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David Di Donatello 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Mario Piredda
  • Scénario : Mario Piredda, Giovanni Galavotti
  • Cinematography : Fabrizio La Palombara
  • Music : Gabriele Oggiano
  • Sound : Piero Fancellu
  • Editing : Corrado Iuvara
  • Cast : Giusi Merli, Giulio Pau, Monica Corimbi, Edoardo Atzori, Federico Saba
  • Production : Articolture - Ivan Olgiati
Left alone as only inhabitants of a deserted fishermen village, two elderly, Lucia and Peppino, live in the hope that winter will never end. But when summer comes, Lucia is asked by her daughter to leave her house to rent it to holidaymakers.
A delicate film full of nostalgia about attachment to one's land and one's roots.

Blue Dragon Award 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Eunmi Kwak
  • Scénario : Kwak Eunmi
  • Cinematography : Sung Minchul
  • Music : Jeong Jinho, Kim Junha
  • Sound : Mediact
  • Editing : Kwak Eunmi
  • Cast : Yoon Hyeri, Lee Minyoung, Kim Jihyeon
  • Production : Kwak Eunmi
When a professor files a lawsuit against her over a hand-written poster, college student Hye-ri goes to the clubroom to see her friend Min-yeong, with whom she made the poster. Finding her there with a new member, Hye-ri is caught up in an inner conflict.Through a heartbreaking choice between beliefs, commitment and preservation, Kwak Eunmi portrays an oppressive educational system that no longer reflects modern Korean youth.

Rajat Kamal 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Amar Kaushik
  • Scénario : Amar Kaushik
  • Cinematography : Saumik Mukherjee
  • Music : Alokananda Dasgupta
  • Sound : Shajith Koyeri
  • Editing : Arindam S. Ghatak
  • Cast : Dani Randa, Dani Sunku, Dani Chunya
  • Production : Raapchik Films - Raj Kumar Gupta
Up in the highlands of India, a girl lives alone with her grandparents. After her grandfather is diagnosed with lung cancer, she watches him calmly digging his own grave, furnishing it for his comfort in the hereafter with a handful of his worldly possessions. But things don’t always go as planned in the land of the living.
A spiritual and delicate film, sweet allegory of the natural cycle of life and death.

SAFTA 2018 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Michael Matthews
  • Scénario : Sean Drummond
  • Cinematography : Shaun Harley Lee
  • Music : James Mathers
  • Sound : Morne Marais
  • Editing : Daniel Mitchel
  • Cast : Louw Venter, Garion Dowds, Faniswa Yisa
  • Production : Be Phat Motel - Sean Drummond
Snarky teen, Baxter Zevcenko, might be a serial killer. His girlfriend, Esme, is missing, and he’s the prime suspect. To clear his name, he’ll turn to Cape Town’s grizzliest, drunkest bounty hunter, Jackson ‘Jackie’ Ronin. Little does he know that Ronin is a supernatural bounty-hunter, and that he’s about to be dragged headlong into a deep, dark Cape Town underbelly full of monsters and myth, shadowy government forces, bloodthirsty crow-men and a conspiracy across time and space. An intriguing young boy, a subversive companion and a mysterious plot make this short film, adapted from Charlie Human's novel, a captivating science fiction that we are eager to discover soon in feature film...

EDDA 2018 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Elsa María Jakobsdóttir
  • Scénario : Elsa María Jakobsdóttir
  • Cinematography : Annika Aschberg
  • Music : Johan Carøe, Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto, Hildur Guðnadóttir
  • Sound : Toke Gelardi Rønsholdt
  • Editing : Mark Bukdahl
  • Cast : Rosalinde Mynster, Anna Rothlin, Oscar Töringe, Marijana Jankovic
  • Production : National Film School of Denmark - Anna Malmkjær Willumsen

Away from everything, Utopia, a large studio with minimalist design hosts a young woman looking for peace and loneliness. Her tranquility, however, is disturbed by the arrival of another guest, older, who came to work on a noisy acoustic device. What will emerge from this meeting between two visions, two conceptions of this place... Frustration? Hatred? Sharing?
Protagonists, sound universe, scenery, heavy atmosphere, everything in this film catches you and makes you plunge in the heart of a story awakening your senses.


