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BAFTA 2019 for Best Short Film (Documentary)

  • Director :
    Alex Lockwood
  • Cinematography : Oliver Walton
  • Music : Kevin Graham, Ben Winwood, Limitless
  • Sound : John Roddy
  • Editing : Alex Lockwood
  • Cast : Jay Wilde et Katja Wilde
  • Production : Lockwood Film - Alex Lockwood

A beef farmer battles with his conscience every time he takes his cows to slaughter. He knows he must make a change.

73 Cows is a short documentary about the journey and personal conflict of Jay Wilde, the first farmer in the UK to embark upon transitioning from beef farming to entirely organic plant based farming.

Swiss Film Award 2019 for Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Corina Schwingruber Ilic
  • Scénario : Corina Schwingruber Ilic
  • Cinematography : Nikola Ilic
  • Music : Heidi Happy
  • Sound : Robert Büchel
  • Editing : Corina Schwingruber Ilic
  • Production : Freihändler Filmproduktion GmbH - Stella Händler

Aquagym classes, joyful dinners and parties, swimming pool contest, the giants of the sea guarantee a dream cruise, all inclusive. On board, no time to be bored, entertainment is ensured 24 hours a day. No wonder these floating fortresses are getting more successful. A dip in the cheap opulence of mass tourism.

Gopo 2019 for Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Bogdan Muresanu
  • Scénario : Bogdan Muresanu
  • Cinematography : Tudor Platon
  • Sound : Sebastian Zsemlye
  • Editing : Andrei Balasoiu
  • Cast : Adrian Vancica et Ioana flora
  • Production : KINOTOPIA - Bogdan Mureșanu

On the 20th of December, 1989, a few days after Ceausescu's bloody repression in Timisoara, a father’s quiet evening turns to sheer ordeal as he finds out that his little son has mailed a wish letter to Santa asking for his father's desire to come true: see Ceausescu dead.

An immersion into the dread of an ordinary family facing a regime of terror.

Goya 2019 for Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Carlota Pereda
  • Scénario : Carlota Pereda
  • Cinematography : Rita Noriega
  • Music : Agoraphobia
  • Sound : Edi Raimondo et Nacho Arenas
  • Editing : David Pelegrín
  • Cast : Laura Galán, Paco Hidalgo, Elisabet Casanovas, Sara Barroso, Mireia Vilapuig, Jorge Elorza
  • Production : IMVAL Madrid - Luis Angel Ramírez

Sara is an overweight teen that lives in the shadow of a clique of cool girls holidaying in her village. Not even her childhood friend, Claudia, defends her when she's bullied at the local pool in front of an unknown man. Her clothes are stolen and Sara must get home wearing nothing but her bikini. The long walk home will mark the rest of her life...


WARNING ! Scenes, comments or images that may offend the sensitivity of the audience.

Sophia 2018 for Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Carlos Conceição
  • Scénario : Carlos Conceição
  • Cinematography : Vasco Viana
  • Sound : Rafael Gonçalves Cardoso
  • Editing : António Gonçalves
  • Cast : João Arrais, Julia Palha, Matthieu Charneau, Carka Maciel
  • Production : Primeira Idade - Joana Gusmão et Pedro Fernandes Duarte

Locked in a world of role playing, Miguel constantly plays with his sister Clara. They share a fusional intimacy that Clara's illness strengthens. However, despite all his efforts, Miguel feels that his sister is missing something that he cannot bring her. 

Time is running out, Clara's health is declining. One evening, he accosts a young man.


WARNING ! Scenes, comments or images that may offend the sensitivity of the audience.

Cesky Lev 2019 for Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Adam Martinec
  • Scénario : Adam Martinec
  • Cinematography : David Hofmann
  • Music : Dálava
  • Sound : Michael Kocáb
  • Editing : Matej Sláma
  • Cast : Jan Kyják , Marek Majnuš, Leoš Noha, Karel Martinec, Luboš Velicka
  • Production : Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) - Ondřej Šejnoha

As every year, a group of friends gather in a remote place to celebrate their friendship by sharing a lamb over a wood fire. But this year is different, one of them, Staña, is absent. He has not defeated his cancer. The 5 men remember the past and drink in memory of their missing friend. But old age seems to catch up with them faster than they imagined...

