompanied more than fifteen feature films and filmmakers, both established and emerging. In 2020, she produced the film “Énorme”.

Finalists for the Daniel Toscan du Plantier Award 2021

Jack n'a qu'un œil

Olivier Abbou, Matthieu Elkaïm, Bruno Merle


Young audiovisual production company founded in 2018 by three partners, two of whom are writers and directors. Olivier Abbou already has to his credit two feature films, Territoires and Furie, as well as several TV fictions for Canal+ and ARTE. Maroni – les fantômes du fleuve is his biggest success to date with 1.5 million viewers for season 1, one of ARTE’s best ratings for a fiction series in 2017. Season 2 is expected in 2021. Bruno Merle directed his first feature film, Héros, selected in 2007 at the Semaine de la Critique. He is also the scriptwriter of Michel Hazanavicius’ latest film: Le Prince Oublié. In July 2020, he released his second feature film, Felicità, a dramatic comedy with Pio Marmaï, Camille Rutherford and Rita Merle, the first film co-produced by Jack has only one eye. Matthieu Elkaim is the manager of the company. He is also President and Chief Creative Officer of the Ogilvy Paris communications group.


In development – AU JOUR LE JOUR by Bruno Merle

2020 – FELICITÀ by Bruno Merle

Mandarin Production

Eric Altmayer & Nicolas Altmayer


2021 – OSS 117. RED ALERT IN BLACK AFRICA by Nicolas Bedos

2020 – ÉTÉ 85 by François Ozon

2020 – T’AS PÉCHO ? by Adeline Picault

2019 – BLANCHE COMME NEIGE by Anne Fontaine

2019 – GRACE TO GOD by François Ozon

2019 – THE HENRI PICK MYSTERY by Rémi Bezançon

2019 – LA VIE SCOLAIRE by Grand Corps Malade and Mehdi Idir

2018 – THE EMPEROR OF PARIS by Jean-François Richet

2017 – THE DOUBLE Lover by François Ozon

2017 – WELCOME TO GONDWANA by Mamane

2017 – JALOUSE by David and Stéphane Foenkinos

2017 – D DAY by Reem Kherici

2017 – PATIENTS by Grand Corps Malade and Mehdi Idir

2017 – SAHARA by Pierre Coré

2016 – BRICE 3 by James Huth

2016 – CHOCOLAT by Roschdy Zem


2016 – FRANTZ by François Ozon

2016 – LES INNOCENTES by Anne Fontaine

2016 – PATTAYA by Franck Gastambide

2015 – EN EQUILIBRE by Denis Dercourt

2015 – THE STUDENT AND MR. HENRI by Ivan Calbérac

2015 – OUR FUTURES by Rémi Bezançon

2014 – FASTLIFE by Thomas Ngijol

2014 – MAESTRO by Léa Fazer

2014 – A NEW FRIEND by François Ozon

2014 – SAINT LAURENT by Bertrand Bonello

2013 – THE BIG WOLF by Nicolas and Bruno

2013 – JEUNE & JOLIE by François Ozon

2013 – PARIS AT ANY PRICE by Reem Kherici

2012 – IN THE HOUSE by François Ozon

2012 – DE L’AUTRE COTÉ DU PÉRIPH by David Charhon

2012 – LES KAIRA by Franck Gastambide

2011 – LA CONQUÊTE by Xavier Durringer

2011 – PHILIBERT by Sylvain Fusée

2011 – MÊME LA PLUIE by Icíar Bollaín

2011 – A HAPPY EVENT by Rémi Bezançon

2010 – 600 KILOS OF PURE GOLD by Eric Besnard

2010 – POTICHE by François Ozon


Jonathan Blumental


After several experiences in France and the United States (Nord-Ouest, New Regency, Sofica Cinemage, Wild Bunch), Jonathan Blumental joined Pathé as Head of Productions in 2012.

In this position, he accompanied a significant number of films including La Cage Dorée, Les Gardiennes, Aladin or Papa ou Maman.

In 2017, he founded with Philippe Rousselet the company Prélude to host their first production, Le Prince Oublié by Michel Hazanavicius. Developing both feature films and series, they are currently in preparation for Arnaud des Pallières’ next film Le Bal des Folles.


In preparation – LE BAL DES FOLLES by Arnaud des Pallières

2020 – THE FORGOTTEN PRINCE by Michel Hazanavicius

Avenue B Productions

Caroline Bonmarchand


After spending four years in New York producing Raphael Nadjari’s first two feature films, Caroline Bonmarchand founded her company Avenue B Productions in 2002. Faithful to her directors, she produced three feature films by Marc Fitoussi (COPACABANA, LA RITOURNELLE, MAMAN A TORT) and the first two films by Sébastien Marnier (IRREPROCHABLE, L’HEURE DE LA SORTIE), while continuing her search for new talent with Keren Ben Rafael (VIERGES) and Suzanne Lindon (SEIZE PRINTEMPS) as well as new collaborations with Sophie Letourneur (ENORME) and Samuel Theis (PETITE NATURE). In 2021, Caroline Bonmarchand is preparing the shooting of three feature films: L’ORIGINE DU MAL by Sébastien Marnier which will start shooting at the end of February, then at the end of the summer, LES CYCLADES by Marc Fitoussi as well as Guillaume Bureau’s first film, C’EST MON HOMME.



2021 – DUNE DREAMS by Samuel Doux

2021 – SEIZE PRINTEMPS by Suzanne Lindon

2020 – ENORMOUS by Sophie Letourneur

2019 – L’HEURE DE LA SORTIE by Sébastien Marnier

2018 – MARCH OR CRYSTAL by Margaux Bonhomme

2018 – VIERGES by Keren Ben Rafael

2016 – IRREPROCHABLE by Sébastien Marnier

2016 – MAMAN A TORT by Marc Fitoussi

2014 – LA RITOURNELLE by Marc Fitoussi

2013 – THE STRANGE WAY THINGS WORK by Raphaël Nadjari

2012 – A CLOUD IN A GLASS OF WATER by Srinath Samarasinghe

2010 – FIERCE PEOPLE by José Padilha

2010 – COPACABANA by Marc Fitoussi

2010 – TEHERAN by Nader T. Homayoun

Manchester Films

Catherine Bozorgan


In 2008, Catherine Bozorgan was awarded the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation grant and created her company Manchester Films. She produced Albert Dupontel’s LE VILAIN under their common label: ADCB Films.

She then produced, often in co-production with Thelma Films, LE BRUIT DES GLAÇONS by Bertrand BLIER, LA CLE DES CHAMPS by Claude Nuridsany and Marie Pérennou, RUE MANDAR by Idit Cebula, LA BRINDILLE by Emmanuelle Millet, À CŒUR OUVERT (Open Heart) by Marion LAINE, AMOUR ET TURBULENCES (Love and Turbulence) by Alexandre Castagnetti and LES PREMIERS LES DERNIERS (The First, The Last) by Bouli Lanners.


2020 – ADIEU LES CONS by Albert Dupontel

2017 – AU REVOIR LÀ-HAUT by Albert Dupontel

2016 – LES PREMIERS LES DERNIERS by Bouli Lanners

2013 – 9 MOIS FERME by Albert Dupontel

2013 – LOVE & TURBULENCE by Alexandre Castagnetti

2013 – 13 RUE MANDAR by Idit Cebula

2012 – A COUER OPEN by Marion Lane

2011 – LA BRINDILLE by Emmanuel Millet

2010 – THE NOISE OF GLAKES by Bertand Blier

Soyouz Films

Romain Brémond & Daniel Preljocaj


Romain Brémond began his career as a Casting Director. He was responsible for the casting of Cyrano de Bergerac, La Vie est un long fleuve tranquille and Tatie Danielle. At the same time he also successfully collaborated with internationally renowned directors such as Claire Denis, Alain Corneau, Jean-Paul Rappeneau, Frederico Fellini or Lars Von Trier.

After having worked on more than 40 films as a Casting Director, he started to develop feature film projects at Ciby 2000 (Bouygues subsidiary). He quickly became an independent producer and produced Olivier Dahan’s first film Déjà mort, Karim Dridi’s Pigalle and co-produced Michel Blanc’s Mauvaise passe with Claude Berri, which he developed himself.

In 2001, he became Director of Acquisitions at TPS and then joined the TF1 Studio team in 2004 where he managed acquisitions and co-productions. At the same time, he developed and was the executive producer on the international film Suite Française by Saul Dibb.

In 2017, he created with Daniel Preljocaj the company Soyouz Films.

Daniel Preljocaj began his career at TF1 (1995), where he successively held various responsibilities.

First of all, he was the Administrative and Financial Director of TF1 Droits Audiovisuels. He was in charge of setting up the TFM distribution structure within the framework of the association between TF1 and MIRAMAX, an independent American studio owned by Harvey Weinstein at the time. He also accompanied the strategy of developing feature films internally with a view to a more ambitious heritage policy within the TF1 group through the development and acquisition of feature films as well as the purchase of catalogs.

He then became Managing Director of TF1 Video (the leading French publisher). He set up the GIE with SONY for physical distribution and contributed to the development of TF1’s VOD platform (MYTF1VOD).

From 2009 to 2016, he is in charge of TF1 DA / TF1 Studio, which covers theatrical, Video/VOD and International operations.


