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Gopo 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Gabi Virginia Sarga
    Catalin Rotaru
  • Scénario : Gabi Virginia Sarga et Catalin Rotaru
  • Cinematography : Tudor Platon
  • Sound : Stefan Azaharioaie
  • Editing : Andrei Iancu
  • Cast : Alexandru Suciu et Elias Ferkin
  • Production : Axis Media Production - Adina Sădeanu
A courier takes a hitchhiker on the road. When the hitchhiker warns him that the end of the world is about to happen, the courier labels him as crazy, without knowing that this accidental encounter will call into question his convictions. This puzzling confrontation leads us from suprise to surprise to the end of a world... 

Guldbbage 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Peter Modestij
  • Scénario : Peter Modestij
  • Cinematography : Lisabi Fridell
  • Sound : Per Sundström
  • Editing : Linda Jildmalm
  • Cast : Emine Özkan, Omeya Lundqvist, Tyra Olin, Caroline Söderström, Eva Melander, Ellen Nyman et Lo Kauppi
  • Production : [sic] Film - Siri Hjorton Wagner
Denise, Bella and Mina, 12 years old, are accused of bullying the rest of the class. During a parents/teachers crisis meeting a dialogue begins: accusations, denials and questionning of everyone responsabilities are at the heart of the discussions while the three young girls remain quite silent. In his film, Peter Modestij points out the failures of the education system and brings forward the importance of listening to one another.

Golden Horse 2016 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Ying Liang
  • Scénario : Ying Liang
  • Cinematography : Otsuka Ryuji
  • Music : Ying Liang
  • Sound : Geoffrey John Stitt
  • Editing : Gipsy Chang
  • Cast : Cheung Tung et Pang Pui Lam
  • Production : Smarthouse Films - Danielle Guirguis

2014, Hong Kong at the height of the protests. A young woman visits her father, whom she has not seen for a while. Her plan is to have lunch with him before the Umbrella Movement reaches a critical juncture.

Committed filmmaker Ying Liang questions citizenship and the place of elderly people in society.

AMAA 2016 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Michael Cooke
  • Scénario : Michael Cooke et Kimberly James
  • Cinematography : Michael Cooke
  • Music : Keith Andes et Amanda Jones
  • Sound : Corey Poindexter
  • Editing : Michael Cooke
  • Cast : Berkeley Clayborne, Brynn Crosby, Carla McCullough et Thursday Farrar
  • Production : Across the Tracks Films LLC - Kimberly James
Two African American sisters grow up in racially charged 1960s Georgia. But one is born with light skin. When integrating a new school in their small town, she decides to change her destiny...Questions of identity, discrimination and bullying are addressed by Michael Cooke through a dramatic face-to-face between two sisters.

Swarna Kamal 2016 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Hardik Mehta
  • Scénario : Hardik Mehta
  • Cinematography : Piyush Puty
  • Music : Alokananda Dasgupta
  • Sound : Manoj Goswami et Pranav Kothi
  • Editing : Hardik Mehta
  • Cast : Zaid Khedawala, Yasin Khedawala et Mushtaq Sheikh
  • Production : Bhaand-A-Part - Akanksha Tewari

Set during the kaleidoscopic backdrop of the biggest kite-flying festival in India, Amdavad Ma Famous, witnesses the transformation of 11-year-old Zaid, from a lanky boy next door to an aggressive and passionate kite-runner, an unlikely leader of the pack, till he comes across a challenge that threatens to keep him away from the one thing he loves!

The whimsical nature of the kite flying festival, the kind of madness that grips the city of Ahmedabad, across age and class and Zaid’s personal transformation gives a glimpse of a very unique India; and also brings with it an exploration of both, childhood curiosity and adult hypocrisy.