Österreichischer Filmpreis 2019 for Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Bernhard Wenger
  • Scénario : Bernhard Wenger
  • Cinematography : Albin Wildner
  • Music : Mario Fartacek
  • Sound : Ken Rischard et Florian Rabl
  • Editing : Rupert Höller
  • Cast : Rasmus Luthander, Elli Tringou, Anna Åström, Carl Achleitner
  • Production : Vienna Filmacademy - Bernhard Wenger

A film about a couple on a wellness trip, where one partner disappears and the other isn't sure whether he's looking for her or himself. Within the bizarre world of the alpine wellness resort, Aron begins a new chapter in his life.

Canadian Screen Award 2019 for Best Live Action Short Drama

  • Director :
    Jérémy Comte
  • Scénario : Jérémy Comte
  • Cinematography : Olivier Gossot
  • Music : Brian D’Oliveira (La Hacienda)
  • Sound : Laurent Ouellette
  • Editing : Jérémy Comte
  • Cast : Félix Grenier, Alexandre Perreault, Louise Bombardier
  • Production : Achromatic Media Inc. - Evren Boisjoli

Set in an open-pit mining, two boys sink into a seemingly innocent power game with Mother Nature as the sole observer.A rivalry that can easily waver from the childish to the brutal, like a rite of passage, a learning of life. But one step too far and the game is not as harmless as expected.

Filmpräis 2018 for Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Cyrus Neshvad
  • Scénario : Guillaume Levil
  • Cinematography : Nikos Welter
  • Music : Nathalie Garcia
  • Sound : Nathalie Garcia
  • Editing : Yves Dorme
  • Cast : Hervé Sogne
  • Production : 1973 - Cyrus Neshvad
Sébastien, a nurse in a psychiatric hospital, cannot come to terms with his son being in a coma after an accident he feels guilty for. One night, he sees him strangely reappearing to him.

Iris 2019 for Best Short Documentary

  • Director :
    Dimitris Gkotsis
  • Scénario : Maria Kanellopoulou et Dimitris Gkotsis
  • Cinematography : Dimitris Gkotsis
  • Music : Mikes Billis - Leonidas Petropoulos
  • Sound : Oxyzed
  • Editing : Che Panousopoulos et Christos Karetsos
  • Production : Stefy&lynx Productions - Alexandra Alexandraki

The 4th Wall” is the side of the society that remains invisible, but similar throughout the globe. The only significant difference is people’s characteristics. A world that is reproducing itself in order to produce, surviving rather instinctively. The film is based on the notes of a ten-month trek.

David Di Donatello 2019 for Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Alessandro Di Gregorio
  • Scénario : Ezio Abbate
  • Cinematography : Clarissa Cappellani
  • Sound : Danilo Romancino
  • Editing : Renata Salvatore
  • Cast : Bruno Orlando - Fiorenzo Madonna
  • Production : Kavac film srl - Simone Gattoni

A teenager on the first day of an undertaker job and a boy on the first dive mission are on the deck of a ferry to Lampedusa. They do not know each other, but when they set foot on the island their lives will change forever, in a sort of ballet between life and death ending innocence.

Magritte 2019 for Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Nicolas Boucart
  • Scénario : Nicolas Boucart
  • Cinematography : Hichame Alaouié
  • Music : Manuel Roland
  • Sound : Arnaud Calvar, Sarah Gouret, Aline Gavroy
  • Editing : Matyas Veress et Ewin Ryckaert
  • Cast : Philippe Rebbot, Maxime Bessonov, Albert Chassagne
  • Production : Hélicotronc - Anthony Rey

On a tiny island encircled by steep cliffs, a unique house stands alone facing the sea. Obsessed by the dream that, one day, man may be able to fly just like a bird, an inventor experiments machines on this abandoned piece of land. For this man, only a pure, light and naive soul is capable of such a feat.

Recruited from the continent, 11-year-old Joseph seems to be the perfect candidate.