2021 – COMPAGNONS by François Favrat (release 1st quarter 2022)

2020 – 10 DAYS WITHOUT A MOTHER by Ludovic Bernard


Clément Calvet & Jérémie Fajner


Born in 1974, Jérémie Fajner graduated from ESSEC and began his career at Arte France Cinéma and then at the international relations department of Arte – France 5.

Born in 1971, Clément Calvet began his career as a lawyer specializing in literary and artistic property.

They then met within the production company ALPHANIM, acquired by Gaumont in 2007 and soon renamed Gaumont Animation, where they participated in the production of about thirty animated series for television and three feature films.

In 2010 they founded SUPERPROD where they produced series and animated features, including Croc Blanc, selected at the Sundance Film Festival and at the European Film Awards, which they won along with Le Chant de la Mer, also nominated at the Oscars and Césars, as well as feature films, including Les Blagues de Toto, which met with a large audience when it was released in the summer of 2020 in a particularly difficult context.


2020 – LES BLAGUES DE TOTO by Pascal Bourdiau

2018 – CROC BLANC by Alexandre Espigares

2016 – LA TAULARDE by Audrey Estrougo

2015 – CAFARD by Jan Bultheel

2014 – THE SONG OF THE SEA by Tomm Moore

2013 – DEAD MAN TALKING by Patrick Ridremont

Why Not Productions

Pascal Caucheteux & Grégoire Sorlat


Pascal Caucheteux founded Why Not Productions with Grégoire Sorlat in 1990. Why Not Productions is an independent production company that has always defended a demanding and popular auteur cinema. Loyalty to the authors is at the heart of its editorial policy. Why Not Productions has thus initiated or accompanied the careers of Arnaud Desplechin (Comment je me suis disputé… (Ma vie sexuelle), Rois et Reine, Un conte de Noël, Trois souvenirs de ma jeunesse, Roubaix une lumière…), Xavier Beauvois (N’oublie pas que tu vas mourir, Le Petit lieutenant, Des hommes et des dieux… ), Jacques Audiard (De battre mon cœur s’est arrêté, Un prophète, De rouille et d’os, Dheepan, Les Frères Sisters…), Bruno Podalydès (Dieu seul me voit, Le Mystère de la chambre jaune, Adieu Berthe, Comme un avion, Bécassine ! ), Jean-François Richet (Ma 6.T va crack-er, Assaut sur le central 13, Blood Father…).

Among the other prestigious filmmakers with whom Why Not Productions has collaborated are Claude Lanzmann, Philippe Garrel, Claire Denis, Noémie Lvosky, Christophe Honoré, Maïwenn – as well as foreign directors Ken Loach, Cristian Mungiu, Lou Ye, Gregg Araki, Pablo Larrain, Lynne Ramsay, or Andreï Zviaguintsev.


2021 – TROMPERIE by Arnaud Desplechin

2021 – LA CROISADE by Louis Garrel

2021 – DE BAS ETAGE by Yassine Qnia

2021 – IBRAHIM by Samir Guesmi

2021 – LES DEUX ALFRED by Bruno Podalydès

2020 – A.D.N. by Maïwenn

2019 – Mellow Song by Lucie Borleteau

2019 – SORRY WE MISSED YOU by Ken Loach

2019 – ROUBAIX, UNE LUMIERE by Arnaud Desplechin

2019 – BLACK SNAKE, THE LEGEND OF THE BLACK SERPENT by Karole Rocher and Thomas NGijol

2018 – L’HOMME FIDELE by Louis Garrel

2018 – LES FRERES SISTERS by Jacques Audiard

2018 – BECASSINE! by Bruno Podalydès

2017 – A BEAUTIFUL DAY by Lynne Ramsay

2017 – FAUTE D’AMOUR by Andreï Zviaguintsev

2017 – LES FANTOMES D’ISMAËL by Arnaud Desplechin

2017 – JACKIE by Pablo Larrain

2016 – BACCALAUREAT by Cristian Mungiu

2016 – I, DANIEL BLAKE by Ken Loach

2016 – BLOOD FATHER by Jean-François Richet

2016 – THE RED TURTLE by Michael Dudok de Wit

2015 – DHEEPAN by Jacques Audiard

2015 – THREE MEMORIES OF MY YOUTH by Arnaud Desplechin

2015 – LIKE A PLANE by Bruno Podalydès

2014 – THE RANK OF GLORY by Xavier Beauvois

2014 – FIDELIO – ALICE’S ODYSSEY by Lucie Borleteau

2014 – WHITE BIRD by Gregg Araki

2014 – JIMMY’S HALL by Ken Loach

2013 – JIMMY P. (PSYCHOTHERAPY OF A PLAIN INDIAN) by Arnaud Desplechin

2012 – AMERICAN NIGHTMARE by James De Monaco

2012 – BEYOND THE HILLS by Cristian Mungiu

2012 – OF RUST AND BONE by Jacques Audiard

2012 – ADIEU BERTHE – L’ENTERREMENT DE MEME by Bruno Podalydès

2012 – THE PART OF THE ANGELS by Ken Loach

2011 – LOVE AND BRUISES by Lou Ye

2010 – LES BIEN-AIMES by Christophe Honoré

2010 – IRISH ROAD by Ken Loach

2010 – DES HOMMES ET DES DIEUX by Xavier Beauvois

2010 – KABOOM by Gregg Araki

2010 – HAPPY FEW by Antony Cordier

Axel Films Production

Christophe Cervoni & Marc Fiszman

Koro Films

Céline Chapdaniel & Diane Jassem


After meeting at the Atelier Ludwigsburg – Paris of the Fémis, Céline Chapdaniel and Diane Jassem created KORO FILMS in 2010. Afterwards and for 6 years, they respectively produced for Polaris Film (Emmanuel Courcol, Larry Clark…) and Realitism Films (Quentin Dupieux). Since 2016, they have dedicated themselves entirely to their projects together.

To date, they have produced 100 kilos of stars by Marie-Sophie Chambon (Cannes screens junior 2019, Colcoa…), La Nuit venue by Frédéric Farrucci, which is now the subject of two nominations for the César 2021 and February by Kamen Kalev (Label Cannes 2020).

They are now working on various projects, accompanying the authors they know well on their new films (Frédéric Farrucci and Kamen Kalev), but also creating new collaborations such as with Tristan Séguéla, Justine Le Guilloux, Anaïs Tellenne and Julie-Anne Roth. In addition, they are developing two series.


2021 – FEBRUARY by Kamen Kalev

2020 – LA NUIT VENUE by Frédéric Farrucci

2019 – 100 KILOS OF STARS by Marie-Sophie Chambon

No Money Productions

Benoît Delépine & Gustave Kervern

photo ©Richard Dumas

Petit Film

Jean des Forêts


Through his Parisian company Petit Film, Jean des Forêts produces and co-produces French and foreign films.

The choices, dictated by perfectly subjective criteria, are gradually building up an eclectic catalog free of questions of genre, affiliation or origin.

The company is currently producing Earwig, the new film by Lucile Hadzihalilovic, co-producing La Vraie Famille, the second film by Fabien Gorgeart, and is preparing to put into production Reines, the first film by Yasmine Benkiran.

Jean des Forêts is the national coordinator of EAVE and a member of the producers’ college of Unifrance.


2020 : THE GIRL WITH THE BRACELET by Stéphane Demoustier

2017 : DIANE A LES ÉPAULES by Fabien Gorgeart

2017 : GRAVE by Julia Ducournau

2016 : ALOYS by Tobias Nölle

2016: FIXER by Adrian Sitaru

2014: 40 DAYS OF SILENCE by Saodat Ismailova

2014: EL CINCO by Adrián Biniez

2013 : LEONES by Jazmín López


Thierry Desmichelle


Thierry Desmichelle is the Managing Director of SND, where he created the all-rights distribution activity (theatrical, video, VOD, International and TV) for the M6 group in 1996. For the past 12 years, he has launched a film development and production business. He is also Managing Director of M6 Films and President of Golden Network.

After producing short films and institutional films from 1983, Thierry Desmichelle started his career in 1985 and joined Warner Home Video two years later.


2020 : LES BLAGUES DE TOTO by Pascal Bourdiaux

2020 : POLY by Nicolas Vanier

2020 : DIVORCE CLUB by Michaël Youn

2019 : JOYEUSE RETREAT! by Fabrice Bracq

2019 : GIVE ME WINGS by Nicolas Vanier

2017 : SEVEN SISTERS by Tommy Wirkola

2014 : YVES SAINT LAURENT by Jalil Lespert

2012 : THE SECRET by Pascal Laugier


Sidonie Dumas


Sidonie Dumas has produced many films that have exceeded millions of spectators, such as INTOUCHABLES by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano (with Omar Sy, Cesar for Best Actor in 2012). This film alone attracted more than 50 million viewers worldwide, making it not only Gaumont’s biggest success, but also the second biggest French success of all time.

Other films have earned him great awards such as LES GARÇONS ET GUILLAUME, A TABLE ! in 2015, or more recently, AU REVOIR LA-HAUT which was also awarded 5 César including Best Direction, LE SENS DE LA FÊTE, TOUT LE MONDE DEBOUT, TOUT SIMPLEMENT NOIR or ADIEU LES CONS ! Sidonie Dumas has produced a number of films that have been seen by a large audience and have exceeded one million tickets sold in France.

Sidonie Dumas has also co-produced series for historical channels and platforms, such as NARCOS or, in 2021, LUPIN, in the shadow of Arsène, the first French series to reach the US Top 10 on Netflix with more than 70 million views. Sidonie Dumas has thus enabled the company to acquire a truly international stature.


