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Eligible Persons and films (summary)


  • Feature-lenght Films

All feature-length films on cinema release during the course of the year before any other form of public release, regardless of genres (fiction, documentary, animation), fulfilling the minimum screening conditions defined by the Academy rules, may contend.

Depending on their production, language and shooting characteristics, they will be eligible for different categories of César awarded to films (Best Short Film, Best Animated Feature Short Filmand Feature Film, Best Documentary Feature, Best First Feature Film, Best Foreign Feature, Best Feature Film).


  • Individuals

All persons who have fulfilled a function defined in one of the different Cesar categories, in at least one of the feature-length films nominated for Cesar for best film or feature films of French language and French minority co-productions eligible for a Cesar for Best Foreign Feature.

These people will then be eligible to the different categories of Caesar awarded to people.

  • Short films

All short films that have received a screening permit before 30th June of that year. A shortlist is made up by the Academy’s Short Film and Animations Committees in September.

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Referring a film to the Academy 

The film referral system set up some years ago by the Academy is based on information collected by the CNC, which is collated by the Academy Secretariat.


The Academy Secretariat then systematically requests the production or distribution companies to confirm these data, before publishing them in its voting documents.


All rights holders of films or potentially eligible persons can at any time before 30th November of the year preceding the Ceremony notify the Academy secretariat info@academie-cinema.org of any information concerning the eligibility of a film or person for one of the Cesars awarded at that Ceremony.