Sophia 2016 for the Best Animated Short Film

  • Director :
    Alice Guimaraes
    Monica Santos
  • Scénario : Alice Guimarăes et Mónica Santos
  • Cinematography : Manuel Pinto Barros
  • Music : Pedro Marques
  • Sound : Jürgen Swoboda
  • Editing : Martha Ewa Wojakowska
  • Cast : Gilberto Oliveira et Sara Costa
  • Production : Ciclope Filmes - Abi Feijó
The story begins with an end. The end of Amelia and Duarte, two people that felt out of love and are trying to cope with the feelings that come with a break-up. Pixilation, stop-motion and Technicolor feel of the 50s portray the surrealism of their actions. One goal : to divide, destroy, and erase their memories. A film about the irony of the end of a love story that will definitively not leave you indifferent.

Ophir 2016 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Or Sinai
  • Scénario : Or Sinai
  • Cinematography : Saar Mizrahi
  • Music : Ran Bagno
  • Sound : Andrey Kastelmacher
  • Editing : Noy Barak
  • Cast : Evgenia Dodina
  • Production : The Sam Spigel Film and Television School Jerusalem - Leah Tonic
It is the hottest day of summer. Anna, divorced, for the first time in years, unexpectedly finds herself alone, without her son. She sets out for the day, roaming the streets of her small desert town, looking for a man who can touch her, even just for one brief moment. With simplicity, Or Sinaï portrays a single mother inhabited by the desire of becoming a woman again.

Ariel 2016 for the Best Short Documentary

  • Director :
    Tatiana Huezo
  • Scénario : Tatiana Huezo
  • Cinematography : Ernesto Pardo
  • Music : Pablo Fernández
  • Sound : Pablo Tamez
  • Editing : Lucrecia Gutiérrez Maupomé
  • Cast : Lourdes Herrera
  • Production : La Sandía Digital - Anaďs Vignal

For 5 years now, Lulú has been facing the silence left by her husband and her 9 years old son, kidnapped on their way to Mexico airport. Alone with her daughter, she braces herself and doesn't lose hope to find them.

A powerful documentary about the trauma of abscence and the distress of a woman fighting alone.

David Di Donatello 2016 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Alessandro Capitani
  • Scénario : Alessandro Capitani et Pina Turco
  • Cinematography : Luca Nervegna
  • Music : Francesco Clemente, Daniele Giannetti et Peter Vercampt
  • Sound : Vincenzo Urselli
  • Editing : Adriano Patruno
  • Cast : Giusy Lodi et Emanuele Vicorito
  • Production : Redigital Studio - Alessandro Capitani

Veronica, in her twenties, feels trapped in her huge body. During a night club party a boy makes fun of her. Desperate, she hides and locks herself in the men toilets where no one can see her. Through the door she starts an intimate and fantasized talk with a young man. What will happen when she opens the door?

A romantic dialogue mixing desire and modesty, decrying peer pressure and beauty standards with an ironic twist at the end...

César 2017 for the Best Animation (Short Film)

  • Director :
    Fabrice Luang-Vija
  • Scénario : Fabrice Luang-Vija et Néfissa Bénouniche
  • Cinematography : Phuong Mai Nguyen
  • Music : Terje Isungset
  • Sound : Fabrice Faltraue et Christophe Jacquelin
  • Editing : Fabrice Luang-Vija
  • Cast : Néfissa Bénouniche
  • Production : Fargo - Sophie Fallot

In the Far North, he was called "the one with two souls".

He was beautiful like a woman and handsome like a man.

He hesitated ...

The question of the choice came soon ...

A sweet Inuit tale about a man with both sensitivities, feminine and masculine …

EDDAN 2016 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir
  • Scénario : Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir
  • Cinematography : Bergsteinn Björgúlfsson
  • Music : Gisli Galdur
  • Sound : Björn Viktorsson
  • Editing : Eyrún Helga Guđmundsdóttir et Sigurbjörg Jónsdóttir
  • Cast : Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Agla Bríet Gísladóttir, Anna Bíbí Wium Axelsdóttir et Ragnheiđur Ugla Ocares Gautsdóttir
  • Production : Askja Films - Eva Sigurdardottir
A single father wants to fulfil his young daughter’s wish to throw a slumber party for her friends, but it turns out to be more of a challenge than he thought. Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir plays on the taboos that could exist in a father-daughter relationship to maintain suspense until the end.