2021 : RUMBA LA VIE by Franck Dubosc

2021 : ILLUSIONS PERDUES by Xavier Giannoli

2021 : ALINE by Valérie Lemercier

2021 : BRONX by Olivier Marchal

2020 : ALL SIMPLY BLACK by Jean-Pascal Zadi

2020 : PAPI SITTER by Philippe Guillard

2019 : THREE DAYS AND A LIFE by Nicolas Boukhrief

2019 : IBIZA by Arnaud Lemort

2019 : A PRESSED MAN by Hervé Mimran

2019 : EDMOND by Alexis Michalik

2018 : VOLONTAIRE by Hélène Fillières

2017: MARYLINE by Guillaume Gallienne

2017 : DEMAIN ET TOUS LES AUTRES JOURS by Noémie Lvovsky

2016: HIBOU by Ramzy Bedia

2016: UN PETIT BOULOT by Pascal Chaumeil

2016 : VISITORS: THE REVOLUTION by Jean-Marie Poiré

2016: VICKY by Denis Imbert

2016: A MAN AT THE TOP by Laurent Tirard


2015: TOUTE PREMIÈRE FOIS by Noémie Saglio

2014 : THE TIME OF THE WISHES by Régis Wargnier

2014 : MEA CULPA by Fred Cavayé

2013 : EN SOLITAIRE by Christophe Offenstein

2012 : COMME UN CHEF by Daniel Cohen

2010 : LE CAMÉLÉON by Jean-Paul Salomé

photo ©Marcel Hartmann

La Boétie Films

Jean-Baptiste Dupont


Since 2001, Jean-Baptiste Dupont has produced, with his associate Cyril Colbeau-Justin, more than thirty films including 36 Quai des orfèvres, Les Lyonnais, Cloclo, Les Garçons et Guillaume à table ! (Five César, selected at the Directors’ Fortnight), Valley of Love (a César, in the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival), The Last Day of Yitzak Rabin (selected at the Venice Film Festival), or C’est Tout pour moi! as well as TV series and TV movies.

In 2015 he founded La Boétie Films, within which were produced the film Maryline by Guillaume Gallienne as well as Franck Dubosc’s first feature film, Tout le monde debout, and La Daronne directed by Jean-Paul Salomé.


2020 : LA DARONNE by Jean-Paul Salomé

2018 : TOUT LE MONDE DEBOUT by Franck Dubosc

2017 : MARYLINE by Guillaume Gallienne

2017 : MADAME by Amanda Sthers

2016 : AU NOM DE MA FILLE by Vincent Garenq

2016 : THE CORRESPONDENT by Jean-Michel Ben Soussan


2015 : VALLEY OF LOVE by Guillaume Nicloux

2014 : MEA CULPA by Fred Cavayé


2013 : DEMI-SOEUR by Josiane Balasko

2013 : LE JOUR ATTENDRA by Edgar Marie

2013 : LES GARÇONS ET GUILLAUME À TABLE! by Guillaume Gallienne

2012: CLOCLO by Florent Siri

2012: LA MER À BOIRE by Jacques Maillot

2011: LES LYONNAIS by Olivier Marchal

2011 : MAMAN by Alexandra Leclère

2010 : A BOUT PORTANT by Fred Cavayé

2010 : LES YEUX DE SA MÈRE by Thierry Klifa

Le Bureau Films

Bertrand Faivre


At the age of 25, Bertrand Faivre resigned from the position of Director of Acquisitions at UGC DA to join Les Productions Lazennec in 1992 and learn the basics of the production business. From 1993 to 1996, he produced some thirty French and European short films selected and awarded worldwide. He continued to produce feature films, still within Lazennec, until 1999. In 2000, he founded his independent British production company The Bureau and, the following year, Le Bureau, in France.

Since then, he has alternated between French and English productions with numerous directors such as Fabienne Berthaud, Christian Carion, David Dufresne, Julie Gavras, Fabienne Godet, Jessica Hausner, Asif Kapadia, Jean Libon & Yves Hinant, Olivier Peyon, Lynne Ramsay, Eva Riley, Alan Rickman, Nina & Denis Robert, Sylvie Verheyde, Erick Zonca… He is also involved as a minority co-producer in films by Costa-Gavras, Rachid Bouchareb, Roger Michell and Philippe Lioret.

Bertrand Faivre won the Georges de Beauregard Prize for Best Producer of Short Films (1996) and was made a Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres in 1999.


2021 : FRESH CHICKEN by Yves Hinant and Jean Libon

2020 : THE (VERY) BIG EVASION by Yannick Kergoat and Denis Robert

2020 : IF TOMORROW by Fabienne Godet

2020 : A COUNTRY THAT HOLDS ITSELF by David Dufresne

2019 : L’ENVOLÉE by Eva Riley

2019 : LITTLE JOE by Jessica Hausner

2018: OUR FORMIDABLE LIVES by Fabienne Godet

2017 : NI JUGE, NI SUBMISE by Yves Hinant and Jean Libon

2016 : A LIFE AROUND by Olivier Peyon

2016 : SEX DOLL by Sylvie Verheyde

2015 : SKY by Fabienne Berthaud


2014 : THE KING’S GARDENS by Alan Rickman

2014 : LADYGREY by Alain Choquart

2013: A PLACE ON EARTH by Fabienne Godet

2011 : THE COMEDIAN by Tom Shkolnik

2011 : IN THE TOWER by Christophe Ruggia

2010 : TROIS DOIS 20 YEARS by Julie Gavras


Dominique Farrugia

13 Productions

Chantal Fischer


After starting out as a producer (Rage au Coeur films, 95° West), Chantal Fischer was responsible for public policies in favor of the cinema and audiovisual sector (Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region, Franche-Comté region). Within these functions, she participated in the financing of more than a hundred films of the greatest directors of today. Chantal Fischer has been working for 5 years at 13 productions, where she is in charge of the production of cinema projects (short and feature films) and television fiction. She co-produced in 2020 ” Un Fils ” by Mehdi Barsaoui ( Nominated at the César 2021 : Best Actor for Sami Bouajila in the role of Farés ) and follows several film projects currently in development or in post-production .

She is also in charge of artistic issues at Cinefeel Prod, a private investment and endowment fund. In this context, she accompanied the production of Les Misérables by Ladj Ly, César 2020 for Best Film.


2021 – THE NIGHT OF THE WATER GLASS by Carlos Chahine

2020 – A SON by Mehdi Barsaoui

Paprika Films

Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin & Laurent Baujard


Laurent Baujard began his career at AGAT Films/ Ex Nihilo where he trained in production. In 2005, he joined GEDEON Programmes as executive producer before becoming associate and line producer. He produces many documentaries related to science, history, discovery and adventure. He was in charge of the production of the first French documentary film in 3D, Madagascar, le Makay perdu for Canal +. In 2013, he produced a 3D feature film with a budget of 15 million dollars Amazonia, released in over 70 countries. In 2014, he became the producer of Rendez-vous en terre inconnue, France Télévisions’ flagship program. At the same time, he developed his own company, Paprika Films, where he produced in 2016 an expedition to Antarctica with Luc Jacquet. From this expedition was born a 360° audiovisual project including a feature film (The Emperor), television documentaries, a virtual reality experience and an immersive exhibition that collected more than one million admissions. He also produced Deux by Filippo Meneghetti (Shortlisted at the Oscars, nominated at the Golden Globes), Just the wind by Bence Fliegauf (Silver Bear Berlin), Abluka by Emin Alper (Silver Lion Venice), The Emperor by Luc Jacquet, The Snow Panther by Marie Amiguet with Vincent Munier and Sylvain Tesson, and Last words by Jonathan Nossiter (Official selection at Cannes).

After a post-graduate degree in Law and Administration of Audiovisual Communication at the Panthéon Sorbonne University, Pierre-Emmanuel Fleurantin started his career at Cofiloisirs and then at the sofica Soficinéma. He co-authored “Les aides au financement du Cinema et de la Télévision” published by Editions Dixit.
In 2005, he became one of the directors and partners of Ego Productions (now part of the Mediawan Group) where he participated in the production of numerous television series. Among the most recent, the series Zone Blanche for France TV which will become a Netflix Original and the series De Grace for Arte currently in production.
In 2011, he created the company Paprika Films with Laurent Baujard to produce feature films and documentaries. After some first successes in co-production such as Just the wind by Bence Fliegauf (Silver Bear – Grand Prix in Berlin), Abluka by Emin Alper (Silver Lion – Special Jury Prize in Venice) and The Emperor by Luc Jacquet, he will launch the production of the film Two by Filippo Meneghetti (Shortlisted at the Oscars, nominated for the Golden Globes) and that of The Snow Leopard by Marie Amiguet with Vincent Munier and Sylvain Tesson, which is currently in post-production.
In parallel to his activities as a producer, he created in 2009 the Festival des Arcs which will become in a few years a reference festival in France and in Europe. He is still the general manager of this festival.


In development – MATERNEL by Alexandra Badea

In development – GIRLS OF THE SKY by Bérangère McNeese

In development – FEMMES DE YAKUZAS by Chloé Jafé and Charlène Favier

2021 – THE SNOW PANTHER by Marie Amiguet

2020 – TWO by Filippo Meneghetti

2020 – LAST WORDS by Jonathan Nossiter

Archipel 33

Denis Freyd


Through his companies Archipel 35 and Archipel 33, Denis Freyd produces fiction films and documentaries for both cinema and television.