Ophir 2018 for Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Boaz Frankel
  • Scénario : Boaz Frankel et Ofer Lichtman
  • Cinematography : Nayef Hammoud
  • Music : The Tsam Brothers
  • Sound : Rei Elbaz
  • Editing : Boaz Frankel et Ofer Lichtman
  • Cast : Menashe Noy, Rotem Keinan, Sasi Mato
  • Production : Golden Cinema Productions

A camel's body lies in the middle of a desert road, exactly on the kilometer 147, on the border between two settlements. None of them agrees to take responsibility for it.

César 2019 for Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Rémi Allier
  • Scénario : Rémi Allier, Julien Guetta, Gilles Monnat
  • Cinematography : Kinan Massarani
  • Music : Léo Dupleix
  • Sound : Renaud Duguet
  • Editing : Nicolas Bier
  • Cast : Emile Moulron Lejeune, Jan Hammenecker, Steve Driesen, Sandrine Blancke
  • Production : Films Grand Huit - Pauline Seigland

Leo, a one-year-and-a-half baby, is the son of the director of an industrial plant. When employees find out that the factory is about to close, Bruno, a more radical worker, abducts Leo to negotiate…

In an economic and social context pushing to the limits, The Little Hands evokes, through the eyes and innoncence of a child, the perils of our capitalist society and its need for humanity.

AACTA 2018 for Best Short Animation

  • Director :
    Andrew Goldsmith
    Bradley Slabe
  • Scénario : Bradley Slabe
  • Cinematography : Gerald Thompson
  • Music : Adrian Sergovitch et Jonathan Dreyfus
  • Sound : Ryan Granger
  • Editing : Andrew Goldsmith et John Gavin
  • Cast : Samuel Lewis, Maria Angelico et Marc Gallagher
  • Production : Wabi Sabi Studios - Lucy Hayes

A clumsy dinosaur must unravel itself to save the love of its life.

When stop motion gives life to crochet stuffed animals, the sacrifice for the loved one makes perfect sense.

Rajat Kamal 2018 for Best Short Animation

  • Director :
    Abhishek Verma
  • Scénario : Abhishek Verma et Jayesh Bhosale
  • Cinematography : Abhishek Verma
  • Music : 126 ERS
  • Sound : Shantanu Yennemadi
  • Editing : Antariksh Jain
  • Cast : Ajay Singhal, Abhishek Verma, Suraj Ghosh, Rajesh Panwar
  • Production : Jamuura.com - Munish Tewari

Lalit Ghosh, 28, decides to come-out to his parents. He plans to break the news by cooking his father’s favorite dish, the traditional fish curry (Maacher Jhol) and that by learning from a famous radio cook show. He prepares the dish with effort, ready to confronts his sexuality over the dinner table.

Robert 2019 for Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Marijana Jankovic
  • Scénario : Marijana Jankovic et Adam August
  • Cinematography : Manuel Claro
  • Music : Rasmus Møldrup
  • Sound : Eske Nørholm
  • Editing : Jenna Mangulad
  • Cast : Selena Marsenic, Jesper Christensen, Dejan Cukic og Marijana Jankovic
  • Production : Hyena Film - Daniel Mühlendorph

Maja, a six-year-old Serbian girl, freshly arrived to Denmark, struggles to adapt her new life and the language which makes it difficult for her to interact with the other kids of the kindergarten. After a long and lonesome day, her parents come to pick her up, and just as you think her day is about to come to an end, we realise it is just about to start.

Inspired by her own story, Marijna Jankovic offers us an astonishing but delicate vision of the uprooting and the resilience of a little girl.

Guldbagge 2019 for Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Ahmed Abdullahi
  • Scénario : Marioan Hosseini
  • Cinematography : Johan Hannu
  • Music : Lisa Holmqvist
  • Sound : Robert Sörling
  • Editing : Linda Jildmalm
  • Cast : Habiba Wanag, Abdirahman Ali Hersi, Madina Daher
  • Production : Art & Bob Film & Drama AB - Veronika Öhnedal

Asia lives in the suburb of Stockholm with her two children, Omar and Sara. Sara, is trying to live a normal teenage life, while Omar has been in trouble with the law. Some new friends, a strict vision of religion, a trip to Turkey, Asia worries about him. Facing the inaction of the police, how can she act ?

A strong film about the impotence of the authorities and the fight of a mother against the radicalization of her son.