WARNING ! some scenes, comments or images may offend the sensitivity of the audience 

Cesky Lev 2018 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Michal Blaško
  • Scénario : Michal Blasko
  • Cinematography : Adam Mach
  • Music : Ivan Durkech
  • Sound : Ivan Durkech
  • Editing : Petr Hasalik
  • Cast : Elizaveta Maximova, Levan Mania, Vladislav Sarissky
  • Production : Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (VSMU) - Jan Oparty
2003, Martin and Denisija, a young Ukrainian couple, cross Slovakia to enter Germany illegally. Soon, the border between Ukraine and Slovakia will be one of the most secured in Europe. Meanwhile, smugglers thrive in this area. How far will Martin and Denisija go? What are they willing to give up for a new life?
Dealing with a recent past of immigration, Michal Blaško reminds us, with violence and straightly, that the desire for freedom is priceless...

Magritte 2018 for The Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Ann Sirot
    Raphaël Balboni
  • Scénario : Ann Sirot, Raphaël Balboni
  • Cinematography : Jorge Piquer Rodriguez
  • Music : Daan
  • Sound : Bruno Schweisguth
  • Editing : Raphaël Balboni
  • Cast : Jean Le Peltier, Vincent Lécuyer, Thelma Balboni, Gilles Remiche
  • Production : Hélicotronc - Julie Esparbes
An Icelandic volcano has blocked air traffic and Thelma’s parents are stuck overseas. Until planes start flying across the sky again, Jean, Vincent and Thelma, a 3 years old baby girl, share the same roof.
The funny trio played by Jean Le Peltier, Vincent Lécuyer and little Thelma, offers us 14 minutes of happiness, laughter and tenderness, at the heart of this improvised family, until the sky gets clear again...

Golden Horse 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Yi-shan Lee
  • Scénario : Lee Yi-shan
  • Cinematography : Zhang Zhi-teng
  • Music : Wu Hao-quan
  • Sound : Zheng Yuan-kai
  • Editing : Lee Yi-shan
  • Cast : Lee Xue, Chen Yan-xi
  • Production : Heat Production - Ho Ping
Today is Liang’s birthday. While she is looking forward to her date tonight, her mother demands her to babysit her brother’s new born baby. But for Liang, it is out ouf question to question her plans.
With this striking and committed portrait of a determined young woman, Lee Yi-Shan offers us a modern film, resolutely punk, on the desire for freedom and independence.

David Di Donatello 2018 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Alessandro Grande
  • Scénario : Alessandro Grande
  • Cinematography : Francesco Di Pierro
  • Music : Gianluca Sibaldi
  • Sound : Luca Cafarelli
  • Editing : Filippo Montemurro
  • Cast : Linda Mresy, Francesco Colella, Belhassen Bouhali, Basma Bouhali
  • Production : Indaco Film srl - Luca Marino
Samira is Tunisian, she is 10 years old and lives illegally in Italy with her father and her 17-year-old brother. One night, she will find herself alone facing a problem that is just too big for her.
Suffering, doubts and fears don't stop for migrants once the boarder of Europe is crossed. With an emotional story, beautifully played by young Linda Mresy, Alessandro Grande shows us, without artifice, the weaknesses of our society in front of the misery and the obstacles illegal migrants have to overcome.

Hellenic Film Award 2018 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Christos Massalas
  • Scénario : Christos Massalas
  • Cinematography : Konstantinos Koukoulios
  • Music : Σtella
  • Sound : Dimitris Kanellopoulos, George Ramantanis
  • Editing : Christos Massalas
  • Cast : Elsa Lekakou, Jenny Hiloudaki, Pavlos Iordanopoulos, Talat Iqbal, Stathis Stamoulakatos
  • Production : Christos Massalas
Copa-Loca, is the story of an abandoned Greek summer resort, the story of Paulina, the girl at the heart of Copa-Loca. Everyone cares for her and she cares about everyone – in every possible way…
Feverish and outdated memories of summer, Copa-Loca is a symbolic place of the past. The theater of a crazy and chimerical microcosm, like a surrealist and melancholy portrait of a changing consumering world. 