He has produced films by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, Pierre Schoeller, Ursula Meier, Laurent Cantet, Camille de Casabianca, Pascale Ferran, Nicolas Philibert, Patricia Mazuy, Delphine and Muriel Coulin, Abderrahmane Sissako, Mariana Otero, as well as the documentary series by Gérard Mordillat and Jérôme Prieur (from Corpus Christi to Jesus and Islam)


2020 – THE STORY OF A LOOK by Mariana Otero

2019 – CA MARCHE? by Camille de Casabianca

2019 – THE YOUNG AHMED by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne

2018 – A PEOPLE AND ITS KING by Pierre Schoeller

2018 – DE CHAQUE INSTANT by Nicolas Philibert

2017 – M by Sara Forestier

2017 – L’ATELIER by Laurent Cantet

2016 – THE UNKNOWN GIRL by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne

2016 – VOIR DU PAYS by Delphine and Muriel Coulin

2014 – TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne

2014 – BIRD PEOPLE by Pascale Ferran

2014 – À CIEL OUVERT by Mariana Otero

2012 – THE CHILD FROM UPSTAIRS by Ursula Meier

2011 – THE EXERCISE OF STATE by Pierre Schoeller

2011 – THE BICYCLE GIRL by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne

2011 – 17 GIRLS by Delphine and Muriel Coulin

2010 – BETWEEN OUR HANDS by Mariana Otero

2010 – NEARBY by Sam Garbarski

Chapka Films

Laetitia Galitzine


After studying law, Laetitia Galitzine learned her trade in different production companies (LOMA NASHA FILMS, EUROPACORP, FEW).

Between 2008 and 2011, Laetitia Galitzine produced her first two films within the company ZAZI FILMS, which she set up with Hugo Gélin and Danièle Delorme, COMME DES FRÈRES by Hugo Gélin, LA CAGE DORÉE by Ruben Alvès, before creating CHAPKA FILMS on her own.

In 2012, she joined forces with Philippe Rousselet, VENDÔME PRODUCTIONS, and produced four films with him, as co-director (TOUT POUR ÊTRE HEUREUX by Cyril Gelblat, COMMENT J’AI RENCONTRÉ MON PÈRE by Maxime Motte), and as executive producer (DEMAIN TOUT COMMENCE by Hugo Gélin, L’UN DANS L’AUTRE by Bruno Chiche).


Coming soon : IN AN IDEAL WORLD by Emilie Frèche

Coming soon : FOUR HOURS OF SLEEP by Cécilia Rouaud

Coming soon : PETIT JÉSUS by Julien Rigoulot

Coming soon : LES CHÈVRES AUSSI S’ÉVANOUISSENT by Marie Rémond

2020 : MISS by Ruben Alves

2020 : ANTOINETTE DANS LES CÉVENNES by Caroline Vignal

2019: MY UNKNOWN by Hugo Gélin

Zazi Films

Hugo Gélin


He founded the company Zazi Films in 2008 and produced his first feature film Comme des frères. A road-movie about friendship that was a big hit at many festivals, including two nominations at the 2013 César Awards in the Best First Film and Best Male Actor categories for Pierre Niney.

A year later, he co-wrote and produced The Golden Cage, a film by Ruben Alves. A box-office success, this film won the Audience Award at the Alpes d’Huez Film Festival and at the 2013 European Film Awards.

For television, Hugo produces the 3 seasons of Casting(s), the sketch series directed by Pierre Niney and broadcast on Canal + during the Cannes Film Festival as well as new episodes for the César Awards. Zazi Films quickly established itself in the comedy genre.

Its second feature film Demain Tout Commence with Omar Sy is one of the biggest successes of 2016. The film gathered 3.2 million spectators in France and traveled around the world becoming the most seen French language film abroad with more than 5 million admissions outside France. In 2017 and 2018, it won the Comédie Unifrance award at the Alpe d’Huez Festival as well as two awards at the French Film Trophies: the trophy for the most seen French film abroad and the Audience Award.

Hugo is directing his third feature film, Mon Inconnue, a romantic comedy produced by Zazi Films and Mars Films, released in theaters on April 3, 2019, this film has already won the Best Film Award at the Cabourg Film Festival and its lead actor, François Civil, won the Performance Award at the 2019 Alpe d’Huez Film Festival.

Hugo released Ruben Alves’ second film, Miss, in theaters on October 21, 2020, which was selected for official competition at the 2021 Alpe d’Huez Festival.

Today, Hugo is directing the final episodes of season one of Lupin, in the shadow of Arsene, the world-renowned Netflix series, and developing numerous projects.


2020: MISS by Ruben Alves

2019: MY UNKNOWN by Hugo Gélin

2013 : THE GOLDEN CAGE by Ruben Alves

2012 : LIKE BROTHERS by Hugo Gélin

CG Cinéma

Charles Gillibert


Charles Gillibert founded the production company CG Cinéma in 2013, with which he has produced films by Olivier Assayas (Sils Maria), Mia Hansen-Løve (L’Avenir), Abbas Kiarostami (24 Frames), Deniz Gamze Ergūven (Mustang), and others. After several years spent within the MK2 group, where he produced great international authors (Gus Van Sant, Abdellatif Kechiche, Xavier Dolan), he imposed the company CG Cinéma at the innovative heart of French production. Since its creation, CG Cinéma pursues a clear strategy: to accompany and reveal the great directors, to put the auteur cinema back in the center of the industry.

CG Cinéma’s main projects this year include Bergman Island, the first English-language film by Mia Hansen-Løve, starring Tim Roth, Vicky Krieps and Mia Wasikowska, Viens de t’emmène by Alain Guiraudie, starring Jean-Charles Clichet and Noémie Lvovsky, as well as Leos Carax’s Annette, a musical comedy starring Adam River and Marion Cotillard, which will mark the return of the famous French auteur to the international stage.


2020 : CUBAN NETWORK by Olivier Assayas

2019 : M by Yolande Zauberman

2019 : DOUBLE LIVES by Olivier Assayas

2018: A BIG NIGHT TRAVEL by Bi Gan

2018: A KNIFE IN THE HEART by Yann Gonzalez

2018: KINGS by Deniz Gamze Ergūven

2017: FOR COMFORT by Vincent Macaigne

2017: 24 FRAMES by Abbas Kiarostami

2016 : PERSONAL SHOPPER by Olivier Assayas

2016 : THE FUTURE by Mia Hansen-Løve

2015: DESIERTO by Jonas Cuaron

2015: MUSTANG by Deniz Gamze Ergūven

2014: EDEN by Mia Hansen-Løve

2014: SILS MARIA by Olivier Assayas

Quark Productions

Juliette Guigon & Patrick Winocour


Quark. We are two associated producers, Juliette Guigon and Patrick Winocour. For 25 years.

We produce documentaries. Films that tell the world, intimate stories, documentary comedies, original “auteur” films, short programs, animation. We cultivate our taste for stories and people.

We are a small structure, the desire to stay close to the films. Everything for the films. And the pleasure that goes with it.

25 years and 110 films, we live beautiful moments: Happiness by Thomas Balmès awarded at Sundance in 2014, Les Terriens by Ariane Doublet our first theatrical release in 2000 and 100,000 viewers, Anaïs s’en va t-en guerre by Marion Gervais, produced with nothing and a million views, La sociologue et l’ourson (The Sociologist and the Bear Cub) by Mathias Théry and Etienne Chaillou, the first full-length feature film by the directors of La Cravate.


Quark. We are two associated producers, Juliette Guigon and Patrick Winocour. For 25 years.

We produce documentaries. Films that tell the world, intimate stories, documentary comedies, original “auteur” films, short programs, animation. We cultivate our taste for stories and people.

We are a small structure, the desire to stay close to the films. Everything for the films. And the pleasure that goes with it.

25 years and 110 films, we live beautiful moments: Happiness by Thomas Balmès awarded at Sundance in 2014, Les Terriens by Ariane Doublet our first theatrical release in 2000 and 100,000 viewers, Anaïs s’en va t-en guerre by Marion Gervais, produced with nothing and a million views, La sociologue et l’ourson (The Sociologist and the Bear Cub) by Mathias Théry and Etienne Chaillou, the first full-length feature film by the directors of La Cravate.


2020 – LA CRAVATE by Etienne Chaillou and Mathias Théry

2018 – GIRLS OF FIRE by Stéphane Breton

2016 – THE SOCIOLOGIST AND THE BEAR by Etienne Chaillou and Mathias Théry

2010 – I WOULD LOVE NO ONE by Marie Dumora

2020 – LA CRAVATE by Etienne Chaillou and Mathias Théry

2018 – GIRLS OF FIRE by Stéphane Breton

2016 – THE SOCIOLOGIST AND THE BEAR by Etienne Chaillou and Mathias Théry

2010 – I WOULD LOVE NO ONE by Marie Dumora

Black Dynamite Films

Eric Hannezo

After training and working as a journalist in the sports department of France Télévisions in the early 90s, Eric Hannezo discovered production at Reservoir Prod in 2000. In this context, he produced and directed his first documentaries (“Indomptables”, “Plus vite que l’argent”) and joined TF1 in 2003. He will remain there until 2010, deputy director of TF1 production, responsible for sports, magazines and documentaries. He created, among other things, the program 50mn Inside and produced for TF1 the 2006 and 2010 soccer World Cups, the matches of the French soccer team and the Rugby World Cup in 2007.

