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Around the Nominations 2020

© Ambre Marionneau - ENS Louis Lumière pour l'Académie des César 2020

Each year, more than 130 French film artists and technicians are nominated for the César!

The Academy is particularly keen to ensure that this nomination should allow both the members of the Academy voting for the second round and the general public, to become better acquainted with all the facets of their talents. To this end, it sets up every year several operations.

Here in France, the French term for nominees is “nommés“.


Learn more about the nominees

The Nominations Announcement


© Julie Toupance - ENS Louis Lumière pour l'Académie des César 2020

Nominees Talks


© Académie des César 2020

Discover or see again the nominated films

During the two weeks preceding the Ceremony, the Academy organizes the César Cinema Year in Paris: the screening of all the films that have received at least one nomination.
These screenings are open to members of the Academy and to the public, at the cinema Les 3 Luxembourg, in the Saint Germain des Prés district, from Wednesday 12 to Tuesday 25 February 2020.

The Nominees Luncheon

Déjeuner des Nommés 2020 © Clémence Lavigne, Caroline Sénécal, Flora Cavero - ENS Louis Lumière pour l'Académie des César 2020