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The dinner


In their honor, The Academy organizes since 2008, thanks to BNP Paribas, Official Partner, the “Dîner des Producteurs” a week before The César Ceremony. Under the presidency of a high economic or government personality, the dinner gather together all the French films’ producers of the year.



The Daniel Toscan du Plantier Award  


Named after the famous French producer who chaired the Academy from 1993 to 2003, Daniel Toscan du Plantier, this award celebrates the producer who marked the cinematographic year. 

All the executives and lines producers of every movie eligible for the Best Film César which has been nominated once during the year (for the movie or someone who collaborated on it), are running for this award.

The electoral assembly is composed by fifty Academy’s members and also by all the artists and technicians who have been nominated for the César since 2008.

The vote is proceeding with secret ballots, by electronic vote under bailiff’s control, and is closed at 9 p.m. on the day of the dinner. 


The complete Academy’s Guides


The Academy’s Guides, that are supposed to make the vote easier for the Academy’s members, became during the years a database and a sourcing tool of the competences in the service of the French production.

The four Academy’s Guides (Films, Technics, Screenplay, Production) are put online on the website of the Academy, with a public and free access, on the night of the dinner.