In 2010, he founded Black Dynamite with Vincent Labrune and Guillaume Lacroix. With the ambition to “tell stories” and to narrate the destinies of the markers of the time.

“In the shadow of Teddy” was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in a special session in 2016, followed by “Le K Benzema”(Canal +), “Macron, les coulisses d’une victoire” (with troisième Oeil, TF1), “Omar Sy : c’est ta chance” (canal +), Anelka “L’incompris”, “GIMS” and “Tony Parker : the last shot” (Netflix)…

At the same time, he developed fiction activities and produced several films “Les Infidèles” (with JD Prod), “Mademoiselle C”, “Enragés” (with JD prod, which he directed), “Black Snake” (with Why Not and TNG Productions), “Cyrille, agriculteur…” (distributed by ARP)…


2020 – CYRILLE, FARMER, 30 YEARS OLD, 20 CATS, LAT, BUTTER, DEBTS by Rodolphe Marconi

2015 – ENRAGÉS by Eric Hannezo

2013 – MADEMOISELLE C by Fabien Constant

2012 – LES INFIDÈLES by Fred Cavayé, Alexandre Courtes, Michel Hazanavicius, Emmanuelle Bercot, Eric Lartigau, Jean Dujardin, Gilles Lellouche

Dolce Vita Films

Marc Irmer


Of German and French nationality, co-founder in 1998 of Mille et une productions, he created in 2007 Dolce Vita Films through which he produced or co-produced on a delegate basis some fifteen feature films including Commis d’office, Témoin indésirable, Belleville Tokyo, Impunité, Les soeurs Quispe, Le grand cahier, Héritages, Sunrise, Slam, and Un Fils.

Currently producing the animated features Jungle Rouge and Linda wants chicken and convinced that the center of the world is everywhere, Dolce Vita Films covers a wide spectrum of fiction and documentary films, all of which have been released in France and presented in the most prestigious festivals abroad. Former president of the cinema commission of the Procirep, expert for Creative Europe, Marc is also a member of the board of directors of ACE and animates production workshops around the world.


In development : LINDA WANTS CHICKEN by Chiara Malta and Sébastien Laudenbach

In production: RED JUNGLE by Juan Lozano and Zoltan Horvath

In production: FROM INSIDE by Leonardo Di Costanzo

In production: LA FRANCISCA by Rodrigo Litorriaga

2020 : A SON by Mehdi Barsaoui

2018 : VOSTOCK N°20 by Elisabeth Silveiro

2018: SLAM by Partho-Sen Gupta

2014: SUNRISE by Partho-Sen Gupta

2013: INHERITANCE by Philippe Aractingi

2013 : LES SOEURS QUISPE (LAS NINAS QUISPE) by Sebastian Sepulveda

2013 : THE BIG BOOK by Janos Szasz

2011: THE IMPUNITY of Juan Lazano and Hollman Morris

2010: BELLEVILLE TOKYO by Elise Girard

Jerico Films

Eric Jehelmann


After studying at the Fémis, Eric Jehelmann became director of development and then produced films at Fidélité with Marc Missonnier and Olivier Delbosc such as Anthony Zimmer by Jérôme Salle, Le Serpent by Eric Barbier, Dorothy by Agnès Merlet or Pour Elle by Fred Cavayé.

In 2008 he created JERICO to co-produce the latter film as well as Nicolas Cuche’s La Chance de ma Vie.

In 2012 Eric Jehelmann and Philippe Rousselet joined forces within Jerico and produced in particular La Famille Bélier by Eric Lartigau with 7.7 million admissions, Radin ! by Fred Cavayé, La Promesse de l’Aube by Eric Barbier, an adaptation of the famous novel by Romain Gary, with Charlotte Gainsbourg and Pierre Niney in the main roles, Photo de famille, the second film by Cécilia Rouaud with Jean-Pierre Bacri, Vanessa Paradis and Camille Cotttin, Rémi Sans Famille, an adaptation of the novel by Hector Malot, by Antoine Blossier with Daniel Auteuil, Petit Pays by Eric Barbier, adaptation of the novel by Gaël Faye, Goncourt des lycéens prize, On est fait pour s’entendre by Pascal Elbé with Sandrine Kiberlain, Pascal Elbé, François Berléand, Valérie Donzelli and Emmanuelle Devos, which will be released in theaters soon.

In 2018, Eric Jehelmann created Jerico Tv to develop audiovisual projects for television and platforms. In 2020, he will shoot his first single-player film L’ami qui n’existe pas by Nicolas Cuche for France 2 with Audrey Dana and Medi Sadoun.

In 2021, JERICO FILMS collaborates for the first time with Lisa Azuelos and is currently shooting La Chambre des Merveilles, an adaptation of the novel by Julien Sandrel, with Alexandra Lamy and Muriel Robin in the cast.


In production : L’AMI QUI N’EXISTE by Nicolas Cuche

Coming soon : LA CHAMBRE DES MERVEILLES by Lisa Azuelos

Coming soon : WE ARE MADE TO GET along by Pascal Elbé

2020 : PETIT PAYS by Eric Barbier

2018 : RÉMI SANS FAMILLE by Antoine Blossier

2018 : PHOTO DE FAMILLE by Cécilia Touaud

2017 : THE PROMISE OF THE DAWN by Eric Barbier

2016 : RADIN ! by Fred Cavayé

2016 : WEST COAST by Benjamin Weil

2014 : THE BELIER FAMILY by Eric Lartigau

2014 : À TOUTE ÉPREUVE by Antoine Blossier

2014 : PRÊT À TOUT by Nicolas Cuche

Les Films du Kiosque

François Kraus & Denis Pineau-Valencienne


LES FILMS DU KIOSQUE was created in 1995 by François KRraus, a graduate of the Production Department of FEMIS and winner of the Hachette Lagardère Foundation’s Young Producer Grant.

Denis Pineau-Valencienne, a graduate of Sciences Po Paris, joined him in 1997. To date, they have produced 32 French feature films, including 14 first films, a single feature and two television series.

They have received a total of 42 César nominations, including 4 for “Best First Film”: LES CHATOUILLES by Andréa BESCOND and Éric METAYER, MONSIEUR ET MADAME ADELMAN by Nicolas BEDOS, QU’ALLAH BÉNISSE LA FRANCE by ABD AL MALIK and PARDONNEZ-MOI by MAÏWENN.

Among the 17 directors produced, there are also François FAVRAT LE RÔLE DE SA VIE, Thierry KLIFA UNE VIE À T’ATTENDRE, Florent-Emilio SIRI L’ENNEMI INTIME, or Igor GOTESMAN FIVE or FAMILY BUSINESS, and 7 women directors including Emmanuelle BERCOT LA TÊTE HAUTE, Marion VERNOUX LES BEAUX JOURS, or MAÏWENN LE BAL DES ACTRICES.


2020 : LA BONNE ÉPOUSE by Martin Provost

2019 : LA BELLE ÉPOQUE by Nicolas Bedos

2018 : LES CHATOUILLES by Andréa Bescond and Eric Métayer

2018 : BONHOMME by Marion Vernoux

2017 : MONSIEUR & MADAME ADELMAN by Nicolas Bedos

2017: EVERYTHING SEPARATES us by Thierry Klifa

2016: FIVE by Igor Gotesman

2016: AND YOUR SISTER by Marion Vernoux

2015 : BOOMERANG by François Favrat

2015 : PAPA LUMIÈRE by Ada Loueilh

2015 : LA TÊTE HAUTE by Emmanuelle Bercot


2013 : LES BEAUX JOURS by Marion Vernoux

2011 : LOW COST by Maurice Barthélemy

2010 : MON POTE by Marc Esposito

2010 : CES AMOURS-LÀ by Claude Lelouch

Vertigo Productions

Farid Lahouassa & Aïssa Djabri


Aïssa Djabri and Farid Lahouassa are French film producers.

Graduates of the IDHEC, they founded their company Vertigo Productions in 1992 to produce the sitcom ” La Famille Ramdam “, broadcast on M6, then the series ” Seconde B ” and the TV films ” Les années lycée “. Cédric Klapisch’s “Le Péril jeune” will be released in 1995 by Gaumont, and Vertigo Productions will then devote itself to cinema.

“Raï” (1995), “Chacun cherche son chat” (1996) and “La vérité si je mens!” (1997) will make Vertigo Productions a major player in independent film production.

Among the 32 feature films produced by the company, the two producers have been able to diversify the genres but have always put forward, alongside Cédric Klapisch, Thomas Gilou or Eric Barbier, young talents, both actors and directors. “Tout ce qui brille” by Géraldine Nakache and Hervé Mimran or more recently “Walter” by Varante Soudjian are successful first films. Big productions like ” La vérité si je mens ! 2″ and ” … 3″, “Man to man” by Régis Wargnier or “De Gaulle” by Gabriel Le Bomin are proof of the know-how and eclecticism of the producers.