AACTA 2016 for the Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Lucy Gaffy
  • Scénario : Lucy Gaffy
  • Cinematography : Bonnie Elliott
  • Music : Ben Rosen
  • Sound : Damian Jory
  • Editing : Nick Beauman ASE
  • Cast : Darcey Wilson et Robyn Malcolm
  • Production : Pursekey Productions - Kiki Dillon

Elvis has a dream to escape her remote caravan park. She hatches a plan to sell cans of soft drink to raise enough money to make her way to a posh boarding school in the city - that is, until her Mum gets involved.

The courage and touching energy of the young Elvis drive us into her daily life, between dreams and ambitions, struggle and disillusions.

Grande Premio Do Cinema Brasileiro 2016 for the Best Animated Short Film

  • Director :
    Helder Quiroga
  • Scénario : Helder Quiroga
  • Cinematography : Adams Carvalho
  • Music : Sergio Pererê et Vitor Santana
  • Sound : INPUT | artesonora
  • Editing : Andrelo Father et Leandro HBL
  • Cast : Benjamin Abras, Carla Gomes, Sergio Pererê, Joabson Rosario et Gilberto dos Santos -Gigil
  • Production : Mosquito Project - Leandro HBL

Égun is the story of the spiritual quest of a fisherman troubled by his father’s death. The film depicts a community living between coastal traditions and African-Brazilian Candomblé religion.

With this animated short film, Helder Quiroga illustrates the succesful marriage of poetry, drawing and cinema.

Amanda 2016 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Marius Myrmel
  • Scénario : Marius Myrmel
  • Cinematography : Even Grimsgaard
  • Music : EMI MUSIC
  • Sound : Siri Schippers Schaar et Simen Normann
  • Editing : Mathias Hamre Askeland
  • Cast : Victor Johansen, Trude-Sofie Olavsrud Anthonsen et Tiril Marie Hilleren Olsen
  • Production : Myrmel Film - Marius Myrmel

Two teenagers in the privacy of a bedroom. Few words, some kisses, and a loving and teasing mother who would like to know more. Normal ? Maybe not…

Marius Myrmel plays with the simplicity and the natural of appearances to end with an unsettling shift...

IFTA 2016 for the Best Animated Short Film

  • Director :
    Alex Sherwood
    Ben Harper
    Sean Mullen
  • Scénario : Alex Sherwood, Ben Harper et Sean Mullen
  • Cinematography : Alex Sherwood, Ben Harper et Sean Mullen
  • Music : Mutiny Post
  • Sound : Mutiny Post
  • Editing : Alex Sherwood, Ben Harper et Sean Mullen
  • Production : Giant Animation - Sean Mullen

A fisherman, victim of a shipwreck, seeks refuge in an abandoned beach house. Seriously injured, he has to overcome the pain, the night and the awful memories of the tragedy.

An dark thriller that awakes the ghosts...

Gouden Kalf 2016 for the Best Short Ficton Film

  • Director :
    Merijn Scholte Albers
    Tobias Smeets
  • Scénario : Merijn Scholte Albers et Tobias Smeets
  • Cinematography : Tobias Smeets
  • Music : Thijs Felperlaan et Mario van der Velden
  • Sound : Jos van Galen
  • Editing : Berend Boneschansker
  • Cast : Loes Schnepper, Nico de Vries et Bram Coopmans
  • Production : Topkapi Films - Laurette Schillings
100 000th customers of the supermarket, Els wins one minute of free shopping. A chance for Rud, his wife, who save every discount coupons she can find! A single minute that could change everything between them. Caustic and cheeky, Gratis depicts with cynicism consumer society and couple relationships.

BAFTA 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Daniel Mulloy
  • Scénario : Daniel Mulloy
  • Cinematography : Paul MacKay et Victor Seguin
  • Sound : Jon Clarke
  • Editing : Phil Currie
  • Cast : Jack O'Connell, Holliday Grainger, Tahliya Lowles et Zaki Ramadani
  • Production : Broedmachine - Afolabi Kuti
Thousands of men, women and children struggle to get into Europe as a comfortable English family sets out on a journey that will completely overturn and disrupt their life. A disturbing road trip that questions refugees’ situation.

