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The Académie des César presents an exceptional program that brings together all the short films rewarded in 2016 by their National Film Academy (Oscar, Goya, BAFTA, Magritte ...).

An extraordinary journey around the world of Cinema, enabling the discovery of different cultures and tomorrow’s filmmakers.

Have you ever dreamt of discovering Jane Campion, Lars Von Trier or David Lynch in their early days when no one could entirely imagine the career ahead of them ?

Reflecting Cinema excellence and celebrating the best of the short film production, a remarkable means of expression that reveals new talents every year, these are the ambitions of the Panorama.

The Panorama travels through several big cities where it is hosted by 10 Film Academies: Brussels, Luxembourg, Stockholm, Madrid, Athens, Lisbon, Rome, Paris and new this year Vienna and Montreal !

A unique opportunity for Film Academies of Europe and Quebec to initiate an innovative cooperation, shedding light on the diversity of worldwide films and participate, in their own way, in the exchange between cultures.





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