2020 – DE GAULLE by Gabriel Le Bomin

2019 – LA VERITE SI JE MENS ! LES DEBUTS by Gérard Bitton and Michel Munz

2018 – WALTER by Varante Soudjian

2016 – OUR PATRIOTS by Gabriel Le Bomin

2015 – DIEUMERCI! by Lucien Jean-Baptiste

2014 – THE LAST DIAMOND by Eric Barbier

2012 – NOUS YORK by Géraldine Nakache and Hervé Mimran

2012 – LA VERITE SI JE MENS ! 3 by Thomas Gilou

2011 – AND SOON, I MISS EVERYONE by Jennifer Devoldère

2010 – ALL THAT SHINES by Géraldine Nakache and Hervé Mimran

Les Films d'ici Méditerranée

Serge Lalou


After studying veterinary science and travelling extensively, Serge Lalou joined the Films d’Ici team in 1987. Since then, he has produced more than 500 documentaries and feature films, some of which have won awards at the most important festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Venice, etc…).

In 2014, Serge Lalou created with Anne-Marie Luccioni Les Films d’Ici Méditerranée, a production company based in Montpellier, aiming to identify young talents in the region, to produce and co-produce them in order to make them known in France and internationally.


2021 : NOTTURNO by Gianfranco Rosi

2020 : JOSEP by Aurel

2020 : LAST WORDS by Jonathan Nossiter

2020: YIDDISH by Nurith Aviv

2019 : FROM MEDIAPART by Naruna Kaplan de Macedo


2018 : DEAD SOULS by Wang Bing

2018: UNA QUESTIONE PRIVATA by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani

2017 : ORPHELINE by Arnaud des Pallières

2016 : FUOCOAMMARRE by Gianfranco Rosi

2016 : O PAÕ by Sergio Tréfaut

2015 : BETWEEN THE FRONTIERS by Avi Mograbi

2015 : EACH ONE GOOD by Maher Abi Samra

2014: WE ARE ALIVE by Carmen Castillo

2014: SILVER WATERS by Ossama Mohammed and Wiam Simav Bedirxan

2014 : THE VERTIGES OF THE POSSIBLE by Vivianne Perelmuter

2013 : MICHAEL KOHLHAAS by Arnaud des Pallières

2013 : THE HOUSE OF RADIO by Nicolas Philibert

2013 : IN A GARDEN I WAS IN by Avi Mograbi

2012 : CONTEURS D’IMAGES by Noëlle Deschamps

2011: MICHEL PETRUCCIANI by Michael Radford

2011: TRADUIRE by Nurith Aviv

2010: WE WERE COMMUNISTS by Maher Abi Samra


2010 : NÉNETTE by Nicolas Philibert

photo ©Sylvère Petit

Les Films du Lendemain

Kristina Larsen


Journalist then editor-in-chief from 1987 (Globe, Globe Hebdo, Actuel, Groupe Marie-Claire, Première), Kristina Larsen left the press to raise her three children in 1997.

In 2005, at the request of Bernard-Henry Lévy and François Pinault, she joined the Films du Lendemain to be the producer. Then, in December 2013, they sold her the company for a symbolic euro.

Her first film as co-producer, Lady Chatterley, by Pascale Ferran, was nominated nine times at the César Awards and won the César for First Film. Since then, she has worked with some of the greatest French and international authors: Hou Hsiao Hsien (Le Voyage du ballon rouge), Bertrand Bonello (De la Guerre, L’Apollonide), Lou Ye (Love and bruises, Mystery, Blind massages), Cédric Kahn (Les Regrets, Une Vie meilleure, Vie Sauvage), Jacques Doillon (Rodin) and Benoit Jacquot (Les Adieux à la Reine, Journal d’une femme de chambre, Dernier amour) In 2021, she is preparing the release of Benoit Jacquot’s next film Suzanna Andler as well as Olivier Peyon’s film Tokyo Shaking.


2021 : SUZANNE ANDLER by Benoit Jacquot

2021 : TOKYO SHAKING by Olivier Peyon

2020 : LA DARONNE by Jean-Paul Salomé

2019 : LAST LOVE by Benoit Jancquot

2017 : LOVE ME NOT by Alexandros Avranas

2017 : THREATENED SPECIES by Gilles Bourdos

2017 : RODIN by Jacques Doillon

2017 : EWA (ex Cyrilson Retires) by Haim Tabakman

2016 : THE SECRET OF THE BANK by Marie Madinier

2015 : JOURNAL OF A ROOM WOMAN by Benoit Jacquot

2015 : A 14 YEARS old by Hélène Zimmer

2014: WILD LIFE by Cédric Kahn

2014 : LES AVEUGLES by Lou Ye

2013: MYSTERY by Lou Ye

2013 : THE LAST DAYS by David and Alex Pastor

2012: LES ADIEUX À LA REINE by Benoit Jacquot

2012: A BETTER LIFE by Cédric Kahn


2011 : LOVE AND BRUISES by Lou Ye


Maybe Movies

Henri Magalon & Claire La Combe


Claire La Combe

Graduated from Political Sciences, Claire La Combe made her first classes in support funds for audiovisual and independent production such as ECLA Aquitaine or MEDIA Europe Créative. From 2012 to 2014, she coordinated the ACE European producer training workshops, before joining Henri Magalon at Maybe Movies to get involved in animation film production. At Maybe Movies, she took charge of the entire production of the film Zombillénium by Arthur de Pins and Alexis Ducord. In parallel, and until 2018, she continued to write regularly on the news of European audiovisual policies and was a consultant for the Europa Distribution network until the end of 2016.

With Calamity, Remi Chayé’s second feature film, and Cristal 2020 for best film at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, she signs her first film as a producer. She also has four other feature film projects in development at Maybe Movies.

Henri Magalon

Previously Director of New Media at Gaumont, Henri Magalon founded Maybe Movies in 2003 with the desire to develop and produce original programs with innovative content, with an international scope, with 7 feature films, 3 animation series and several documentaries to his credit.

Since Ernest & Celestine by Benjamin Renner, co-produced with Les Armateurs (César for Best Animated Feature Film 2013; Oscar nomination 2014), Maybe Movies specializes in animated and youth films. Tout en Haut du Monde by Rémi Chayé won the Audience Award at the 2015 Annecy International Animation Film Festival. Zombillénium, directed by Arthur de Pins and Alexis Ducord, was presented in the Children’s Session at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival and selected in Competition at the 2017 Annecy International Animation Film Festival before being nominated for the 2018 César for Best Animated Film. His latest film, Calamity, Rémi Chayé’s second feature film, was released in theaters on October 14, 2020.

Henri Magalon is currently producing Dernier Round à Istanbul, by Serge Avédikian, Saba, by Alexis Ducord and Benjamin Massoubre, and co-producing Métaphysique des Tubes, adapted from the novel by Amélie Nothomb and directed by Liane-Cho Han.


2020 – CALAMITY by Rémi Chayé


2020 – CALAMITY by Rémi Chayé

2017 – ZOMBILLÉNIUM by Arthur de Pins and Alexis Ducord

2016 – LA NUIT REBELLE by Michel Leviant

2016 – ALL UP IN THE WORLD by Rémi Chayé

2015 – ANNA’S DOOR by Patrick Dumont and François Hébrard

2012 – ERNEST AND CELESTINE by Benjamin Renner, Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar

AGAT Films & Cie

Muriel Meynard


Producer since 2006 with AGAT Films & Cie and EX NIHILO, Muriel Meynard has produced more than 40 documentaries for television and cinema, including The other side by Roberto Minervini (Cannes Film Festival, Un certain regard and awarded in many international festivals), Penguin, Penguin, Gull and their 500 children by Michel Leclerc and documentaries by Sébastien Lifshitz including Les Vies de Thérèse (Directors’ Fortnight 2016), Adolescentes (Zonta Prize at the Locarno Critics’ Week 2019 and Louis Deluc Prize) as well as Petite fille (Little Girl) presented at the Berlinale 2020 in the Panorama section.

She also produces feature films. After Luna, Elsa Diringer’s first film, she produced Xavier de Choudens’ comedy Damien veut changer le monde selected at the Alpe d’Huez festival and released in 2019.


2021 – TOO MUCH LOVE by Frankie Wallach

2021 – PINGOUIN, GOELAND and their 500 children by Michel Leclerc

2021 – GOLDA MARIA by Patrick and Hugo Sobelman

2020 – ADOLESCENTES by Sébastien Lifshitz

2019 – DAMIEN WANTS TO CHANGE THE WORLD by Xavier de Choudens

2018 – LUNA by Elsa Diringer

2015 – THE OTHER SIDE by Roberto Minervini

Unité de Production

Bruno Nahon


Bruno Nahon is a film and television producer.
He is, among others, the producer of Louise Wimmer, which won the César for Best First Film in 2013, and of the documentary Les invisibles, which received the César for Best Documentary the same year. He produces series for the channel Arte with Ainsi soient- ils, whose 3 seasons will be awarded several times, as well as the series Mytho.
In 2014, he works for the first time with director Boris Lojkine to produce the film Hope. In 2019, they meet again around the direction of the film Camille. The film is notably awarded the Audience Award at the Locarno Film Festival, the Female Revelation Award for Nina Meurisse at the International Press Lumières. The actress was also nominated for the Best New Actress at the 2020 César Awards.


2020 – FELICITÀ by Bruno Merle

2020 – DES HOMMES by Alice Odiot and Jean-Robert Viallet

2019 – DOCTOR ? by Tristan Séguéla

2019 – CAMILLE by Boris Lojkine

2019 – PEARL by Elsa Amiel

2018 – RAZZIA by Nabil Ayouch

2018 – SPARRING by Samuel Jouy

2015 – LA VIE EN GRAND by Mathieu Vadepied

2015 – HOPE by Boris Lojkine

2012 – LES INVISIBLES by Sébastien Lifshitz

2012 – LOUISE WIMMER by Cyril Mennegun

Unité de Production

Caroline Nataf


Caroline Nataf is a producer within the company Unité, created with Bruno Nahon in 2014. She produces both for cinema and audiovisual, with the same desire to discover and accompany innovative and creative talents.