WARNING ! some scenes, comments or images may offend the sensitivity of the audience 

BAFTA 2018 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Colin O'Toole
  • Scénario : Colin O'Toole
  • Cinematography : Jonas Mortensen
  • Music : Graham Massey
  • Sound : Kieron Wolfson, Patch Rowland
  • Editing : James Rosen
  • Cast : Sam Spruell, Steve Evets, Christine Bottomley, Dyland Naden
  • Production : Third Rail Films - Jonas Mortensen
Cowboy Dave is based on a true story of how a young boy's life is changed by a chance encounter with an out of luck musician. When a gang of local criminals turn up, the day takes an unexpected turn.
The film is a semi fictional retelling of an actual encounter director Colin O'Toole had as a young boy. The film has moments of emotional and physical intensity but with elements of dark humour scattered throughout. Cowboy Dave is also about how inspiration can come from the strangest of places.

Ariel 2017 for the Best Short Fiction

  • Director :
    Omar Deneb Juárez
  • Scénario : Seth Alvarez
  • Cinematography : Octavio Arauz
  • Music : Carlos Virgilio Mendoza
  • Sound : Odín Acosta
  • Editing : Samuel Kishi Leopo
  • Cast : Kristyan Ferrer et Alberto Trujillo
  • Production : Sauce Negro Films - Camilo Gutiérrez Galván
Juan, a young farmer, is forced to do a “special job” for his boss. Driving to a motel room, Juan discovers a crying child, the lifeless body of a woman, and the content of his mission...
Fear, empathy and courage mingle in this tragic story that denounces a violence that has become daily in the state of Colima in Mexico.

WARNING ! some scenes, comments or images may offend the sensitivity of the audience 

Swiss Film Award 2018 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Jan-Eric Mack
  • Scénario : Anna Schinz et Jan-Eric Mack
  • Cinematography : Jan Mettler
  • Music : Dimitri Käch
  • Sound : Patrick Strock
  • Editing : Simon Gutknecht
  • Cast : Peter Freiburghaus, Jay Abdo, Ruth Schwegler, Nicolas Rosat
  • Production : Dschoint Ventschr - Joel Jent
Roli, pensioner, comes to Fareed’s assistance when the Syrian refugee has to face with the burial of is wife in Switzerland, according to Muslim traditions. Together they stumble into a bewildering forest of Swiss bureaucracy, a situation that seems insurmountable. But Roli has a plan...
With Facing Mecca, Jan-Eric Mack offers us a great story about tolerance and openness to others.

Canadian Screen Award 2018 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Lee Filipovski
  • Scénario : Lee Filipovski
  • Cinematography : Aleksandar Karaulic
  • Sound : Nikola Medic
  • Editing : Davor Bosankic
  • Cast : Helena Jakovljevic, Srdjan Miletic, Tamara Krcunovic
  • Production : Filmbaker Pictures - Lee Filipovski
A couple of days before leaving, a family deals with the emotional stress and logistical constraints of moving from Serbia to Canada. How to pack a whole life into a few bags? A challenge wich seems impossible to overcome, when their ten-year-old daughter, not very willing to leave, wins an incredibly huge teddy bear. With humor and relevance, Lee Filipovski highlights the true questions that arise for any new start. 

IFTA 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Dave Tynan
  • Scénario : Emmet Kirwan
  • Cinematography : JJ Rolfe
  • Sound : Patrick Downey
  • Editing : Michael Donnelly
  • Cast : Emmet Kirwan
  • Production : MDV - Michael Donnelly
Ireland, 2016, Heartbreak, story of a teenager who gets pregnant... who raises her child alone... mirror of a society imbued with a misogyny that is barely hiden... Heartbreak, a scream of pain, a breath of anger that does not leave unscathed.
A feminist poetry film, courageous, angry, ripping, punctuated by the dazzling flow of Emmet Kirwan...

