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SAFTA 2018 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Michael Matthews
  • Scénario : Sean Drummond
  • Cinematography : Shaun Harley Lee
  • Music : James Mathers
  • Sound : Morne Marais
  • Editing : Daniel Mitchel
  • Cast : Louw Venter, Garion Dowds, Faniswa Yisa
  • Production : Be Phat Motel - Sean Drummond
Snarky teen, Baxter Zevcenko, might be a serial killer. His girlfriend, Esme, is missing, and he’s the prime suspect. To clear his name, he’ll turn to Cape Town’s grizzliest, drunkest bounty hunter, Jackson ‘Jackie’ Ronin. Little does he know that Ronin is a supernatural bounty-hunter, and that he’s about to be dragged headlong into a deep, dark Cape Town underbelly full of monsters and myth, shadowy government forces, bloodthirsty crow-men and a conspiracy across time and space. An intriguing young boy, a subversive companion and a mysterious plot make this short film, adapted from Charlie Human's novel, a captivating science fiction that we are eager to discover soon in feature film...

Magritte 2018 for The Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Ann Sirot
    Raphaël Balboni
  • Scénario : Ann Sirot, Raphaël Balboni
  • Cinematography : Jorge Piquer Rodriguez
  • Music : Daan
  • Sound : Bruno Schweisguth
  • Editing : Raphaël Balboni
  • Cast : Jean Le Peltier, Vincent Lécuyer, Thelma Balboni, Gilles Remiche
  • Production : Hélicotronc - Julie Esparbes
An Icelandic volcano has blocked air traffic and Thelma’s parents are stuck overseas. Until planes start flying across the sky again, Jean, Vincent and Thelma, a 3 years old baby girl, share the same roof.
The funny trio played by Jean Le Peltier, Vincent Lécuyer and little Thelma, offers us 14 minutes of happiness, laughter and tenderness, at the heart of this improvised family, until the sky gets clear again...

César 2018 for the Best Short Film

  • Director :
    Alice Vial
  • Scénario : Alice Vial, Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat
  • Cinematography : Brice Pancot
  • Music : Pierre-Antoine Durand
  • Sound : Pierre-Albert Vivet, Sylvain Réty
  • Editing : Nicolas Sarkissian
  • Cast : Tiphaine Daviot, Philippe Rebbot, Rébecca Finet
  • Production : Les Films du Cygne - Jonathan Hazan

In Brignogan-Plages, Zoé, in her thirties, works at her Father's bar "Les Bigorneaux". Waitress, bartender, boss, since the premature death of her mother, she has worn herself out by taking everything into her own hands. Suffering from dizziness and nausea, Zoé fears to be pregnant, but her gynecologist tells her that she suffers from a whole different illness...

With humor and modesty, Alice Vial deals with issues like femininity, father/daughter relationships and the necessity of freedom. 

Goya 2018 for the Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Rodrigo Sorogoyen
  • Scénario : Rodrigo Sorogoyen
  • Cinematography : Alejandro de Pablo
  • Music : Olivier Arson
  • Sound : Roberto Fernández
  • Editing : Alberto Del Campo
  • Cast : Marta Nieto, Blanca Apilanez, Alvaro Balas
  • Production : Malvalanda - María del Puy Alvarado
A woman talks with her mother in her apartment in Spain when her phone rings. On the line, Iván, her 6 years old son, on vacation with his father. He is at the beach, alone, something is wrong...
In a couple of minutes, Rodrigo Sorogoyen makes us live the nightmare of a mother hanging on her son's weak voice on the phone. A cleverly directed thriller, with rare intensity, embodiement of any parent deepest fear.

César 2018 for the Best Animation (Short Film)

  • Director :
    Lucrèce Andreae
  • Scénario : Lucrèce Andreae
  • Music : Flavien Van Haezevelde
  • Sound : Flavien Van Haezevelde
  • Editing : Guillaume Lauras et Catherine Aladenise
  • Cast : Roman Garance, Emilie Bion Metzinger, Chann Aglal, Ilona Bachelier, Charles Albol, Catherine Artigala
  • Production : Caïmans Productions - Jérôme Barthélemy et Daniel Sauvage
On the windy and cloudy beach, Granny is praying, Mum is shouting, the sisters don’t care, Lucas is alone. Grandpa was a weird guy, now he’s dead.
A wasted, shaken family comes to stand before the immensity of nature and the weight of their mourning. Endearing characters and deep feelings immerse themselves in a story between reality and fantasy. A universe freely inspired by Japanese animation which evokes, with onirism, all the mysteries that a missing relative can take in its grave.

Lola 2017 for the Best Animated Short Film

  • Director :
    Sophie Linnenbaum
  • Scénario : Sophie Linnenbaum
  • Cinematography : Leonard Caspari
  • Music : Jürgen Heimüller
  • Sound : Tobias Festag
  • Editing : Kai Eiermann
  • Cast : Carsten Stier, u.a.
  • Production : Sophie Linnenbaum
A birth and a first photo ... Click! The album begins and will never stop: birthday, Christmas, holidays, wedding ... A series of clichés, which immortalizes each step of life.
These snapshots ranged in a perfect timing, time going on, sliding stage sets, this perfect choreography leads us, with nostalgia, throughout the cycle of life. An existence in a nutshell, in a few clicks, for an eternal resumption...

AACTA 2017 for the Best Short Fiction Film

  • Director :
    Derin Seale
  • Scénario : Josh Lawson
  • Cinematography : Matt Toll
  • Music : Adrian Sergovich
  • Sound : Simon Kane
  • Editing : Arc Edit
  • Cast : Damon Herriman, Jess Donoghue Donna, Eliza Logan, Greg Thorsby
  • Production : Finch - Derin Seale, Karen Bryson, Josh Lawson
A psychiatrist tries with sincerity and professionalism to help a delusional patient. Efforts become quickly unsuccessful against a man who believes himself to be the doctor. As they each attempt to treat each other, the session gets out of control.
Damon Herriman and Josh Lawson brilliantly play a facetious verbal game, with tasty play on words delivered at breakneck speed. Let yourself go in this endless spiral, but do not lose sight of who you are...

Oscar 2018 for the Best Live Action Short Film

  • Director :
    Chris Overton
  • Scénario : Rachel Shenton
  • Cinematography : Ali Farahani
  • Music : Amir Konjani
  • Sound : Greg Claridge
  • Editing : Emily Walder
  • Cast : Rachel Fielding, Philip York, Rachel Shenton, Maisie Sly
  • Production : Slick Films - Rebecca Harris
Libby, 4 years old, deaf since she was born, in a hearing family, has trouble to communicate. Old enough to go to school, her parents decide to hire a social worker to help her get out of her isolation and, above all, to learn to speak as they do.However Joanne, the social worker, favors the teaching of sign language that allows, little by little, the girl to get out of her loneliness and open up. A choice that Libby's parents strongly disapprove. Inspired by real-life experiences, the film aptly depicts an isolating disability and the difficulties faced by deaf children.

Iris 2017 for the Best Short Animation

  • Director :
    Theodore Ushev
  • Scénario : D'après Vaysha, l’aveugle, de Georgi Gospodinov
  • Cinematography : Theodore Ushev
  • Sound : Olivier Calvert
  • Cast : Caroline Dhavernas
  • Production : Office national du film du Canada - Marc Bertrand
For Vaysha, the present is invisible for her eyes, even wide open. Her left eye shows only the past, while her right eye shows only the future. Like a terrible curse, Vaysha’s split vision prevents her from living in the present.
In this metaphoric tale of timeless wisdom and beauty, filmmaker Theodore Ushev reminds us of the importance of living in present moment.