Recently she produced 2 seasons of Mytho for Arte, the documentary Des Hommes by Alice Odiot and Jean-Robert Viallet, and Felicità by Bruno Merle for which Camille Rutherford is nominated as best female hopeful this year.


2020 – FELICITÀ by Bruno Merle

2019 – PEARL by Elsa Amiel

Moby Dick Films

Frédéric Niedermayer


After having been Pierre Étaix’s assistant at the Fratellini circus for more than two years, Frédéric Niedermayer fell in love with cinema at the Cinémathèque française, notably by following Jean Douchet’s courses. He then studied at La Fémis and graduated from the production department in 1998.

He then founded the company Moby Dick Films, in order to produce the films of his schoolmates. He began his career with Clément, Emmanuelle Bercot’s first feature film, noticed in 2001 at the Cannes Film Festival in the Un Certain Regard section. He then accompanied Emmanuel Mouret with Venus and Flower, also presented at Cannes in 2004. A faithful collaboration followed, with the production of all of Emmanuel Mouret’s films.

At the head of Moby Dick Films, Frédéric Niedermayer has produced or co-produced more than 20 feature films, including those of Michale Boganim, Rebecca Zlotowski, and more recently Jean Paul Civeyrac. He also remains eager to discover new talents, since in 2020, in addition to Les choses qu’on dit, les choses qu’on fait, he also produced two first films, L’Étreinte by Ludovic Bergery (in competition at the Angoulême festival) and Sous le ciel d’Alice by Chloé Mazlo (label Semaine de la Critique Cannes 2020) which are impatiently waiting to be released in theaters.


2021 – A WOMAN OF OUR TIME by Jean Paul Civeyrac (currently shooting)

2021 – TEL AVIV – BEIRUT by Michale Boganim (in post-production)

2021 – UNDER ALICE’S SKY by Chloé Mazlo

2021 – L’ETREINTE by Ludovic Bergery

2020 – THE THINGS WE SAY, THE THINGS WE DO by Emmanuel Mouret


2018 – MES PROVINCIALES by Jean-Paul Civeyrac

2016 – CELUI QU’ON ATTENDAIT by Serge Avedikian

2015 – CAPRICE by Emmanuel Mouret

2013 – ANOTHER LIFE by Emmanuel Mouret

2012 – CHERCHER LE GARÇON by Dorothée Sebbagh

2011 – THE ART OF LOVE by Emmanuel Mouret

2010 – BELLE ÉPINE by Rebecca Zlotowski

2010 – ALL GIRLS CRIED by Judith Godrèche

Les Films du Worso

Sylvie Pialat & Benoît Quainon


Created in 2003 by Sylvie Pialat, Les films du Worso has accompanied directors from all over the world. Benoît Quainon joined the company in 2006 and has been an associate producer since 2015. Nourished by energy and desire, the company has developed and diversified since its creation in the production of its films with a team marked by a family spirit.

In 15 years, Les films du Worso has produced about forty feature films for cinema, a few fictions and documentaries for television and about thirty short films, including films by Alain Guiraudie, Cédric Kahn, Abderrahmane Sissako, Guillaume Nicloux, Xavier Beauvois, Gustave Kervern and Benoît Delépine or Corneliu Porumboiu.

14 films have been selected at the Cannes Film Festival and the catalog has accumulated 28 César nominations (including 10 awards) and a nomination for the Oscar for Best International Film in 2014 with TIMBUKTU. Sylvie Pialat has been distinguished, two years in a row, by the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma with the Daniel Toscan du Plantier Prize for the best producer of the year.


2021 – ALBATROS by Xavier Beauvois

2020 – HEROES NE MEURENT JAMAIS by Aude Léa Rapin

2020 – DELETE THE HISTORY by Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern

2019 – C’EST EXTRA by Guillaume Nicloux

2019 – FAMILY PARTY by Cédric Kahn

2019 – THALASSO by Guillaume Nicloux

2019 – CONTINUE by Joachim Lafosse

2018 – LES CONFINS DU MONDE by Guillaume Nicloux

2018 – THE PRAYER by Cédric Kahn

2017 – LES GARDIENNES by Xavier Beauvois

2017 – LE SEMEUR by Marine Francen

2016 – LE PETIT LOCATAIRE by Nadège Loiseau

2016 – RESTER VERTICAL by Alain Guiraudie

2016 – THE ECONOMY OF THE COUPLE by Joachim Lafosse

2016 – THE END by Guillaume Nicloux

2016 – EVOLUTION by Lucile Hadzihalilovic

2016 – THE TREASURE by Corneliu Porumboiu

2016 – THE WHITE HORSES by Joachim Lafosse


2015 – VALLEY OF LOVE by Guillaume Nicloux

2015 – JAUJA by Lisandro Alonso

2014 – TIMBUKTU by Abderrahmane Sissako



2013 – THE UNKNOWN OF THE LAKE by Alain Guiraudie

2013 – THE RELIGIOUS by Guillaume Nicloux

2012 – TO LOSE REASON by Joachim Lafosse

2011 – LAST SESSION by Laurent Achard

2011 – PROPRIETARY by Hélène Angel

2011 – THREE TIMES 20 YEARS by Julie Gavras

2010 – GUARDIANS OF ORDER by Nicolas Boukhrief

2010 – HOLIDAY by Guillaume Nicloux

Kazak Productions

Jean-Christophe Reymond


After studying at Essec and Fémis, Jean-Christophe Reymond founded Kazak Productions in 2007. Joined by Amaury Ovise, they have produced thirteen feature films by authors whose shorts they had produced. They have also produced more than forty-five short films, two webseries and five documentaries. Their ambition is to accompany a generation of emerging authors dealing with contemporary subjects in a wide variety of genres and formats.

Jean-Christophe Reymond is producing the next films of Manele Labidi, Julia Ducournau, Clément Cogitore, Nicolas Silhol, Teddy Lussi-Modeste, Antoine Raimbault.


Coming soon – TITANE by Julia Ducournau

Coming soon – MURDER PARTY by Nicolas Pleskof

Coming soon – LA GOUTTE D’OR by Clément Cogitore

Coming soon – CORSAGE by Marie Kreutzer

2020 – A DIVAN IN TUNIS by Manèle Labidi

2019 – ROADS by Sebastian Schipper

2019 – LES FAUVES by Vincent Mariette

2018 – SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS by Virgil Vernier

2017 – THE PRICE OF SUCCESS by Teddy Lussi-Modeste

2017 – CORPORATE by Nicolas Silhol

2017 – COUNT YOUR INJURIES by Morgan Simon

2015 – NI LE CIEL NI LA TERRE by Clément Cogitore

2014 – MERCURIALES by Virgil Vernier

2014 – TRISTESSE CLUB by Vincent Mariette

2011 – JIMMY RIVIERE by Teddy Lussi-Modeste

Les Films du 24 / Les Films du Premier

Romain Rojtman

Jerico Films / Prélude

Philippe Rousselet


Philippe Rousselet began his career at Warner Bros in Los Angeles in 1991. In 1998, he created in France the company Les films de la Suane and produced about fifteen films including Marie Baies des Anges, Serial Lovers, Barnie et ses petites contrariétés, Balzac et la Petite Tailleuse Chinoise, La Clef. That same year he founded Vendôme Production, with which he produced a dozen feature films, including Les Femmes du 6 ème étage (2010), Paris- Manhattan (2011), Les Saveurs du Palais (2011), Tout pour être heureux (2015), Demain Tout Commence (2016), L’un dans l’autre (2017), Comment j’ai rencontré mon Père (2017), L’un dans l’autre (2018).

In 2012, he joined Eric Jehelmann in JERICO and produced together: in 2014 Prêt à Tout by Nicolas Cuche, A Toute Epreuve by Antoine Blossier, La Famille Bélier by Eric Lartigau. This was followed by the releases of West Coast and Radin! in 2016 as well as the adaptation of Romain Gary’s novel La Promesse de l’Aube by Eric Barbier in December 2017. In 2018, Photo de Famille by Cécilia Rouault, Remi sans Famille by Antoine Blossier, in 2020 Petit Pays by Eric Barbier.

Philippe Rousselet produces with his company Vendôme Films Adieu Monsieur Haffmann by Fred Cavayé, Un petit miracle by Sophie Boudre and La Scala by Bruno Chiche.
And with Eric Jehelmann (Jerico Films), On est fait pour s’entendre by Pascal Elbé and La chambre des merveilles by Lisa Azuelos.

In 2004, Philippe Rousselet produced his first English-language film Lord of War and created in 2011, Vendôme Pictures, a subsidiary of Vendôme Production based in Los Angeles. Vendôme Pictures has produced Source Code (2011), Il n’est jamais trop tard (2011), Bastille Day (2016), Seven Sisters (2017), CODA (2021).


