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Philippe Faucon, director of " Fatima " which received the 2016 Cesar award for the Best Film, is the guest of honor this year. He will meet on this occasion all the directors of the 2016 Nuits en Or edition.



"At times there is this belittling idea that exists about short films that they are only movies in training paving the way for longer formats. Such a simplistic vision! A short film is an art form on its own, and we sometimes lose its artful rules of rhythm, brevity and immediacy, the ability to deliver a vivid and sudden speech after having made so many feature films. Hence my eternal interest and curiosity for this format! A short film panorama is a true film festival in and of itself, in which ideas and atmospheres resonate in the time it takes to watch a feature film, colliding in their differences and showing us the immense possibilities of expression cinema has to offer. Judging from the few movies I have already seen from this 2016 edition, these « Nuits en Or » truly live up to their name!"

Philippe Faucon