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 © N. Du Pasquier - ENS Louis Lumière


After offering voting members several viewing options for the year’s films, the Academy sends the voting material for the first round (paper and internet) in early January:

  • the postal voting from
  • the individual code for voting on line
  • the Guide to the Year’s Films.


The first round of voting determines which individuals and films have obtained enough votes to qualify for the second round in each category: the nominees.


There are 5 nominations in each category except for the following categories: best actor, best actress, best film, best director and best foreign film, which have 7 nominations.


The closing of the first round of online voting takes place on the day before the press conference to announce the nominations, and some days earlier for the postal voting.


Vote counting for the first round is supervised by the bailiff in his office, during the night before the Press Conference to announce the nominations. Once the counting is finished, the bailiff draws up the list of nominations which he immediately places in a sealed envelope, which he then hands directly to the Chairman of the Academy for the start of the press conference.


The official list of nominations for Cesar is then placed online on the Academy website after the press conference.