Upcoming – A LITTLE MIRACLE by Sophie Boudre

Coming soon – LA SCALA by Bruno Chiche

Coming soon – ADIEU MONSIEUR HAFFMANN by Fred Cavayé

Coming soon – LA CHAMBRE DES MERVEILLES by Lisa Azuelos

Coming soon – ON EST FAIT POUR S’ENTENDRE by Pascal Elbé

2020 – PETIT PAYS by Eric Barbier

2020 – THE FORGOTTEN PRINCE by Michel Hazanavicius

2018 – REMI SANS FAMILLE by Antoine Blossier

2018 – BIG BANG by Cécilia Rouault

2017 – THE PROMISE OF THE DAWN by Eric Barbier

2017 – THE ONE IN THE OTHER by Bruno Chiche

2017 – HOW I MET MY FATHER by Maxime Motte

2016 – DEMAIN TOUT COMMENCE by Hugo Gélin

2017 – RADIN ! by Fred Cavayé

2016 – ALL TO BE HAPPY by Cyril Gelblat

2016 – WEST COAST by Benjamin Weill

2014 – THE BEARING FAMILY by Eric Lartigau

2014 – A TOUTE EPREUVE by Antoine Blossier

2014 – READY FOR ANYTHING by Nicolas Cuche

2012 – LES SAVEURS DU PALAIS by Christian Vincent

2012 – PARIS-MANHATTAN by Sophie Lellouche

2011 – LES FEMMES DU 6e ETAGE by Philippe Le Guay

Super 8 Production

Jérôme Salle


Jérôme Salle is a director, screenwriter and producer known for his films Anthony Zimmer, Zulu, The Odyssey and for bringing the Largo Winch saga to the screen.

He first held various positions, including press photographer and art director for advertisements. Attracted by the world of cinema, he embarked on a career as a screenwriter. He co-wrote Trouble (2005) with Harry Cleven.

In 2005, he directed his first feature film, Anthony Zimmer, with Sophie Marceau and Yvan Attal, which earned him a nomination for the César for best first film.

Three years later, he adapted the comic strip Largo Winch with Tomer Sisley in the title role. The film is a box office success.

In 2013, he returned with Zulu, this time directing Orlando Bloom and Forest Whitaker. The film closes the 66th Cannes Film Festival.

In 2016, the director directs Lambert Wilson, Audrey Tautou and Pierre Niney in The Odyssey, a biopic about the famous commander Cousteau.


as a producer :

2020 – PETIT PAYS by Eric Barbier

as a director :


2016 – L’ODYSSÉE

2013 – ZULU


Comme des Cinémas

Masa Sawada


Masa Sawada founded Comme des Cinémas in 1993 in Paris. An independent production company with the will to produce demanding auteur films with an international scope.

Masa Sawada maintains close ties with Japan and produces directors such as Naomi Kawase, Kôji Fukada, Ryusuke Hamaguchi or Kiyoshi Kurosawa. In 2008, he accompanied Michel Gondry, Leos Carax and Bong Joon-ho to Japan to produce the sketch film TOKYO! In 2014, he directed the documentary Parole de Kamikaze which received a special mention at the Locarno Film Festival. Recently he produced Poissonsexe by Olivier Babinet and is currently developing a comedy by Antonin Peretjatko Le Vampire du Soleil Levant.

Since the creation of Comme des Cinémas, Masa Sawada has produced or co-produced about fifteen films and has been selected three times at Locarno and nine times at Cannes.


2021 – THE SIGH OF THE WAVES by Koji Fukada

2020 – POISSONSEXE by Olivier Babinet

2015 – THE DELIGHTS OF TOKYO by Naomi Kawase

2015 – TO THE OTHER SHORE by Kiyoshi Kurosawa

2015 – KAMIKAZE’S WORD by Masa Sawada

2014 – STILL THE WATER by Naomi Kawase

Vito Films

Isaac Sharry


After a career as an actor of more than twenty years, Isaac Sharry founded in 2006 the production company Vito Films in order to accompany authors and projects that are close to his heart.

He produced the two opuses of ” Neuilly sa mère “, the film ” Les seigneurs ” by Olivier Dahan, ” Je compte sur vous ” by Pascal Elbé, ” La ritournelle ” by Marc Fitoussi, ” Enorme ” by Sophie Letourneur (in co-production with Caroline Bonmarchand) and ” L’Etat du Texas contre Melissa ” by Sabrina Van Tassel.

From comedy to auteur films and documentaries, in France and abroad, Vito Films’ editorial line is eclectic with the desire to live human adventures.


Coming soon – CLÉO, MELVIL ET MOI by Arnaud Viard

Coming soon – DUNE DREAMS by Samuel Doux

2021 – TEXAS STATE AGAINST MELISSA by Sabrina Van Tassel

2020 – ENORMOUS by Sophie Letourneur

2020 – WONDERS AT MONTFERMEIL by Jeanne Balibar

2019 – PARADISE BEACH by Xavier Durringer

2018 – NEUILLY SA MERE, SA MERE ! by Gabriel Julien-Lafferière

2017 – LA RITOURNELLE by Marc Fitoussi

2016 – LA MARCHEUSE by Naël Marrandin

2015 – I’m counting on you by Pascal Elbé

2013 – THE STRANGE WAY THINGS WORK by Raphaël Nadjari

2012 – LES SEIGNEURS by Olivier Dahan

Joann Sfar's Magical Society

Aton Soumache & Antoine Delesvaux


Aton Soumache and Antoine Delesvaux, with 45 years of experience in animation between them, have also accumulated 6 nominations, including 2 Cristal du Long-Métrage at Annecy and 6 César nominations for 3 awards.

Together they embody the eclecticism and know-how of French animation, having covered most of the techniques and formats of contemporary animation in their 9 feature films, with a pronounced taste for technical challenges.

Their collaboration on Petit Vampire is part of a common approach to highlighting the great French talents of animation such as Joann Sfar and deploying their worlds in cinema.


Coming soon – MARCEL ET MONSIEUR PAGNOL by Sylvain Chomet

Coming soon – LE PETIT NICOLAS by Benjamin Massoubre and Amandine Fredon


2020 – PETIT VAMPIRE by Joann Sfar

2017 – DRÔLES DE PETITES BÊTES by Arnaud Bouron and Antoon Krings

2015 – THE LITTLE PRINCE by Mark Osborne

2014 – MUNE, THE GUARDIAN OF THE MOON by Alexandre Heboyan and Benoît Philippon

2011 – THE PRODIGIES by Antoine Charreyon

FILMOGRAPHY for Antoine Delesvaux

2020 – PETIT VAMPIRE by Joann Sfar

2013 – AYA DE YOPOUGON by Clément Oubrerie and Marguerite Abouet

2011 – LE CHAT DU RABBIN by Joann Sfar and Antoine Delesvaux

La Filmerie

Aurélie Trouvé-Rouvière


Former deputy director of FRANCE 3 CINEMA, a co-production subsidiary of FRANCE TELEVISIONS, Aurélie TROUVÉ-ROUVIERE created her production company LA FILMERIE in 2019 to produce, with Laetitia GALITZINE (CHAPKA FILMS), Caroline VIGNAL’s second film ANTOINETTE DANS LES CÉVENNES, released on September 16, 2020. After this first successful experience in production, her next films in development will defend strong and delicate stories, with demanding scenarios, highlighting women’s issues or dealing with male/female relationships in different genres. She will thus accompany authors with a personal tone that is intended to reach the general public.


In development – LES CIGOGNES by Fanny Chesnel

In development – IT’S RAINING MEN by Caroline Vignal

In development – UNE JOIE FÉROCE by Sorj Chalandon

2020 – ANTOINETTE DANS LES CÉVENNES by Caroline Vignal

Bien ou Bien Productions



In 2008, he created “A part ça tout va bien”, a webseries that tackles the French/Islamic relationship through comedy. A project that resulted in 45 million views and international recognition.

In 2011, still from the districts of the Bordeaux right bank, he created the company Bien ou Bien Productions which produces fiction for cinema and television, including the short film “MAMAN(S)” directed by Maïmouna Doucouré in 2015, selected and awarded in nearly 200 international festivals. It won the Best International Drama Award at Sundance and Toronto and the César for Best Short Film in 2017.

The TV series pilot “RAMDAM” that he produced and directed in 2018 won numerous awards including Best 26′ series at the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival (2017) and the Coup de Coeur at the Luchon TV Creations Festival (2018).

The same year, Zangro received the France Televisions Young Producer Award and was one of the “10 Producers to Watch” according to the American magazine Variety.

At the end of 2019, he produces the TV fiction unit “RAMDAM” (90 minutes) for Arte France, the first European TV movie that deals with Islam through comedy.

In the same year, he co-produced the feature film “THE THIRD WAR” directed by Giovanni Aloi, starring Leïla Bekhti, Anthony Bajon and Karim Leklou, presented at the Orizzonti section of the Venice Film Festival in 2020.

Released in 2020, the feature film “MIGNONNES”, directed by Maïmouna Doucouré is awarded at Sundance and Berlin (Generation). The feature film was nominated in the categories of best female hopeful for the actress Fathia Youssouf and best first film by the César Academy in 2021.


Coming soon – THE THIRD WAR by Giovanni Aloi

2020 – MIGNONNES by Maïmouna Doucouré

Index of the producers of the year

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The Voting Process

All producers of any feature film eligible for the César for Best Film that has received at least one nomination during the year of the award, either for the film itself or for a person who has collaborated with the film, are eligible to compete.
The electoral college is composed of the 46 members of the Association pour la Promotion du Cinéma as well as all the artists and technicians who have been nominated for the César since 2008 (year of creation of the award).
The vote takes place by secret ballot, by electronic vote under the supervision of a bailiff, closed at 9 pm the same day of the Producers’ Dinner.