Blue Dragon 2018 for Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Ji-Eun Heo
    Kyoung-Ho Lee
  • Scénario : Lee Kyoung-Ho et Heo Ji-Eun
  • Cinematography : Oh Tae-Seung
  • Music : Park Seo-Young
  • Sound : Kim So-Young
  • Editing : Lee Kyoung-Ho et Heo Ji-Eun
  • Cast : Lee Tae-Gyeong, Jeong Gyeong-a, Noh Hee-Seol, Park Da-Woon, Lee Go-Eun, Jeon Jeong-Do
  • Production : Jo Jae-Hyung

Why does So-Jin want to become a police officer ? To protect herself from her violent ex boyfriend or to help others ? When she discovers the secret of her neighbor, there is no way to think twice.

Amanda 2018 for Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Ali Parandian
  • Scénario : Ali Parandian
  • Cinematography : Runar Sørheim
  • Music : Ali Parandian
  • Sound : Ali Parandian
  • Editing : Ali Parandian
  • Cast : Elias Peña Corral, Khalid Mahamoud, Bhkie Male, Arman Surizehi
  • Production : Anicca Pictures - Ali Parandian

After a day of swimming and drinking by the river, Erffan, Amir and Carlos are joined by a man who calls himself Jesus. With him he brings a message of tolerance, reconciliation and brotherhood.

Eddan 2019 for Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Magnús Leifsson
  • Scénario : Magnús Leifsson
  • Cinematography : Ásgrímur Guðbjartsson
  • Music : Helgi Sæmundur
  • Sound : Huldar Freyr Arnarson
  • Editing : Sigurður Eyþórsson
  • Cast : Sveinn Ólafur Gunnarsson
  • Production : Republik - Larus Jonsson

Aron, a businessman in his forties, has become trapped in a life that no longer properly fits him. He imitates male stereotypes and dives into all the clichés of the material world. However, underneath all the success and the perfect appearance, lies something tragic and unexpected.

Ariel 2018 for Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Alejandro Zuno
  • Scénario : Alejandro Zuno
  • Cinematography : Ximena Amann
  • Music : Andrés Sánchez Maher
  • Sound : Omar Juárez Espino
  • Editing : Astrid Rondero et Alejandro Zuno
  • Cast : Morganna Love et Norma Pablo
  • Production : Mexican Film Institute IMCINE - Gloria Mascorro

Ofelia goes to a gay bar called Oasis looking for her husband. This night she will not only find affliction but also the unexpected company of Jackeline, a trans prostitute who will bring her some peace.

Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro 2018 for Best Short Documentary

  • Director :
    Andrea Mendonça
  • Scénario : Andrea Mendonça
  • Cinematography : Alexandre Calado et Maria Eduarda Medeiros
  • Sound : Lucas Miranda et Alexandre Calado
  • Editing : Andrea Mendonça
  • Production : Buvuá Filmes - Maria Eça

In the central zone of Sao Paulo, Brasil, a group called "The Homeless Worker's Movement" occupies a building where families can build a future away from the streets. Responsability, hard work and organization ensure everyone earns their keep.

A hopeful example of a movement which has been in development for 20 years, moving in unoccupied buildings to give a roof and a future to thousands of Brazilians.

Sidabrine Gerve 2018 for Best Student Short Film

  • Director :
    Klaudija Matvejevaite
  • Scénario : Klaudija Matvejevaite et Anele Kerpauskaite
  • Cinematography : Odea Riskute
  • Music : Paulius Ivanauskas
  • Sound : Paulius Ivanauskas
  • Editing : Urte Askeloviciute et Klaudija Matvejevaite
  • Cast : Inga Maškarina, Vidmantas Fijalkauskas, Kasparas Varanavičius, Roberta Sirgedaitė
  • Production : Baltic Productions - Urte Askeloviciute

How would you feel if you knew your exact date of death? A time comes when every person in the world can find it out. Beloglazovai family - Kolia, Lena, their daughter Sonia and teenage son Igor live in an old house in Vilnius.

Today is the day when fourteen-year-old Igor must die. All family members are trying, in their own way, to deal with this burdensome waiting.

