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The Project « Révélations »


Amongst all the actresses and actors that made the Films of this year, which one will make the movies of tomorrow ? It’s a difficult choice to which the members of the Academy are submitted, awarding the César of the Best Hope male and female.


Each year, to ease the vote for of the members, a special assembly called « Le Comité Révélations » chose some young actresses and actors that make an astonish apparition, they are the « Révélations »


To shine a light on them, and threw this all the young actresses and actors of the French cinema, the academy organise with the support of the Jeweler Chaumet (official partner of the Academy), The Project « Révélation » :


• To propose to a young creator of the contemporary image to realize around the Révélations a series of photographs, intended to be exhibited in the salons of the Place Vendôme of the jeweler Chaumet and published in a numbered collector album, as well as a movie clip in theaters.

• To organize a dinner in honor of the « Révélation » who are accompanied by their godmother or godfather of cinema that they chose. The dinner is on the night of the presentation of the clip, the exposition of the photographs and giving the collector album.


The Project « Révélations 2017 »



On Monday the 16th of January was the soiree « Révélation 2017 », give the honor of the 34 young comédians chosen by the « Comité Révélations » of the Academy for the César of Best Hope male and female.


This year, it’s Valérie Donzelli who staged the clip and the exposition of the photographs that showed those young talents that was shown at the salon Chaumet, at the place Vandôme, Paris.


They went after to the hotel Le Meurice for the dinner giving in their honor by the Academy of the César. At the table of honor, in the presence of Jérôme Commandeur master of ceremony for the next ceremony of the César, Alain Terzian, president of the Academy, presented all the 34 « Révélations » 2017 with their godmother or godfather.


At the end of the dinner, the Academy offers to each guest a Collector Album containing all the pictures that were exposed.


The Clip « Révélation 2017 » of Valérie Donzelli will be aired in more than 400 movie theater with the support of UGC between the 18 and the 31 of January 2017. It will go online on social media and the website of the Academy (www.academie-cinema.org) as well as the website of Chaumet (www.chaumet.com) starting on January 18th 2017.


The Project « Révelaions » is organized in partnership with the jeweler Chaumet, Official Partners of the Academy of the César.