Česky Lev 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Anna Lyubynetska
  • Scénario : Anna Lyubynetska
  • Cinematography : Filip Rejč
  • Sound : Vojtěch Zavadil
  • Editing : Darja Chernjak
  • Cast : Elena Vatrushkina et Sasha Stelchenko
  • Production : Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague - Emma Piper-Burket
Kiev, autumn 2014. Renata's brother is away at war in the east of Ukraine. One day she gets a work assignment to take care of a young man who comes from the enemy's country. A touching story that explores the tensions caused by war and its impact on people's lives.

Swiss Film Award 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Timo von Gunten
  • Scénario : Timo von Gunten
  • Cinematography : Nausheen Dadabhoy
  • Music : Great Garbo Baldenweg
  • Sound : Jacques Kieffer
  • Editing : Marcel Jetzer et Timo von Gunten
  • Cast : Marcel Jetzer et Timo von Gunten
  • Production : A Bale Pictures, Inc - Giacun Caduff

Elise Lafontaine (Jane Birkin) has a secret routine : every morning and evening for many years, she has been waving at the express train that passes her house. One day, she finds a letter from the train conductor in her garden and her lonely life is turned upside down.

Inspired by true events, this light and touching short film reminds us somewhere of pieces like Le chocolat or Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain.

Magritte 2017 for The Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Méryl Fortunat-Rossi
    Xavier Seron
  • Scénario : Méryl Fortunat-Rossi et Xavier Séron
  • Cinematography : Mathieu Cauville
  • Music : Thomas Barrière
  • Sound : Marie Paulus
  • Editing : Julie Naas
  • Cast : Tom Audenaert, Catherine Salée, Jean-Benoît Ugeux, Philippe Grand'henry, François Ebouélé et Delphine Théodore
  • Production : Origine Films - Olivier Berlemont et Emilie Dubois / Hélicotronc - Anthony Rey et Julie Esparbes

Tom, a Flemish comedian used to doing cartoon character’s voices, replaces offhand a doubler friend. He finds himself in the studio of a pornographic french speaking film. Catherine, an experienced actress, will be his partner. Tom will play the plumber.

Xavier Séron and Méryl Fortuna-Rossi offer us 14 min of pure pleasure.

Hellenic Film Award 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Konstantina Kotzamani
  • Scénario : Konstantina Kotzamani
  • Cinematography : Yorgos Karvelas
  • Music : Lawrence English
  • Sound : Lionel Guenoun
  • Editing : Yannis Chalkiadakis
  • Cast : Felix Margenfeld, Aggelos Ntanos, Lucjano Cani, Haris Fountas, Hristos Psihramis et David Szymczak
  • Production : Sacrebleu - Dyens Ron / Homemade Films

The leopard shall lie down with the goat. The wolves shall live with the lambs.

And the young boy will lead them.

12+1 kids and the carcass of a whale washed ashore…

The beautiful photography of this short film brings us into the story of a child surronded by a dark and unpredictable, wonderful and mysterious universe: the limbo.

César 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Maďmouna Doucouré
  • Scénario : Maďmouna Doucouré
  • Cinematography : Yann Maritaud
  • Music : Léontina Fall
  • Sound : Sylvain Lambinet
  • Editing : Sonia Franco
  • Cast : Sohkna Diallo, Maďmouna Gueye, Azize Diabaté, Marème N'Diaye et Eriq Ebouaney
  • Production : Bien ou Bien Productions - Zangro

8-years-old Aïda lives in an apartment in the Parisian suburb. When her father comes back from Senegal, the daily life of the whole family is overwhelmed : he brings a second wife along.

Maïmouna Doucouré offers us a delicate film and highlights with talent the play of her actors, especially the seizing silences and gazes of young Sokhna Diallo (Aïda).