Iris 2018 for Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Marc-Antoine Lemire
  • Scénario : Marc-Antoine Lemire
  • Cinematography : Léna Mill-Reuillard
  • Sound : Laurent Ouellette
  • Editing : Anouk Deschênes
  • Cast : Pascale Drevillon et Alex Trahan
  • Production : Midi La Nuit - Maria Gracia-Turgeon

Alexe is a young trans woman changing sexe. An evening spent with her best friend Carl destabilizes her, as both decide to have sex together for the first time.


WARNING ! Scenes, comments or images that may offend the sensitivity of the audience.

Lola 2018 for Best Short Film from 10 to 30 min

  • Director :
    Sophia Bösch
  • Scénario : Roman Gielke et Sophia Bösch
  • Cinematography : Aleksandra Medianikova
  • Music : Damian Scholl
  • Sound : Robert Niemeyer
  • Editing : Andrea Muñoz
  • Cast : Sofia Aspholm, Lennart Jähkel, Lars T. Johansson, Ingmar Virta, Ivan Mathias Petersson, Emil Öhlén
  • Production : Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF - Laura Klippel / Valeria Venturelli

Autumn in the north of Sweden. Sixteen-year-old Linn is finally allowed to join her father on the elk hunt. She knows the hunt and its rules, but in the group of hunters she first needs to prove herself. A walk into the wilderness that becomes her actual test. 

is the chronicle of an initiation. Linn is confronted with the limits of the community she wants to belong to – and with herself.

Oscar 2019 for Best Short Film (Live Action)

  • Director :
    Guy Nattiv
  • Scénario : Guy Nattiv et Sharon Maymon
  • Cinematography : Drew Daniels
  • Sound : Nati Taub
  • Editing : Yuval Orr
  • Cast : Jonathan Tucker, Danielle Macdonald, Ashley Thomas Troy, Robert Scott Bronny, Chavis Savannah, Francisco Idris, Zeus Campbell
  • Production : Jaime Ray Newman

After a day at the lake, spent on shooting with guns, Jeffrey, Christa and they son Troy make a stop at a supermarket on the road back home. A black man smiles at the boy across the checkout aisle. This innocuous moment sends two gangs into a ruthless war that ends with a shocking backlash.


WARNING ! Scenes, comments or images that may offend the sensitivity of the audience.

Jussi Award 2019 for Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Virva Kunttu
    Vuokko Kunttu
  • Scénario : Virva Kunttu et Vuokko Kunttu
  • Cinematography : Virva Kunttu, Vuokko Kunttu, Teemu Soikkeli
  • Music : Alan Spiljak
  • Sound : Antti Haikonen
  • Editing : Teemu Soikkeli
  • Cast : Jasmin Britney Koskirant
  • Production : Franckforsten - Anna-Maija Heinonen

Jasmin Britney loves princess dresses and everything that glitters and shines. Her biggest dream is to meet Britney Spears and she's passionate about high-heeled Christian Louboutin shoes that are impossible to walk in. The young woman locks herself in a glamorous universe, escaping from reality...

Gouden Kalf 2018 for Best Short Documentary

  • Director :
    Morgan Knibbe
  • Scénario : Morgan Knibbe
  • Cinematography : Morgan Knibbe
  • Sound : Vincent Sinceretti
  • Editing : Morgan Knibbe
  • Production : Deep Dynamics - Morgan Knibbe

After more than four decades of silence, some of the last surviving atomic soldiers share for the first time their unfathomable experiences of the atomic bomb tests in the 1950s in the US.

In front of the camera, a series of forthright and overwhelming testimonies, before the memory of this dark and unknown chapter of the American History is extinguished.

SAFTA 2019 for Best Student Short Film

  • Director :
    Robyn Palmer
  • Scénario : Robyn Palmer
  • Cinematography : Tessa Barlin
  • Music : Kirsten Adams
  • Sound : Jeremy Bishop et Luis Trujilo
  • Editing : Michael Dawson et Erin Macpherson
  • Cast : Micahel J Samways, Lize Joubert-van der Merwe, Gabriella Kietzka, Rembu Magoba, Kevin Winter
  • Production : Daniel Ndevu

Dragonflies has been the sentinels of the Earth, living in harmony with indigenous plants and animals for over 300 million years... but Humans threaten this balance. Now, South Africa's scientists are turning back to the dragonfly for a new way forward in conservation, using a system of connected corridors, called, 'Ecological Networks.' The Water Dancers - a name from the Zulu word, "Jigamanzi," literally “dancing on water” - invites you into the world of the small things to discover how their sensitive nature can help us to design a passage into the future.

