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César & Techniques Innovation Award 2018

© Elise Comte - ENS Louis Lumière pour l'Académie des César 2018

The César & Techniques Innovation Award is intended to highlight a new product or service marketed and put into operation, participating in the development of creation and the quality of distribution of cinematographic works, while marking a strong evolution within the sector.

© Elise Comte - ENS Louis Lumière pour l'Académie des César 2018

The winner

SETKEEPER and its President Octave Bory-Bert, have been awarded the César & Techniques 2018 Innovation Award.
SETKEEPER offers an innovative web platform for online production management. In 2017, it worked in particular on the films “Le fantômes d’Ismaël”, “Le Redoutable” and “Ce qui nous lie”.



The Agora platform, developed by Hiventy Le Hub’s R&D department, aims to combine technological innovation with the Hiventy group’s recognised business expertise. By profoundly modifying existing workflows, Agora thus aims to mutualise the manufacturing steps that are now distinct and inherent to the different subtitling or dubbing professions, to automate a certain number of low added value tasks and to enhance the work of human resources by providing them with tools that enable them to work faster and more efficiently.

The Agora platform comprises several modules:

  • An online translation tool offered free of charge to all translators working with Hiventy Le Hub: this tool gives access to all the information necessary for a perfect translation, whether for subtitling or dubbing: multimedia player, time tracking / detection, list of original dialogues, bibles and glossaries. This module also allows resources working on the same project to communicate with each other.
  • A verification tool accessible internally and externally: this tool allows the proofreading of dubbing scripts and subtitle files as well as the final verification of dubbing and subtitling, with the possibility of adding annotations and corrections in real time.
  • A workflow creation and management tool to adapt to the specificities of each project and each customer, allowing to define the sequence of all production tasks and to assign jobs to resources.
  • A dashboard to have a real-time overview of the progress of the work.
  • A set of automatic verification tools to remove a number of problems on the files created: readability for subtitling, inconsistency between the translation provided and the information given in bibles and glossaries, etc.

All the work is carried out in an environment that guarantees the perfect security of the content: all the actions carried out on the platform are logged and therefore traceable. Agora can be interconnected with existing systems, thus enabling the reception of source material and delivery to end customers to be automated.

The innovation of the Agora platform allows Hiventy Le Hub to :

  • Reduce production lead times by ensuring rapid production start-up and smooth workflow
  • To offer a single contact person to its customers for contact details for a large number of multiple tasks
  • Ensuring the quality and consistency of all translations for subtitling and dubbing
  • Offer competitive rates

Thanks to Agora, the Hiventy group’s know-how in dubbing, subtitling and delivery to broadcasters and digital platforms is made available to customers worldwide.



Developed by Eclair, EclairPlay is an all-in-one platform for the electronic delivery and downloading of content for cinema exhibitors, distributors and rights holders. Reliable and economical, EclairPlay enables each distributor or rights holder to promote its catalogue in a simplified way, but also gives each cinema the opportunity to boost its turnover by accessing a growing number of DCP content for theatrical screening, as well as mastering all the tools and promotional material required to ensure successful programming and build audience loyalty.



Setkeeper saves time for series and film production teams in preparation and shooting, with a web and mobile platform designed for film and television. Manage location photos, casting videos, export documents in a few clicks, maps, production planning, action tracking… available anywhere, anytime.

CANDIDATES is a real-time subtitle validation platform.
It is a platform where everything is centralized. It gives the possibility to watch your film with the subtitles synchronized.
Thanks to this ergonomic and very easy to use tool, you can instantly correct the subtitles on the video, while being alerted when the corrections exceed the readability.
You can view your corrections in real time and validate the subtitles with a simple “click”.

Voting process

The César & Techniques Innovation Award is awarded by all the managers of the 150 member companies of the FICAM.

The committee

It pre-selects the French technical services companies that will compete for the César & Techniques Trophy or the Innovation Award, from among all those that have worked on at least one of the films eligible for the César for Best Film and that have responded to the calls for applications that have been sent to all of these companies.