Canadian Screen Award 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Alexandre Dostie
  • Scénario : Alexandre Dostie
  • Cinematography : Vincent Biron
  • Music : Christophe Lamarche-Ledoux
  • Sound : Jean-Sébastien Beaudoin-Gagnon et Sylvain Bellemare
  • Editing : Stéphane Lafleur
  • Cast : Joseph DeLorey, Tanya Quirion, Jérémy Labonté, Francis La Haye et Sandrine Bisson
  • Production : Art & essai - Hany Ouichou

In the summer of 1996, life throws a curveball in the face of Keven Guénette… And it strikes. Guided by his paraplegic baseball coach, Keven discovers the mutation, sex and love.

First short film of the versatile artist Alexandre Dostie, Mutants is a powerful tragicomedy.

Robert 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Annika Berg
  • Scénario : Annika Berg
  • Cinematography : Louise McLaughlin
  • Music : Kristian Paulsen
  • Sound : Thomas Arent
  • Editing : Sofie Marie Kristensen
  • Cast : Sigrid Lippert, Jytte Rygaard Olufsson et Christiane Rohde
  • Production : The National Film School of Denmark - Caroline Eybye
Sia, 93-year-old, lives into a jungle of orchids and memories with her cat, her parrot and the old friends she has invited for teatime. She cherishes her last moments in her silk dress and with nail polish.Half fiction half documentary, this film portrays the universe of an old woman facing her death. 

Oscar 2017 for the Best Live Action Short Film

  • Director :
    Kristóf Deák
  • Scénario : Kristóf Deák
  • Cinematography : Róbert Maly
  • Music : Ádám Balázs
  • Sound : Máté Péterffy
  • Editing : Mano Csillag
  • Cast : Zsófia Szamosi, Dorka Gáspárfalvi et Dorottya Hais
  • Production : Meteor Film - Anna Udvardy et Kristóf Deák

Getting into her new school, Szofi quickly makes her first friendships. Nonetheless, a growing sense of distress deeply affects her when the choir teacher marginalizes her despite her love for singing. Szofi and her friend Liza are facing a tough choice: to stand up against a corrupt system or to fit quietly into it.

With Sing, Kristóf Deák approaches issues of sincere friendship, shared secrets and injustice and gives birth to a beautiful tale on childhood.

Blue Dragon Award 2016 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Ji-won Lee
  • Scénario : Ji-won Lee
  • Cinematography : Jin-yong Son
  • Music : Seung-jin Shin
  • Sound : Ju-seok Lee
  • Editing : Ji-won Lee
  • Cast : Woo-yeon Han et Da-eun Jung
  • Production : Ji-won Lee

Soyoung, a young student, tries to make ends meet to finance her studies, guaranteeing her a stable future and a rewarding job. While doing small jobs, she begins tutoring Minjeong, a teenager who reminds her of her daily struggle. A silent solidarity settles then between the two girls.

The film highlights the pressure undergone by Korean students born in a society where success and perseverance are expected.

Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis 2016 for the Best Animated Short Film

  • Director :
    Sean McCormack
  • Scénario : Sean McCormack
  • Cinematography : Sean McCormack
  • Music : Monophona
  • Sound : Kevin Feildel
  • Editing : Maxime Jacques
  • Production : Fabrique d'Images - Jean-Marie Musique

Today is Al's very first day of school and has to sort things out on his own. When his father passed away, her mother hasn’t been able to overcome her sorrow and has turned away from him. Since then, he has been burdened by a curse: he can swallow all the light around him ; but he also has a gift: he can illuminate his existence with bright colors.

Based on David Canteiro’s novel, the Light Eater is a captivating story that brings us into the world of a little boy and the hardships he has to face. Which of his sides will take over, light or dark?

The light eater

SAFTA 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Jarryd Coetsee
  • Scénario : Jarryd Coetsee
  • Cinematography : Briony Sam Macleod
  • Music : Daniel Martins
  • Sound : Nico Thomaides
  • Editing : Bernard Bruwer
  • Cast : John Kani, Atandwa Kani et Phuthi Nakene
  • Production : Mandala Films - Luke Sharland

Every day Philemon brings breakfast to his wife Matilda, kisses her and goes to work ... An immutable ritual until he surprises her with her lover who runs away leaving his suit behind. From then on, the suit will play a special role in the couple life, metaphor for Philemon's punishment.

