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Filmmaking is a collective endeavour. That is perhaps what best differentiates a cinematographic work from the plethora of other audiovisual objects: there are no great films that were not the culmination of a complex alchemy in which a great variety of persons have given the best of themselves.


The prime role of the Academy is to honour, year after year, all those who have made the greatest films of the year.

Among the many actions undertaken by the Academy, the project César & Techniques is intended to pay special tribute to the technical side of filmmaking.

It is dedicated to those specialities marked out for Cesars: directors of photography, editors, sound engineers, set designers, costume designers, who all bring the film their indispensable and unique know-how; and to the technical specialists capable of understanding and assisting them in the deployment of their talent.


To honour both sides of this technical excellence, the Academy has chosen to spotlight the individuals and companies with the César & Techniques project :  

- The party, which honours all the year’s nominees for a Technical Cesar

- The César & Techniques Trophy, and also the César & Techniques Innovation Award, are both

awarding two French technical services societies of cinema's industry.

- The "Guide César & Techniques" trade directory, along with its digital version, "la Mosaïque"



César & Techniques Trophy

The César & Techniques Trophy is intended for rewarding each year a company of the technical branch of cinema in France, for its ability to assert an event or a particularly synergistic development strategy with the film sector, or a special contribution to filmmaking (a film, a technological breakthrough ...), during the past year.

The Academy’s Industries and Techniques Committee makes a shortlist among all French technical service companies that have collaborated in at least one of the films eligible for César for Best Film for that year, and who have replied to the call for candidacies sent to them.

The winning company is then elected by all the technicians eligible for the year’s five technical César, and also by the production's directors of movies eligible for the Best Film César, by an online and secured vote, under bailiff control, closed at 7 p.m. on the day of the César & Tecnhiques Party.


César & Techniques Innovation Award

The César & Techniques Innovation Award highlights a new product or service commercialized and operated, participating in the development of creation and the quality of diffusion of cinematographic pieces while marking a strong evolution in this branch.


The Academy's Industries and Techniques Committee makes a shortlist among all industries, technical teams or eligible manufacturers who sent candidacies. Among this shortlist, the ensemble of companies' directors who are members of the Ficam will choose by their votes the one that is going to receive the César & Techniques Innovation Award.


The directory and La Mosaïque

The trade directory Le Guide César & Techniques contains the names of all the technicians eligible for one of the five technical Cesars. A valuable survey and tool for making contact, it makes it easy to find the identity of those who are responsible for the direction of photography, set design, costumes, sound, and editing of all French-produced films on cinema release that year.

It is given to all the participants in the soirée, and also made available for download on the Academy website.

The same evening, the digital photo version of the Guide, presenting a kaleidoscope of photographs of those who present in the Guide and who have accepted the principle, is placed on line.

It is integrated in La Mosaïque alongside the digital versions of the previous years, thus constituting a true digital matrix.