Golden Dziga 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Arkadii Nepytaliuk
  • Scénario : Arkadii Nepytaliuk
  • Cinematography : Yaroslav Pilunskiy
  • Music : Roman Cherenov
  • Sound : Oleksandr Tytarenko
  • Editing : Volodymyr Zapryagalov
  • Cast : Ivan Blindar, Darya Polunina, Maria Svizhinska, Zahariy Novinskyi
  • Production : Pronto Film - Maxim Asadchyi
Raised in the traditional values of the countryside, Andriy decides to introduce his girlfriend Masha to his parents. To welcome her, Andriy's mother prepares the traditional blood sausage and inquires about the tastes and habits of this daughter-in-law coming from the city. Andriy seeks to announce that Masha is Jewish...
Between drama and humor, Arkadii Nepytaliuk immerses us in the complexity of cultural and religious clashes in Ukraine.

César 2018 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Alice Vial
  • Scénario : Alice Vial, Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat
  • Cinematography : Brice Pancot
  • Music : Pierre-Antoine Durand
  • Sound : Pierre-Albert Vivet, Sylvain Réty
  • Editing : Nicolas Sarkissian
  • Cast : Tiphaine Daviot, Philippe Rebbot, Rébecca Finet
  • Production : Les Films du Cygne - Jonathan Hazan

In Brignogan-Plages, Zoé, in her thirties, works at her Father's bar "Les Bigorneaux". Waitress, bartender, boss, since the premature death of her mother, she has worn herself out by taking everything into her own hands. Suffering from dizziness and nausea, Zoé fears to be pregnant, but her gynecologist tells her that she suffers from a whole different illness...

With humor and modesty, Alice Vial deals with issues like femininity, father/daughter relationships and the necessity of freedom. 

Goya 2018 for the Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Rodrigo Sorogoyen
  • Scénario : Rodrigo Sorogoyen
  • Cinematography : Alejandro de Pablo
  • Music : Olivier Arson
  • Sound : Roberto Fernández
  • Editing : Alberto Del Campo
  • Cast : Marta Nieto, Blanca Apilanez, Alvaro Balas
  • Production : Malvalanda - María del Puy Alvarado
A woman talks with her mother in her apartment in Spain when her phone rings. On the line, Iván, her 6 years old son, on vacation with his father. He is at the beach, alone, something is wrong...
In a couple of minutes, Rodrigo Sorogoyen makes us live the nightmare of a mother hanging on her son's weak voice on the phone. A cleverly directed thriller, with rare intensity, embodiement of any parent deepest fear.

Österreichischer Filmpreis 2018 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Clara Stern
  • Scénario : Clara Stern, Johannes Höß
  • Cinematography : Johannes Höß
  • Music : Wobblersound
  • Sound : Theda Schifferdecker, Nora Czamler, Johannes Schellhorn, Bernhard Maisch
  • Editing : Malhias Writze
  • Cast : Gregor Kohlhofer, Magdalena Wabitsch, Ahmet Simsek, Brigila Kanyaro, Michael Edlinger, Barbara Gassner
  • Production : Filmakademie Wien - Silvia Winzinger
Mathias is transgender. Although he is more than sure about his decision to live as a man, he still has to find his way in his new identity and especially in his new job. While his personal transition is going on, his relationship with his girlfriend also seems to be disrupted.
By naturally addressing the issue of gender change, Clara Stern leads us to generally think about the question of identity and the necessity to be accepted the way we are.

Sophia 2017 for the Best Fiction Short Film

  • Director :
    Simão Cayatte
  • Scénario : Simão Cayatte
  • Cinematography : Carlos Nogueira de Melo
  • Music : Paulo Furtado (The Legendary Tigerman)
  • Sound : Olivier Blanc
  • Editing : Cláudia Silvestre
  • Production : BRO - Mário Patrocínio
Lisbon, 1971, under the Estado Novo, a young mother becomes suspicious of the behavior of her husband, a little too taken by his work. What she discovers is a reality that will change her forever.
In this unsettling narrative taking place under the end of the authoritarian Salazarist regime, Simão Cayatte brings to life the fears and doubts of a woman at the heart of this dark page of Portuguese History.