Based on the acclaimed short story by banned South African investigative journalist and author Can Themba, the film explores questions of oppression, revenge and unforgiveness in 1950's Johannesburg marked by the apartheid.

Sidabrinė gervė 2016 for the Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Austeja Urbaite
  • Scénario : Austeja Urbaite et Vejune Tamuliunaite
  • Cinematography : Julius Siciunas
  • Music : Andis Griva et Mantas Augustaitis
  • Sound : Julius Grigelionis
  • Editing : Austeja Urbaite et Jurgis Matulevicius
  • Cast : Clotilde Solange Rigaud et Gediminas Rimeika
  • Production : Tremora - Lina Murinaite
Two old friends, Olivija and Matas go on a kayak trip in late autumn in the Lithuanian countryside. Sliding on the peaceful river, silences suggest unrevealed secrets that can change a friendship. An amazing photography and a delicate scenario poetically feature two young people at a turning point of their life.

Goya 2017 for the Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Juanjo Giménez
  • Scénario : Pere Altimira et Juanjo Giménez
  • Cinematography : Pere Pueyo
  • Music : Iván Céster
  • Sound : Xavi Saucedo
  • Editing : Silvia Cervantes
  • Cast : Lali Ayguadé et Nicolas Ricchini
  • Production : Nadir Films - Juanjo Giménez

Luna and Diego are parking lot security guards. Diego does the night shift and Luna works by day. Between them, only some cordial words exchanged from time to time.

In a cold and ordinary place, Juanjo Gimenez turns an insignificant incident into the starting point of a world of interactions and poetry that overcomes the banality of every day life.

Lola 2016 for the Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Steffen Heidenreich
  • Scénario : Joern Zander
  • Cinematography : Martin Gasch
  • Music : Alin Oprea
  • Sound : Malte Eiben
  • Editing : Marc Boehlhoff
  • Cast : Hermann Beyer
  • Production : Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf - Elisabeth M. Albrecht

Klaus Grill is taxi driver. Every single day he has to cope with the ignorance, stupidity, indecency and arrogence of some customers. Every single day, except the last one.

With a brilliant sense of humor, Steffen Heidenreich criticizes a society where one can be invisible and where life triviality becomes absurd.

César 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Alice Diop
  • Scénario : Alice Diop
  • Cinematography : Sarah Blum
  • Music : Casey
  • Sound : Mathieu Farnarier
  • Editing : Amrita David
  • Cast : Patrick Zingile, Steeve Tientcheu et Bouacha Illias
  • Production : Les Films du Worso -Toufik Ayadi et Christophe Barral
This film is an intimate exploration of the male territory in a suburban city. By following the wandering of a group, we pace a universe where four male voices openly discuss the complexity of love and relationships in the suburbs. From misogynist violence to real possibility of loving, Alice Diop carries a true message of hope.

Österreichischer Filmpreis 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Luz Olivares Capelle
  • Scénario : Luz Olivares Capelle
  • Cinematography : Sebastian Thaler, László Váncsa, Gabriel Krajanek
  • Music : Rudolf Pototschnig
  • Sound : Rudolf Pototschnig et Konrad Glas
  • Editing : László Váncsa
  • Cast : Jasmin Wallner, Calista Berger, Katharina Plaim, Christina Kasper et Kathrin Resetarits
  • Production : Luz Olivares Capelle, Julian Grumer, Sasha Kato, Sebastian Thaler et Lászlo Váncsá

A teenager, Christina, loses her friends in the forest. Looking for them she finds the bodies of three drowned kids on the shore of a lagoon.

On summer holiday, deep in the woods, three kids, cousins, are playing around a lake when they find a drowned young woman drifting in the water.

Games, lies and rituals unfolding into a circular time in which death loses its ultimacy. What is real and what is a mirage? Who is dreaming and who is being dreamed?