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César 2017 for the Best Animation (Short Film)

  • Director :
    Fabrice Luang-Vija
  • Scénario : Fabrice Luang-Vija et Néfissa Bénouniche
  • Cinematography : Phuong Mai Nguyen
  • Music : Terje Isungset
  • Sound : Fabrice Faltraue et Christophe Jacquelin
  • Editing : Fabrice Luang-Vija
  • Cast : Néfissa Bénouniche
  • Production : Fargo - Sophie Fallot

In the Far North, he was called "the one with two souls".

He was beautiful like a woman and handsome like a man.

He hesitated ...

The question of the choice came soon ...

A sweet Inuit tale about a man with both sensitivities, feminine and masculine …

AACTA 2016 for the Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Lucy Gaffy
  • Scénario : Lucy Gaffy
  • Cinematography : Bonnie Elliott
  • Music : Ben Rosen
  • Sound : Damian Jory
  • Editing : Nick Beauman ASE
  • Cast : Darcey Wilson et Robyn Malcolm
  • Production : Pursekey Productions - Kiki Dillon

Elvis has a dream to escape her remote caravan park. She hatches a plan to sell cans of soft drink to raise enough money to make her way to a posh boarding school in the city - that is, until her Mum gets involved.

The courage and touching energy of the young Elvis drive us into her daily life, between dreams and ambitions, struggle and disillusions.

Gouden Kalf 2016 for the Best Short Ficton Film

  • Director :
    Merijn Scholte Albers
    Tobias Smeets
  • Scénario : Merijn Scholte Albers et Tobias Smeets
  • Cinematography : Tobias Smeets
  • Music : Thijs Felperlaan et Mario van der Velden
  • Sound : Jos van Galen
  • Editing : Berend Boneschansker
  • Cast : Loes Schnepper, Nico de Vries et Bram Coopmans
  • Production : Topkapi Films - Laurette Schillings
100 000th customers of the supermarket, Els wins one minute of free shopping. A chance for Rud, his wife, who save every discount coupons she can find! A single minute that could change everything between them. Caustic and cheeky, Gratis depicts with cynicism consumer society and couple relationships.

Magritte 2017 for The Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Méryl Fortunat-Rossi
    Xavier Seron
  • Scénario : Méryl Fortunat-Rossi et Xavier Séron
  • Cinematography : Mathieu Cauville
  • Music : Thomas Barrière
  • Sound : Marie Paulus
  • Editing : Julie Naas
  • Cast : Tom Audenaert, Catherine Salée, Jean-Benoît Ugeux, Philippe Grand'henry, François Ebouélé et Delphine Théodore
  • Production : Origine Films - Olivier Berlemont et Emilie Dubois / Hélicotronc - Anthony Rey et Julie Esparbes

Tom, a Flemish comedian used to doing cartoon character’s voices, replaces offhand a doubler friend. He finds himself in the studio of a pornographic french speaking film. Catherine, an experienced actress, will be his partner. Tom will play the plumber.

Xavier Séron and Méryl Fortuna-Rossi offer us 14 min of pure pleasure.

César 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Maïmouna Doucouré
  • Scénario : Maïmouna Doucouré
  • Cinematography : Yann Maritaud
  • Music : Léontina Fall
  • Sound : Sylvain Lambinet
  • Editing : Sonia Franco
  • Cast : Sohkna Diallo, Maïmouna Gueye, Azize Diabaté, Marème N'Diaye et Eriq Ebouaney
  • Production : Bien ou Bien Productions - Zangro

8-years-old Aïda lives in an apartment in the Parisian suburb. When her father comes back from Senegal, the daily life of the whole family is overwhelmed : he brings a second wife along.

Maïmouna Doucouré offers us a delicate film and highlights with talent the play of her actors, especially the seizing silences and gazes of young Sokhna Diallo (Aïda).

Goya 2017 for the Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Juanjo Giménez
  • Scénario : Pere Altimira et Juanjo Giménez
  • Cinematography : Pere Pueyo
  • Music : Iván Céster
  • Sound : Xavi Saucedo
  • Editing : Silvia Cervantes
  • Cast : Lali Ayguadé et Nicolas Ricchini
  • Production : Nadir Films - Juanjo Giménez

Luna and Diego are parking lot security guards. Diego does the night shift and Luna works by day. Between them, only some cordial words exchanged from time to time.

In a cold and ordinary place, Juanjo Gimenez turns an insignificant incident into the starting point of a world of interactions and poetry that overcomes the banality of every day life.

César 2017 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Alice Diop
  • Scénario : Alice Diop
  • Cinematography : Sarah Blum
  • Music : Casey
  • Sound : Mathieu Farnarier
  • Editing : Amrita David
  • Cast : Patrick Zingile, Steeve Tientcheu et Bouacha Illias
  • Production : Les Films du Worso -Toufik Ayadi et Christophe Barral
This film is an intimate exploration of the male territory in a suburban city. By following the wandering of a group, we pace a universe where four male voices openly discuss the complexity of love and relationships in the suburbs. From misogynist violence to real possibility of loving, Alice Diop carries a true message of hope.