Guldbbage 2018 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Niki Lindroth von Bahr
  • Scénario : Niki Lindroth von Bahr
  • Cinematography : Niki Lindroth von Bahr
  • Music : Hans Appelqvist
  • Sound : Hans Appelqvist
  • Editing : Niki Lindroth von Bahr
  • Cast : Olof Wretling, Mattias Fransson, Sven Björklund, Carl Englén
  • Production : Malade - Kalle Wettre
Dark animated musical, Min börda follows in four acts employees of a commercial area, portrayed as animals, who sing their existential anxiety. In the midst of the everyday banality of a hotel, a supermarket, a call center and a hamburger restaurant, the apocalypse is a tempting liberator.
Caustic fable in stop motion, the film, like a peculiar bestiary, transcribes with a touch of madness a message of touching despair, sung like a tender and desperate vision of life. 

Amanda 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Liv Joelle Barbosa Blad
  • Scénario : Liv Joelle Barbosa Blad
  • Cinematography : Cecilie Semec
  • Music : Kate Havnevik
  • Sound : Gunn Tove Grønsberg
  • Editing : Liv Joelle Barbosa Blad
  • Cast : Lina Mosli Sæther, Filippa Bruce, Marte Solem, Hanna Ullerstam
  • Production : Barbosa Film - Nina Maria Barbosa Blad
Amalie and Nora, two sisters, remember a striking event of their childhood: a trip with their mother to visit her friend Camilla whose husband died of AIDS. 
Based on a memory from the director and the producer’s own experience, this powerful and sensitive story immerses us in one of these remarkable moments of childhood, the first confrontation with death and the deep traces that it leaves.

Sidabrinė Gervė for the Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Kamile Milašiute
  • Scénario : Tekle Kavtaradze
  • Cinematography : Narvydas Naujalis
  • Music : Mantvydas Pranulis
  • Sound : Lina Semaskaite
  • Editing : Laurynas Bareisa
  • Cast : Rokas Tarulis
  • Production : M-films - Marija Fridinovaite
The celebration of Mother's Day is getting closer. Like every year, 16-year-old Nerka and his friends are planning stealing flowers to their mothers. But Nerka is hiding a secret: he hasn't seen his mother for a year. He decides to find her.
Inspired by underprivileged children met in social centers during the shooting of a documentary, Kamilė Milašiūtė makes a touching film about the difficult love between a son and his mother.

Ophir 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Erez Tadmor
  • Scénario : Erez Tadmor
  • Cinematography : Daniel Miller
  • Music : Eyel Glazner et Eyal Leon Katzav
  • Sound : Ronen Nagal
  • Editing : Yuval Orr
  • Cast : Roy Assaf et Liron Ben Shlush
  • Production : ComeBack Films - Shemi Shoenfeld
Shlomi and Adi, willing to have a child, need the help from a specialist for fertility. This morning, they have an apointment at the hospital for yet another attempt of insemination treatment. Between the sirens of the bombings and their doubts about their desire to give life, it is a special day that they will not forget.
With irony and funny situations, Erez Tadmor addresses parenthood issues confronted with the everyday life of a country in conflict.

Grande Premio Do Cinema Brasileiro 2017 for the Best Short Fiction

  • Director :
    Pedro Paulo de Andrade
  • Scénario : Pedro Paulo de Andrade
  • Cinematography : Kauê Zilli
  • Music : Bruno Palazzo
  • Sound : Tales Manfrinato, Rodrigo Ferrante
  • Editing : Lia Kulakauskas, Pedro Paulo de Andrade
  • Cast : Kenji Ogawa et Renata Grazzini
  • Production : Dogs Can Fly Content Co. - Ana Monte
Vilnicius does not collect cars or stamps like any other boys of his age. No, Vilnicius collects sounds that he carefully records: eggs in a pan, snorings, cutlery in a blender ... The young boy decides to go on a quest to find "the best sound in the world".
With humour and humanity, the director portrays the inquiring gaze of a child on the world surrounding him.