AMAA 2018 for Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Ayoub Layoussifi
  • Scénario : Hadrien Krasker et Ayoub Layoussifi
  • Cinematography : Christophe Persoz
  • Music : Hamid El Hadri, Mazagan Chaabi Groove, Reda Tajamoute
  • Sound : Vincent Cosson
  • Editing : Matthieu Desport
  • Cast : Ilyass El Jihani, Fatima Zahra Bennacer, Anouar Bouamar
  • Production : K-FILM Production (Khadija Alami) / Sous les toits production (Antonin Sgambato)

Azemmour, Morocco. 

The last cinema of the city, Marhaba cinema, is closing down for good. Spider-Man 3 is scheduled for the last screening. Eleven-year-old Hassan is craving to go but he is broke and his mother won't let him go out with his friends. No matter what, Hassan has only one idea in mind: seeing the film at all costs!

César 2019 for Best Animation (Short Film)

  • Director :
    Ayce Kartal
  • Scénario : Ayce Kartal
  • Cinematography : Ayce Kartal, Vaïana Gauthier, Jeanne Irzenski, Romain Vacher
  • Music : Tarık Aslan
  • Sound : Raphaël Seydoux
  • Editing : Jérôme Béraux
  • Cast : Zeynep Naz Daldal
  • Production : Les Valseurs - Damien Megherbi, Justin Pechberty

S., 8 years old, is a little Turkish girl with an overflowing imagination. She is keen on nature and animals. As she is in hospital, she is looking back on happy holidays in her grandparents’ village, but dark and terrifying memories emerge and, little by little, begin to make sense.

A story inspired by real events, depicting a stolen childhood.

Golden Dziga 2018 for Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Pavlo Ostrikov
  • Scénario : Pavlo Ostrikov
  • Cinematography : Kyrylo Shlyamin
  • Music : Braty Gzhegozhevski
  • Sound : Serzh Avdeev
  • Editing : Yevgen Golovanchuk
  • Cast : Oleksandr Pozharski et Olesya Ostrovska
  • Production : Kristi films - Yuri Minzyanov

Roman lives a lonely life in a provincial city in Ukraine, working as a TV technician. For the first time since graduation, Liuda, his ex-classmate, comes back to town. Nobody has heard anything from her for twenty years, but Roman is set on not losing her again.

IFTA 2018 for Best Short Film (Live Action)

  • Director :
    TJ O'Grady-Peyton
    Benjamin Cleary
  • Scénario : Benjamin Cleary et TJ O'Grady-Peyton
  • Cinematography : Burschi Wojner
  • Music : Nico Casal
  • Sound : James Latimer
  • Editing : Nathan Nugent
  • Cast : Jarvis Cocker, TJ O'Grady Peyton, Danny Kehoe, Emmet Kirwan, Tiny James, Caoimhe O'Malley, Daniel O'Reardon, Barry John Kinsella
  • Production : Assembly - Rebecca Bourke

Gaspar Rubicon wakes from a coma speaking a fully formed but unrecognizable language, baffling linguistic experts from around the globe. Isolated, he posts a video on the internet, like a message in a bottle…

Golden Horse 2018 for Best Animated Short Film

  • Director :
    Yun-Hsien Huang
    Yi-Chin Tsai
  • Scénario : Huang Yun-Sian
  • Cinematography : Huang Yun-Sian , Huang Yuen-Yue / Tsai Yi-Chin, Tang Zhi-Zhong, Liao Pei-Yu, Lin Hsuan-Hung
  • Music : Alexander Wu et Chien-Hsing Chiang
  • Sound : David Chen et Carlos Rodriguez
  • Editing : Bronze Visual Art
  • Production : TurnRhino Original Design Studio - Hsieh Peiwen

An old, lonely, isolated man works every day to mend window screens. While riding his bike, he strolls through busy streets, buildings under construction, night markets and the Mazu temple. What if the landscapes that surround him were a metaphor for the ups and downs that have punctuated his life and the calm that now inhabits him?