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The « Révélations » Project


Amongst all the actresses and actors who made the films of this year, who will make the movies of tomorrow ? Awarding the César for Best Female and Male Newcomers is a difficult choice for the members of the Academy.


Each year, to make easier the vote of the members, a special assembly called « Le Comité Révélations » chose some young actresses and actors who made an astonishing apparition. They are the « Révélations ».


To highlight them and also all the others young actresses and actors of the French cinema, the Academy organises The « Révélation » Project:


• To propose to a young creator of the contemporary image to direct around the Révélations a series of photographs, intended to be exhibited and published in a numbered collector album, as well as a movie clip in theaters.

• To organize a dinner in honor of the « Révélations » who are accompanied by their godmother or godfather of cinema they chose, on the night of the clip's presentation, pictures exhibition and the giving of the collector album.