César 2018 for the Best Animation (Short Film)

  • Director :
    Lucrèce Andreae
  • Scénario : Lucrèce Andreae
  • Music : Flavien Van Haezevelde
  • Sound : Flavien Van Haezevelde
  • Editing : Guillaume Lauras et Catherine Aladenise
  • Cast : Roman Garance, Emilie Bion Metzinger, Chann Aglal, Ilona Bachelier, Charles Albol, Catherine Artigala
  • Production : Caïmans Productions - Jérôme Barthélemy et Daniel Sauvage
On the windy and cloudy beach, Granny is praying, Mum is shouting, the sisters don’t care, Lucas is alone. Grandpa was a weird guy, now he’s dead.
A wasted, shaken family comes to stand before the immensity of nature and the weight of their mourning. Endearing characters and deep feelings immerse themselves in a story between reality and fantasy. A universe freely inspired by Japanese animation which evokes, with onirism, all the mysteries that a missing relative can take in its grave.

Lola 2017 for the Best Animated Short Film

  • Director :
    Sophie Linnenbaum
  • Scénario : Sophie Linnenbaum
  • Cinematography : Leonard Caspari
  • Music : Jürgen Heimüller
  • Sound : Tobias Festag
  • Editing : Kai Eiermann
  • Cast : Carsten Stier, u.a.
  • Production : Sophie Linnenbaum
A birth and a first photo ... Click! The album begins and will never stop: birthday, Christmas, holidays, wedding ... A series of clichés, which immortalizes each step of life.
These snapshots ranged in a perfect timing, time going on, sliding stage sets, this perfect choreography leads us, with nostalgia, throughout the cycle of life. An existence in a nutshell, in a few clicks, for an eternal resumption...

Gopo 2018 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Adrian Silisteanu
  • Scénario : Claudia Silisteanu
  • Cinematography : Adrian Silisteanu
  • Music : Sergiu Popa
  • Sound : Ioan Filip, Dan Stefan Rucareanu
  • Editing : Costi, Zaharia, Mircea Olteanu
  • Cast : Sorin Mihai, Alina Serban, Claudiu Dumitru, Teodora Sandu, Claudia Silisteanu, Isabela Neamtu, Raisa Mihai
  • Production : 4 Proof Film - Anamaria Antoci
Outside a maternity ward, a Roma family is announced their underage daughter has just had a baby girl. Pardică doesn’t seem to celebrate the moment; he is very displeased with this early pregnancy, for which he blames his wife. However, things become even tenser when they have to sign a discharge as parents of the teenager...
Adrian Silişteanu hightlights the absurd difficulties that can arise in a society that seeks to regulate interactions between its members, regardless of the cultural specificities and individualities of each.

Robert 2018 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Aske Bang
  • Scénario : Aske Bang & Ib Kastrup
  • Cinematography : Sebastian Danneborn
  • Music : Djarn Kargin
  • Sound : Hans Christian, Arnt Torp, Sigrid D.P.A. Jensen
  • Editing : Birger Møller Jensen, Mikkel Berlin, Peter Wagner Lassen, Allan Hyde, Jesper Bækdal, Mads Olsen
  • Cast : Malene Beltoft Olsen, Prince Yaw Appiah
  • Production : M&M Productions A/S - Kim Magnusson
While volunteering at a shelter in Copenhagen, Inger falls in love with the illegal immigrant Kwame. They both live a hard life, but finds comfort in each other’s arms. Against cultural obstacles, Inger and Kwame are happy for a while, until the day Kwame’s phone reveals a hidden secret about his life. 
Questions of immigration, racism and trust are mixed around two characters who meet, for better or for worse.

