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César & Techniques Trophy 2020

© François Durand - Getty Images pour l'Académie des César 2019

The César & Techniques Trophy rewards a company in the technical film industry in France, for its ability to highlight an event or development strategy that is particularly synergistic with the film industry, or a particular contribution to film creation during the past year.

Celine BOUQUET - ENS Louis Lumiere pour Academie des Cesar 2020

The winner

TRANSPALUX / STUDIOS DE BRY was awarded the César & Techniques Trophy after the vote cast by the 1024 technicians eligible for one of the five 2020 Technical Césars and the 249 production and post-production directors of the films eligible for the 2020 César for Best Film.

Transpalux / Studios de Bry provides vast filming studios, ideally configured for shooting feature films, TV dramas, commercials and music videos. More than 220 feature films have been shot with Transpalux / Studios de Bry since it was built, including “Qu’est-ce qu’on a encore fait au bon Dieu”, “Le Chant du Loup”, “Le Dindon” and “Hors Normes”, released in 2019.


Candidate for the 2020 César & Techniques Trophy


Animated cinema is not a genre in itself but uses a particular technique!
3.0 studio is a specialist in high quality 2D animation for feature and short films, TV series and artists’ animated creations. It offers all artistic and technical animation manufacturing services, from graphic creation or development to complete executive production, including image and sound, as well as all specific animation services.
Based in Angoulême, the studio also has an establishment in Paris.

Among its latest works:
Production of the film The Famous Invasion of the Bears in Sicily, by Lorenzo Mattotti, Prima Linea Productions
Reinforcement on the finishing of the animation for Klaus by Sergio Pablos, The SPA Studios, Netflix
Production of the animated sequence for the film The French Dispach by Wes Anderson, TFD Productions

Valérie Schermann: Founder, director and manager

Christophe Jankovic: Founder and director

Candidate for the 2020 César & Techniques Trophy


Lumières Numériques is a post-production and film restoration laboratory located at the PIXEL Pole, in the heart of the Lyon Metropolis and within Lobster Films in Paris. Image post-production, data management, DIT, deliveries, ST-AD, trailer films; Lumières Numériques welcomes directors, production companies and technical teams between Lyon and Paris for their short and feature-length fiction or documentary films. Tony Gatlif, Luc Jacquet, Gilles Perret, Costa-Gavras, Julie Gayet, Eric Caravaca, Philippe Faucon, Jean-François Laguionie and many others have already been accompanied by our digital artisans.


Candidate for the 2020 César & Techniques Trophy


M141 is a post-production company located in the centre of Paris, opposite the Opéra Comique.

The activity is mainly focused on cinema and covers the whole image chain: rush management, image editing, colour grading, vfx and credits, DCP and deliveries.

M141 has around fifteen permanent staff, works on more than 50 feature films and series each year, and is a member of Netflix’s NP3 programme.

M141 is also a shareholder of the cinema Le Max Linder, where films in the finishing stages are checked.


Candidate for the 2020 César & Techniques Trophy


Created by Bruno Seznec, sound engineer and film mixer, Piste Rouge is a sound post-production company combining Talents’ proposal with its own Dolby Atmos and DTS X Studios and Auditoriums.

For 20 years, based in Paris, Clichy, Angoulême and Brussels, the team has provided artistic proposal, sound design, voice creation, ADR and mixing for more than 200 projects in feature film, animation, TV or series, opening a quality space to all current broadcast formats. Through references such as “The Red Turtle”, “In the Name of the Earth”, “Ducobu 3.0”, or by our presence during official selections (l’Alpes d’Huez 2020) for “Le Lion”, “Tout nous sourit” and “Terrible Jungle” and “SamSam”, we remain attentive to the project so that it becomes a work of art.


Candidate for the 2020 César & Techniques Trophy


With more than 200 French and European shoots per year, Melusyn/SetKeeper is the platform developed by and for technicians and production managers. SetKeeper enables the production team to come together and to highlight the work of the technicians, on sets, costumes, image and sound. SetKeeper’s main objective is to support the production teams and enhance the value of their work.


Winner of the 2020 César & Techniques Trophy


Located in the Greater Paris area, in the heart of the Val de Marne audiovisual centre on more than 6 hectares, Studios de Bry includes 5,600 m2 of shooting sets, a 6,000 m2 backlot (outdoor set) and 24,000 m2 of logistics structures dedicated to cinema, TV series, advertising, etc.

Facilities and Services :
8 stages from 300 m2 to 1,000 m2 equipped with walkways, pits and cycles; 4,000 m2 of construction workshops for set construction, carpentry, locksmithing, painting, costumes, tapestry, decoration offices, production offices, HMC dressing rooms, actors’ dressing rooms, 2,000 m2 of set and production storage, stage machinery, lighting structures, tower, catering and parking.

On-site services:
Transpalux – Lighting department, Les Deux Ailleurs – Furniture & accessories rental, Kety Peintures – Sale and manufacture of paints for the cinema.
More than 220 feature films shot at the Studios de Bry since its construction in early 1980, including about 40 after the resumption of operations in 2015 by Transpalux.

In 2019 we have hosted the following films:
“Qu’est-ce qu’on a encore fait au Bon Dieu” by Philippe de Chauveron – “Le Chant du Loup” by Antonin Baudry – “Rebelles” by Allan Mauduit – “Dernier amour” by Benoit Jacquot – “Blanche comme neige” by Anne Fontaine – “Ni une ni deux” by Anne Giafferi – “Yves” by Benoit Forgeard – “Inséparables” by Soudjian Varente – “Le Dindon” by Jalil Lespert – “Donne- moi des ailes” by Nicolas Vanier – “Hors Normes” by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache.

Voting process

The Technical Industries Committee makes a pre-selection of French technical services companies from among all those that have worked on at least one of the films eligible for the César for Best Film and have responded to the call for applications sent to them.
The winning company is then elected by all the technicians eligible for the five Technical Césars of the year as well as by the production and post-production directors of the films eligible for the César for Best Film.
Voting is carried out by secure electronic means, under the control of a bailiff, open at the end of December and closed at 7pm on the day of the César & Techniques Evening.

The committee

It pre-selects the French technical services companies that will compete for the César & Techniques Trophy or the Innovation Award, from among all those that have worked on at least one of the films eligible for the César for Best Film and that have responded to the calls for applications that have been sent to all of these companies.