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Hubert Charuel, director of " Petit Paysan " which received the 2018 Cesar award for the Best First Feature Film, is the guest of honor this year. She will meet on this occasion all the directors of the 2018 Nuits en Or edition.


© Juliette Paulet, Steven Baillin, Marie-Pierre Magherini - ENS Louis Lumière pour l’Académie des César 2018



"I haven’t slept enough, we are late ! Who has the keys of the truck ? Is there still some coffee in the thermos? Is there really pork at every meal because it's cheap? I'm sorry madam but we will have to unplug your fridge, because of the noise. Who has the fucking keys of the truck ? We really can’t add a day of shooting? There is no coffee. I'm going to buy cigarettes, who wants some? We won’t hold a week like this. I'm sorry Madam, I was sure I reconnected the fridge. We are screwed. Maybe we can do it again tomorrow. We won’t hold until tomorrow. " 


The short film experience is often a "first time", a commitment to action that disrupts our perceptions and our landmarks because at last we leave our imaginary world to enter into reality. A compressed reality, hobbling and insecure because we never have enough time or money to do what we want. It's a nightmare, doubts and ups and downs which, although we don't really know it, are the best fuel to run the engine in our head.


It's also about people around you. Understanding the importance of people you work with, find the right partners who will buy us cigarettes and with whom you will perhaps eat pork at every meal because it’s cheap. Making a short means learning to do and to let go. It’s about letting the others grab what's in our mind and see if the engine runs well.


I wish to all the talented directors of this selection to have many doubts, challenges and feelings, to stand up and start again tomorrow.