Gouden Kalf 2017 for the Best Short Documentary

  • Director :
    Elsbeth Fraanje
  • Scénario : Elsbeth Fraanje
  • Cinematography : Wilko van Oosterhout
  • Music : Tobias Borkert
  • Sound : Kamila Wojcik, Mark Wessner
  • Editing : Ralf Verbeek
  • Production : Tangerine Tree - Nienke Korthof et Willem Baptis
The German highway system harbors surprising sanctuaries: highways chapels, wedged between gas stations and fastfood restaurants; places of contemplation, incongruous revelations, intimate confessions.Snelwegkerk invites us to an astonishing and heartwarming journey through the pages of a 'wish book' blackened by visitors. A mosaic of stories that intertwine delicately and shows the confrontation between the daily grind and our secret fears and passions.

AACTA 2017 for the Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Derin Seale
  • Scénario : Josh Lawson
  • Cinematography : Matt Toll
  • Music : Adrian Sergovich
  • Sound : Simon Kane
  • Editing : Arc Edit
  • Cast : Damon Herriman, Jess Donoghue Donna, Eliza Logan, Greg Thorsby
  • Production : Finch - Derin Seale, Karen Bryson, Josh Lawson
A psychiatrist tries with sincerity and professionalism to help a delusional patient. Efforts become quickly unsuccessful against a man who believes himself to be the doctor. As they each attempt to treat each other, the session gets out of control.
Damon Herriman and Josh Lawson brilliantly play a facetious verbal game, with tasty play on words delivered at breakneck speed. Let yourself go in this endless spiral, but do not lose sight of who you are...

Oscar 2018 for the Best Live Action Short Film

  • Director :
    Chris Overton
  • Scénario : Rachel Shenton
  • Cinematography : Ali Farahani
  • Music : Amir Konjani
  • Sound : Greg Claridge
  • Editing : Emily Walder
  • Cast : Rachel Fielding, Philip York, Rachel Shenton, Maisie Sly
  • Production : Slick Films - Rebecca Harris
Libby, 4 years old, deaf since she was born, in a hearing family, has trouble to communicate. Old enough to go to school, her parents decide to hire a social worker to help her get out of her isolation and, above all, to learn to speak as they do.However Joanne, the social worker, favors the teaching of sign language that allows, little by little, the girl to get out of her loneliness and open up. A choice that Libby's parents strongly disapprove. Inspired by real-life experiences, the film aptly depicts an isolating disability and the difficulties faced by deaf children.

AMAA 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Khadidiatou Sow
  • Scénario : Khadidiatou Sow
  • Cinematography : Rémi Mazet
  • Music : Moustapha Diouf
  • Sound : Ousmane Coly et Bruno Elhinger
  • Editing : Makha Bao Fall, Virgile Andreas Guihard, Heloise Pelloquet
  • Cast : Mame Cheikhou Guey, Coumba Sarr, Mamadou Aib Seydi, Dial Thiam
  • Production : Cinekap - Oumar Sall
In Senegal, a radio station announces that a special plane for the United States is waiting at the airport for any traveler wishing to emigrate. A one-way trip without any formality or constraints for the first ones to embark... Moussa, family man, launches himself body and soul in this incredible adventure.
Khadidiatou Sow addresses with humor the question of emigration where the West is fantasized to the point of pushing migrants to take all risks and leave their country without the assurance of a better life...

Iris 2017 for the Best Short Animation

  • Director :
    Theodore Ushev
  • Scénario : D'après Vaysha, l’aveugle, de Georgi Gospodinov
  • Cinematography : Theodore Ushev
  • Sound : Olivier Calvert
  • Cast : Caroline Dhavernas
  • Production : Office national du film du Canada - Marc Bertrand
For Vaysha, the present is invisible for her eyes, even wide open. Her left eye shows only the past, while her right eye shows only the future. Like a terrible curse, Vaysha’s split vision prevents her from living in the present.
In this metaphoric tale of timeless wisdom and beauty, filmmaker Theodore Ushev reminds us of the importance of living in present moment.