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Houda Benyamina, director of " Divines " which received the 2017 Cesar award for the Best First Feature Film, is the guest of honor this year. She will meet on this occasion all the directors of the 2017 Nuits en Or edition.


© Pauline Gouablin, Guillaume Colrat, Lisa Guillet / ENS Louis Lumière pour l'Académie des César 2017


"From constraint and risk comes singularity. Making a short film is the only school I know in film direction: a sentimental education and the constantly renewed promise of perfecting it. A first love paved with pitfalls, that one must overcome, without support, except that of collaborators and one's own faith. A free act which is the very essence of cinema.

33 promises from all over the world. And even more creative individualities behind it, in an exercise that we all know to be hard, since it is less renowned - and probably also, a little less sizeable than feature films.

It is the possibility of discovering 33 singular and universal looks. And this could not have happened without the Nuits en Or. And indeed, the promise of a meeting is certainly the most beautiful thing. The nights to come appear to me already, forgive me, too short."


Houda Benyamina