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A cinema film acquires renown in three ways: by audience enjoyment (box office sales, video purchases, television ratings), by critical acclaim (media and festivals), and by recognition by professionals of the cinema industry (the national Cinema Academies).

The French Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques is the institution that is dedicated to films and those who make them and that organises this third route to recognition in France.

Who are its members, what is its role, its governance, and what are its resources?


The members of the Academy

They are professionals of the film industry, split into eleven “trade” colleges (actors, directors, writers, technicians, producers, distributors and exporters, cinema managers, agents, technical industries, casting directors, press attachés), plus a twelfth college of “associate members” that includes personalities whose activity supports the influence and dynamism of the cinema in France.

Breakdown of members in the different colleges.

To become a member of the Academy in one of the eleven trade colleges, a written application supported by two Academy members is required along with proof of recent professional experience in compliance with the stipulations of the Academy Regulations.

To belong to the Academy as an associate member, one must be proposed by the Chairman or the Secretaries General of the Academy and accepted by the Academy’s Governing Board.

Persons who have been nominated for a César become members of the Academy simply by submitting a written request.

The status of member of the Academy can only be lost for one of the following reasons: by resignation, for conviction for piracy or for non-payment of membership fees for three consecutive years.

To avoid any contact between rights holders and Academy members, the membres list is completely confidential.

It is an important difference with Oscar, which allows rights holders access to members list (consquence is that competition is concentrate only between rights holders which are able of massive marketing investments towards members).

Academy secretary is in permanent contact with members every week week releasing information relative to preeligibile films, and particularly at the period of releasing vote matérial and viewing systems.

List of members is updated every year during the CA of november.


At November 6th 2018, the Academy had 4681 members.


The Academy’s role

The Academy’s activity is divided into five main sectors: rules, the listing of professionals, voting, the Ceremony, and dedicated events.


Drafting and updating of the member’s list and the Academy Rules

The Academy Rules is the document which fixes the Academy’s working rules (member admissions, eligibility criteria of persons and works, the number of trophies offered, voting procedure etc.). The rules are updated each year by the « Bureau de l’APC », usually named "Bureau de l’Académie”.

The number of members forming the Academy is updated at the end of each year by the Bureau de l’Académie. The number can vary depending on the demand of applications, the retired or the eventual striking;


Listing of professionals and films of the year eligible for Césars

Over 3000 persons and more than 500 eligible films are catalogued in concordance with information available to the CNC and after cross-checking with production companies. Using these data, the Academy currently publishes four Academy Directories, (films, script writers, technicians, producers), in paper and digital form (download and dedicated application);


Complete organisation of the voting process

Organisation of the voting process is comprised of the following steps:

Organisation of the various film viewing options offered to members (invitations, private screenings, César DVD packs), individualised and secure issue of mail voting materials and development of the online voting system and its database for the first and second rounds, handling of voting procedures, setting up vote count and publication of results with supervision by bailiff, organising a press conference to announce nominations.


The Organization, with Canal + and its executive producer, of the Cérémonie des César

It’s the most visible work of the Academie : the making of a show lasting 3 hours during which all the César Winners are discovered, more than five thousand are invited in one of the most well known place of the capital, live in clear on Canal +.


Organising dedicated events, tributes given by the César Academy to those who make films in France:


Some of these events are held every year :

event to honour all persons eligible for one of the five technical César awards, César & Techniques Trophy, Prix Spécial Trophy, Digital Mosaic of the year.


dedicated to all the young actors and actresses of French cinema, a gala dinner, a clip, a photo exhibition and its collector album, around a group of actors and actresses chosen by the Academy’s Discovery Committee.


  • Focus on the nominees

following the traditional Nominees Lunch, production and online publication of a presentation video of each nominee, issue and publication of the Photo of the 25 (nominees for Techniques César), organisation of the Année Cinéma César (non-stop public screening at the Balzac over two weeks of all the films with one or more nominations).


producers dinner, Daniel Toscan du Plantier Prize.


dedicated to tomorrow’s cinema and film makers through the presentation of the world’s best short films and invitation to Paris of the film makers involved (la Tournée, le Panorama, le Séjour).


Some of these events are exceptional:


On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its creation, the Academy chose Luc Besson as the recipient of the first Médaille d’Or of the Académie des Arts et Techniques du Cinéma, for his thirty years of artistic and entrepreneurial contribution to French cinema.


In February 2015, an exhibition around the Tower Saint Jacques , near the "Théâtre du Châtelet" , portraits large format all nominees for Cesar 2015.


From February 2006 at 2015, publishing a collection of ten books, each in honor of a winner of the previous year.



Governance of the Academy: the APC



The Academy is governed by the Association for the Promotion of Cinema (APC), an association under the 1901 law, created specially for this purpose by Georges Cravenne in 1974, and in charge of all operations organised in furtherance of the Academy’s objectives. APC is particularly in charge to stare entry conditions in the Acadamy and to maintain the list of members.


Members of the APC include all French cinema professionals who have won an Oscar, former chairmen of the APC, the current Chairperson of the CNC, as well as several professional personalities, who have been invited to join the APC in recognition of their action in favour of France’s film industry and the Academy in particular, (the number of these personalities is statutorily fixed at thirteen, in reference to the thirteen founding members of the Academy).

At September 1st 2017, the APC had 50 members.

 Alain Terzian, the APC's Chairman
List of Members of APC


The APC is administered by a Governing Board composed of founding members, former chairpersons, the Chairman of the CNC (or his or her representative), legally members filled out by members of the Association elected by their peers for a five-year term, the number of these elected members being statutorily limited between two and thirteen.

The members of the Governing Board elect the Association Office, whose officials are elected for a five-year term.


The Office of the APC is currently composed of the following people:


Chairman: M. Alain TERZIAN

Vice-Chairpersons: Mme Danièle THOMPSON and M. Philippe LABRO

Secretaries General: Mme Margaret MENEGOZ and M. Gilles JACOB

Treasurer/Secretary: M. Alain ROCCA


The APC has a subsidiary in which APC holds 100% of the stocks, in charge of the Academy’s permanent structure and the marketing rights of the Ceremony, named E.C.E.

The Chairman of APC, Alain Terzian its Chairman. The two other administrators are Alain Rocca, the Treasurer and Samuel Faure, the Consultant to the Academy’s partnerships and operations.


Président, vice president, general secretary, and treasurer of APC are also named président, vice-presidents, general secretary and treasurer of the Academy.

General meeting, board of directors, office of APC are also named general meeting, board of directors, office of the Academy

The treasurer of the Academy is also known as the Meeting Director of the Academy in his capacity as administrator of E.C.E.

The permanent staff of ECE constitutes the secretary of the Academy.



The Academy’s resources  

The Academy does not receive any public subsidy.

Its resources come from membership fees, sale of audiovisual broadcast rights of the Ceremonies, contributions in cash or in kind from official and technical partners, and sale of advertising space in the Academy’s publications.